New eufy HomeVac H11 by Anker Innovations makes cleaning effortless and quick


Lightweight and Compact, eufy HomeVac H11, an ultra-lightweight cordless handheld vacuum cleaner by Anker Innovations makes cleaning effortless and quick.

Featuring a Dust Devouring Suction with 5500Pa power, any accidental mess can be cleaned in a jiffy and that too with absolute ease. This lightweight handheld 2-in-1 crevice tool helps to clean the deepest corners of your house furniture, cars, baby chairs, recliners etc.

Faraz Mehdi, Regional Sales Head at Anker Innovations MEA said, “The easy to store efficient HomeVac H11 offers tasteful yet practical solutions for all your everyday cleaning needs. Each lightweight and cordless vacuum is designed for efficiency and complete mobility.”

Eufy H11 Image

The washable high-efficiency filter ensures simple and minimal maintenance and improved performance. Weighing just 1.2lbs, the ergonomic, non-slip design allows for comfort and precise handling. This amazing device can also freshen up the air in the immediate vicinity by eradicating odors by activating Ozone feature. This is a very useful features for your cars, sports equipment or well used shoes.

For convenient charging, users can simply use a USB phone charger or car charger and enjoy up to 13 minutes of max suction cleaning time from a full charge. The sleek, non-slip design allows for comfortable and precise handling, making cleaning effortless.

Get the best Father’s Day gifts from Anker Innovations

As an unsung hero, provider and mentor, fathers always make our lives easier and better through many sacrifices and to make his life easier, Anker Innovations have curated a few gadgets that will make his day special and it is a perfect way to thank the main guy in our lives.


Anker Power Box

Make sure your father never runs out of charge on his phone with Anker Power Box. This Power Box contains three flagship products from Anker:

1) PowerCore 10400mAh Power Bank, a high capacity Power Bank that offers up to 3 times charging for Flagship Phones and comes with optimized output for Multiple Device Charging.

2) Powerport+1 Charger, equipped with PowerIQ Technology and Multiprotect Safety System, along with a micro USB cable, is travel ready with Quick Charge 3.0.

3) Powerline II 3-in-1 Charging Cable, the extremely durable and MFi Certified charging cable with 3-in-1 Connectors i.e. Lightning, Micro and C-Type and is Universally Compatible with every phone that uses these one of the three charging connectors. Available in Jumbo Electronics and EMAX.

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

The new Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone is perfect for dads. It can help him make any place a conference room as It can connect to the mobile phone or laptop ensuring he has clear discussions as the incoming amplified sound allows him to listen and speak simultaneously in any surroundings. This feature is perfect for teachers conducting e-learning classes as well.

The device features Omni-Directional Voice Pickup with six microphones arranged in a 360° array to pick up voices of up to eight people in a room without distracting noises and is compatible with all popular online conferencing services, including Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and Chromebox.

The PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone has 24 Hours of call time and comes with integrated Anker PowerIQ technology that allows you to charge other devices via PowerConf at optimized speeds.

The lightweight and compact travel case protects PowerConf while on business trips or moving around and does not require other equipment to set up, making it perfect for small spaces. It is available on

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is known to be the true wireless in-ear headphones that comes with four built-in microphones with noise cancellation and filters out ambient noises.

Environmental noises are reduced by 60% to 95% to ensure crystal-clear diamond enhanced sound with twice the amount of bass. The HearID technology maps hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes results for a truly personalized listening experience.

For convenience, the one-Step Pairing ensures automatic connection to your device. The earbuds allow for 7 hours of playtime but the charging case provides a longer battery life of 28 hours on the go. Liberty Air 2 can also recharge its power through wireless chargers.

With a comfortable fit and the IPX5 for Water & Sweat Resistant, Liberty Air 2 gives freedom from messy wired headphones and offers the convenience of listening to music by the pool, during morning walks or while cooking and relaxing.

Available in all major electronics retail stores, and

Nebula Apollo Pocket Projector

Nebula Apollo Smart Pocket Projector is a new generation pocket cinema in a compact, mobile and soda-can size design. Hosting capabilities such as Google Assistant, remarkable clarity with Sharp 200 ANSI lumen image and improved audio, it is the perfect entertainment device to enjoy together with family.

Nebula Apollo is perfect for dads who want to enjoy their favorite match or TV shows through streaming apps on the go on a bigger screen powered by Android 7.1 which brings great content to you, so you spend less time browsing and more time watching movies with loved ones.

Nebula Apollo provides 4-hours of video playtime with single full charge and offers big 360o sound with a 6W speaker. Nebula Apollo offers an advanced entertainment experience, anytime, anywhere with your loved ones.

Soundcore Infini Pro Soundbar

Give dad a Soundcore Infini Pro, the world’s leading surround sound technology, perfect for enjoying music, movies and favourite matches with astonishing clarity and richness.

Soundcore Infini Pro reproduces breathtaking, cinema-like audio from all around as Dolby Atmos® adds an overhead dimension to create an even more immersive movie watching atmosphere.

To produce room-filling sound, dual 2.5-inch mid-range drivers and 1-inch tweeters are paired with built-in up-facing 3-inch subwoofers and symmetrical bass reflex ports. To add even more bass intensity, the BassUp technology enhances bass output in real time.

The Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) updates its logo to align with the latest trends

After ten years, Women’s World Car of the Year has updated its logo to align with the latest trends. Based on the original design from Pear Tree Studios in the UK, the new logo keeps its essence, but introduces some guidelines to reflect the spirit of this decade.

Spanish artist Eva Goes has been in charge of the update. My intention has been to preserve the aesthetics of the previous logo. The silhouette of the woman driver has been kept, as it is a very powerful and attractive image that represents very well this group of motoring women journalists.

The lines of the new logo have been softened and synthesized to adapt more to the present time and to make it more effectively function across all formats, but at the same time keeping the ‘face’ of an empowered woman.

Eva has added a circle to frame the portrait to give it more importance and to allow the logo to work effectively as an imagotype. Eva has also used the large acronym WWCOTY for clarity with the whole title underneath as a fuller explanation.

It has been a great pleasure to work on this logo and to contribute to this group of motorized women from all over the world, says Eva Goes.

Women’s World Car of the Year is the only car awards in the world comprising exclusively women motoring journalists. It was created by New Zealand motoring journalist, Sandy Myhre, in 2009. She is currently Honorary President while Marta García performs as Executive President. The objective of the awards is to choose the best cars of the year. The voting criteria is based on the same principles that guide any driver when choosing a car. It is not a ‘woman’s car’ because such a thing does not exist. Aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint, among others, are taken into account when casting the vote.

The GCC countries are represented in WWCOTY by UAE based Motoring Jury Shereen Shabnam, Editor in Chief of Millionaire Magazine and Motoring contributor for Madame Magazine, Trending Business Insights and All About Wheels.

Anker’s eufy HomeVac S11 Go cordless Go Stick lightweight vacuum cleaner takes on any cleaning task.

HomeVac S11 Go

Anker Innovations introduces the new eufy HomeVac S11 Go cordless Go Stick lightweight vacuum cleaner that comes with an ultra-strong power to take on any cleaning task.

Suitable for delicate surfaces, eufy HomeVac S11 Go comes equipped with a 120AW suction power, detachable battery and a 2-in-1 crevice tool to deep clean carpets to hard floors.

Faraz Mehdi, Regional Sales Head at Anker Innovations MEA said, “The innovative technological features in the eufy HomeVac S11 Go include a washable high-efficiency filter that ensures minimal maintenance and improved performance plus the device can be detached to empty the dustbin in seconds. Increased efficiency also includes dust-tight containment for reduced air pollution.”

eufy HomeVac S11 Go

The eufy HomeVac S11 Go’s long crevice tool can be used to suck up crumbs and dirt in any corner or hard-to-reach areas and the advanced 5-tier filtration system safeguards and maximizes the motor performance.

The long-lasting detachable battery offers up to 40 minutes of cleaning time and the max-mode provides 8 minutes of fierce and focused cleaning when tackling the deepest dust and debris. With eufy HomeVac S11 Go, whether an impossibly tight space or a delicate surface, or the AC vent grill at a height there is an attachment suitable for any cleaning scenario.

The eufy HomeVac S11 Go is available on

Create a professional meeting environment with Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone’s optimized sound clarity and volume

Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone has Professional Conference Call-Quality


To ensure call quality is not compromised as more professionals’ work from home or in offices with social distancing, Anker Innovations introduces the new Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone that brings your professional meeting environment into any space with optimized sound clarity and volume.

Faraz Mehdi, Regional Sales Head at Anker Innovations MEA said, “Used as a portable conference phone or as a speakerphone, the PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone automatically balances the sound to suit differences in volume and distance of user from the speakerphone. This is perfect when there are distractions or when multitasking.”

Power Conference can connect to the mobile phone or laptop ensuring everyone can view presentations and have group discussions as the incoming amplified sound allows everyone in the room to listen and speak simultaneously from the comfort of their chair, without coming near the device. This feature is perfect for teachers conducting e-learning classes as well.

anker Powerconf

The device features Omni-Directional Voice Pickup with six microphones arranged in a 360° array to pick up voices of up to eight people in a room without distracting noises and is compatible with all popular online conferencing services, including Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and Chromebox.

The PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone has 24 Hours of call time and comes with integrated Anker PowerIQ technology that allows you to charge other devices via PowerConf at optimized speeds.

The lightweight and compact travel case protects PowerConf while on business trips or moving around and does not require other equipment to set up, making it perfect for small spaces. It is available on


Authentic Italian Experiences

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Jacuzzi_Penthouse Suite

By Shereen Shabnam 

Set in the Eternal City on the grounds of a 15 acre park, Rome, the spectacular Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort offers guests a home overlooking the best parts of the Vatican City. I spent a few days exploring the majestic hotel and its spa recently and left rested and relaxed for my next adventure.

Being a lover of art, I have been sponsoring the art perspective event every two months held in a five star hotel in Dubai over the year and hence, very familiar with the trend of merging the art world with the hospitality world but seeing the seeing the scale of art at Rome Cavalieri left me mesmerised. The hotel is home to over 1,200 beautiful artworks from well-known artists like Andy Warhol, Giovanni Battista and period pieces of artefacts, tapestries and furniture.

Imperial Club_buffet_evening

Recently, the hotel introduced a series of complimentary luxury experiences for guests who book to stay a number of days in one of the hotel’s suites this year. They can take part in a series of inimitable local activities focusing on art, culture and cuisine, with each experience offered to vary depending on the suite chosen and time of year.

Whether it’s learning to make authentic Italian sandals with an authentic, family-run Italian shoemaker, private tours of the Vatican Gardens, the Pope’s summer Residence or the gardens of Castel Gandolfo or culinary journeys in the city, Rome Cavalieri’s Suite Experiences promise a memorable stay.

Food lovers will enjoy a private culinary tour and two-way transfer to Mercato Trionfale in the Prati neighbourhood, a market frequented by locals. The tour features six venues with over 20 different food and wine tastings. Here, guests can sample local culinary delights including truffles and 30 year aged balsamic vinegar, artisanal gelateria from Fatamorgana, homemade pasta with D.O.C.G. Vermentino wine at an award-winning restaurant, caviar and foie gras topped pizzas at Pizzarium, Rome’s number one pizzeria. It also includes a visit to Paciotti, the number one gourmet food shop in Rome, offering over 200 types of cheeses and 100 types of meats.

Couple breakfast at L'Uliveto Terrace

Guests staying in the top suites can enjoy the private use of a professional photographer to accompany them on their day around the Eternal City. Guests will receive a professional photoshoot in both Rome and the hotel, with a Mercedes at their disposal throughout the day. To cherish those memories, guests will receive an elegantly presented box with a USB drive and photo print outs, which will be directly delivered to them after their stay.

My favourite experience naturally would be staying in the Vista and Corner Suites and enjoy a luxury picnic in the hotel’s verdant parkland, accompanied with a butler as well as a private yoga session in the park and an 80-minute massage.

The spa experience in Rome Cavalieri was an amazing escape to a tranquil oasis with Roman baths, fitness centre and reputed products to indulge in. I opted for massage and once I saw the La Prairie products, I wished I had booked a facial too but had to catch my flight back to Dubai.

Overall, the Rome Cavalieri was a surreal experience. The building was designed by one of the most important architects of the period, Ugo Luccichenti, assisted by E. Pifferi and A. Ressa, with contribution from two superstar architects of the ‘60’s, Franco Albini and Pierluigi Nervi.

Ever since its opening in 1963, the hotel is known for the highest level of comfort attracting famous personalities and fifty years on, the Rome Cavalieri continues to move with the times, exceeding the expectations of the most demanding international travelers and living up to its name as an icon in the world of luxury hospitality. I certainly felt extremely special throughout my stay and would love to return with family one day to relive the experience and of course to make their spa my second home for at least a week.



Summer beauty Hacks

By Shereen Shabnam

With the summer fast approaching, many people are looking at skincare regimes and must-have summer essentials that deliver maximum results and leave your skin feeling radiant and sun-kissed.

Looking after the skin from the inside is just as important with fresh salads and juices as nourishment. As the temperature rises, start your skincare and body care regimes to replenish and rehydrate your skin all summer long and get the best treatments to optimise the condition of your skin for the summer. Below are some tips:

Scrub: For a radiant glow, after a gentle scrub and wash, put some milk on your face for 10 minutes. If you skin is oily, a natural remedy like rose water is better than milk. It is essential to use sun protection and then moisturize after the scrub.

Hydration: The hydra facials gently cleanses, hydrates and exfoliates the skin, removes impurities and toxins, leaving it fresh, moisturised and healthy. For best results, one must drink at least 1.5 litres of water as skin needs hydration or fresh juices from inside as well.


Get youthful: Try the new innovative and powerful LPG Skin Rejuvenation program, which combines the proven efficiency of new Endermolift with a superficial peel skin care line. It treats the skin surface for supple, glowing, youthful and rejuvenated skin.

Firm up: To correct sagging and loose skin, especially along the jaw line, chin, abdomen and upper arm, get treatments that stimulate new collagen production and leads improvements in lax skin, lines and wrinkles. It is best to shop around for the treatment that suits you best. My favourite is the hypoxy treatments that I do at Body Smart.

Anti-ageing: we can’t run away from the aging process but we can slow it down. My favourite remedy for this is the anti-aging technologies by LPG, which is one of the most effective ways to restore and renew skin cells and improve skin texture.

Treat pigmentation:  The Deep cleansing facial or facial peels are effective in targeting dark brown spots on any part of the face, neck and décolleté. They can be done in most salons in the region. It improves skin tone and surface imperfections associated with ageing and sun damage.

Nutrition: Light meals and snacks are best in the summer. Salads and fruits like watermelon that has lots of water can do wonders for the skin. Lighter meals are also great for the body when preparing to approach the mid summer holidays – think holidays on the beach as a motivation.

As long as we stay with the basics like drinking lots of water, regular facials and treatments, sun protection and hydration, we should be able to enjoy the summer without worrying about skin damage it can cause.

Remain healthy during self isolation by tracking your fitness levels with eufy Smart Scale

Keep your health and fitness on track with the Eufy App during self-isolation

Eufy Scale1 Mobile App

Staying inactive at home during self-isolation with the fridge full of food easily accessible may lead to unhealthy eating habits but fear not. Anker Innovations has unveiled the new eufy Smart Scale C1, offering an easy way to keep track of your health journey by recording 12 essential body measurements such as Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and more.

The eufy Smart Scale is available online and via Jumbo Electronics and Sharaf DG stores. The Eufy app supporting the product is designed to show health data with the time and date of previous measurements so users can monitor their health over a set period of term and stay focused on their health goals.

The rounded-glass top plate safeguards users from bumping into pointed edges and the anti-slip top plate and low, stable design ensures stability when stepping on the scale. Two pairs of super-sensitive G-shaped sensors ensure precise measurements.

Users can also switch from pounds to kilograms and back while fast wireless data transfer allows viewing measurements in seconds on the phone with historical data of progress and health trends.

The water resistant, modern and stylish scale is designed to suit every home and personality, runs on 3 AAA batteries and syncs data via the Eufy App. Eufy Smart Scale also allows tracking of measurements on third party apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Easy to use, eufy Smart Scale C1 can connect up to 16 users and is intelligent enough to match measurements to the correct user profile, automatically.

As part of Anker Innovations, one of the leading and most trusted consumer electronics brands in America, eufy caters to the needs of discerning consumers looking for the latest innovations, new age technologies and convenience for reliable home and security solutions.

“Joe Koueik” performs at Al Wahda Mall

Al Wahda Mall visitors enjoyed a musical evening with Lebanese Music sensation Joe Koueik while enjoying a wide range of entertainment and activities for kids and adults during the long weekend.

Mr. Navaneeth Sudhakaran, General Manager, Al Wahda Mall said, “It has been a fun experience having Joe Koueik entertain our guests last night. We wish everyone a wonderful National Day with fun celebrations and thank them for spending the holidays with us at Al Wahda Mall.”

Musician Joe Koueik adds, “Al Wahda Mall audience proved to be a fun crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed performing to the responsive and dynamic music lovers of the UAE. I look forward to an equally entertaining performance again at the mall.”

Residents can also enjoy Al Wahda’s sprawling multi-cuisine food court with over 50 F&B outlets to treat every palate, sports venues, an enticing multi-cuisine food court, a decadent nine-screen multiplex cinema and over 350 stores to shop from.

Plug In and Play Out with Lulu Hypermarket at Khalidiyah Mall


Khalidiyah Mall is home to Season 6 of the ‘Let’s Play’ activation by Lulu Hypermarket until the 2nd of December 2019 at main atrium, Khalidiyah Mall where grand prizes will be presented to the tournament winners.

It’s ‘Game On’ time for customers of Lulu Hypermarket as they can save up to 25% on selected gaming products during the ‘Let’s Play’ campaign.

Mayank M Pal, Mall Manager at Khalidiyah Mall said, “Gaming is popular in the UAE and we are delighted to welcome enthusiasts to visit at Khalidiyah Mall for mega deals on gaming products and the tournament.”

Khalidiyah Mall is located at the nerve centre offering patrons three levels of elegantly laid out outlets ranging from fashion to furnishing and cosmetics to consumer electronics. The mall’s multicultural food court offers an intriguing array of international cuisine, alongside a number of cafes, restaurants plus an amusement centre with arcade games, a cinema and a bowling alley.