The bold and the beautiful!

How Saudi Label Leem is Redefining what it means to dress as an Arab Woman

In its original form, the modest fashion industry was a grassroots movement borne out of a growing generation of young women wanting to celebrate their identity. Since then the sector has expanded beyond traditional elements such as the hijab to include loose-fitting and less revealing clothing. And while many brands world-wide are beginning to situp and take notice of the needs of Arab Women there is still far to go and an urge to encourage those brands not to dictate the modest “rules” of dressing. 

Saudi label Leem celebrates the significant strides made by women in the region, celebrating them rather than their decision to dress modestly or not. What does this mean for Arab women? Leem is dramatically altering the landscape of contemporary design for the region, and indeed women worldwide, creating trend-led pieces that can be worn throughout the season and allow its wearer to take a more traditional approach, for example, an abaya or jalabiya, or a more modern take on modest dressing through the likes of free-flowing kaftans, maxi skirts and dresses, the timeless trench, tailored power suits with fluid, ambiguous layers, all distinguished by their sleek structure and elegant lines. However, it doesn’t stop there, why can’t that maxi dress, that modestly drapes the silhouette brushing the ankles and wrists, be pulled down to an off the shoulder piece when a woman feels comfortable? It can, and it should! We should celebrate, applaud and not dictate the boundaries of dressing, and rather design without preconceived notions of what modest fashion is or indeed should be.

As a brand Leem is not about defining the boundaries of modest fashion but rather supplying the modern Arab woman with a wardrobe that suits her, the occasion, and the ‘feeling’ of the day. Leem’s vision is to redefine modest wear with global appeal. Specialising in essential staples with an air of luxe that form the building blocks of any modest wardrobe, Leem’s stylish silhouettes carefully mark the intersection of conservative fit and modern flair, elevating the fashion quotient of its all-inclusive clientele-base, whether they choose to conceal for culture or as a personal preference of style. 

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