Buckle Up with Burberry

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Introducing The Buckle Eyewear Collection – the new collection of Burberry sunglasses and optical frames, detailed with a distinctive gold- tone buckle, inspired by design elements from our signature trench coat.

Featuring a distinctive gold-tone buckle, The Buckle Eyewear Collection is available in a colour palette that references the many shades and textures of The Patchwork by juxtaposing solid colours with different coloured tortoiseshells. The Collection features sunglasses in square, cat-eye and round shapes, with opticals in square and round, both with the distinct buckle as the focal point of design.


The raw energy of 90s alternative rock heads upstate this season for a camping trip with a difference.

“Fall Winter is about the energy of grunge in the forest at night time,” explains Diesel Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti. “The spirit of rock ’n’ roll is nocturnal and being surrounded by nature after dark can be a strange experience. A lot of crazy things can happen.”

Styled in a mismatched way, plastic raincoats are worn with silky dresses, whilst stripes and checks are clashed with polka dots and flower prints. The shiny and new is paired with the well-loved – and perfectly ‘destroyed’ denim.

Blue is the key colour for jeans. There are six new washes for men and eleven for women, from the premium Slow Indigo, crafted using artisan techniques to super soft JoggJeans.

Iconic striped grunge knits are transformed by incorporating lace, an element of the precious, whilst characteristic rock leathers, signature zips and knit beanies appear throughout the collection.

The feel of American vintage is present through trucker style, from shearling trimmed jackets to classic red-and-black plaid, alongside elements of uniform and utility.

Patches on classic military bombers, parkas and capes are taken from the Diesel archive, reworking codes of the past and paying tribute to Diesel heritage.

Slip-on style S-KBY footwear is lightweight, flexible and breathable, with a camo-knit upper in both men’s and women’s variations.



Clutch and accessories label, L’Afshar, launches their spring summer 2017 collection, exclusively on luxury pretailer Moda Operandi. Inspired by her travels and experiences, designer Lilian Afshar creates stunningly sophisticated box clutches with unexpected marble patterns and captivating textures cleverly crafted.

Since her brand’s inception in 2014, Designer, Lilian Afshar’s handmade clutches have been spotted everywhere from Fashion Week to Kendall Jenner’s recent metallic B-day look. With such versatile colours and unique materials and designs, it is easy to see why L’AFSHAR is this season’s must have accessory.

This season it’s about acrylic clutches (and now lady bags) with geometric detailing and an art deco influence, accompany the marble bags, which garnered the brand its high-fashion following.

The piece to buy – the red and white cube print marble clutch.

Shoe Connoisseur


Zeina Zebian – Artist, Designer, and Creator

Zeina Zebian, Dubai based artist and designer has taken her love for shoes to another level by elevating her creativity and design experience into sculptural art pieces.

Zeina is a Lebanese who was born in Dubai and was brought up in the Emirates. Growing up, she spent many summers in Vienna, which influenced her artistic side by visiting many museums and old European Palaces. Traveling and exploring is one of her passions.

After completing one year of Fashion Design, Zeina graduated with a BA in Marketing and Advertising. In 1998, she was amongst the first graduating batch from the American University in Dubai. She then started a successful career in advertising with multinational companies and International agencies like Grey and BBDO/OMD as Senior Media Planner.

Zeina’s life was influenced by her dad, a successful businessman, as well as by her artistic mother. Design is in her blood as her great grandfather was a shoe designer working from his own atelier in Beirut. His wife was a hat designer and their daughter, Zeina’s grandmother, designed and handcrafted coats.

Zeina and her husband Tarek enjoy travelling and adventurous experiences, her favourite being bungee jumping and skydiving. They moved to New Zealand started a family there, becoming proud parents of Elisa and Aref.

Due to her mother’s illness, Zeina moved back to Dubai to be by her side. Over the years, she supported her mother through numerous challenges, accompanying her during extensive treatments in Germany, Beirut, and Dubai. The 14-year journey with her mum battling cancer influenced Zeina and contributed to her growth, mental and spiritual awareness.


Starting from 2000, Zeina continued her journey of spiritual awareness though learning many modalities, like Reiki, Breath work, and Access consciousness. Her favourite course was Self Revitalising, as it directed towards self-healing and discovery. She follows an alternative holistic approach and is a strong believer in Homeopathy and natural healing.

Throughout these years, Zeina felt that she neglected her artistic side and revisited her childhood dream of art and designing SHOES!!! Since the age of two, she mastered walking in her mom’s high heals, and that vivid memory kept on ‘haunting’ her.

Following her dream, Zeina signed up for few art courses, her favourite being Art Journaling and a Shoe Design Short course with London College of Fashion. It was the best gift she gave herself, awakening her creativity and artistic talents.

On joining a clay-scultpturing course, Zeina decided to handcraft art pieces in the form of shoes, inspired by different stages of her Journey and personal development. She created three sculptures from the heart:

Her First Sculpture, “Polarity” is inspired by Rene Magritte after visiting his museum in Brussels. Zeina is a big fan of surreal art and her piece reflected masculinity vs. femininity and white (purity) vs. Black. The shoe base is feminine and the heel was the pipe represents the Masculine. The piece was intentionally left unfinished, as this is an ongoing battle of our world! It also represents her experience as a woman and her experiential journey as a mother.

Zeina’s 2nd sculpture, “Grounding” is inspired by her beautiful Mother. The piece features leaves surrounding and hugging the feet to enhance unity and earthly connection. The colour of the leaves red, yellow and orange are inspired by autumn, which are also colours of the first 3 chakras or energy centres. The color gold is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality, and deep understanding of self. The OM sign is present inside the sculpture.

This piece represents Zeina’s experience of landing into real life, marriage, work, pregnancy, children, and facing fears. It is dedicated to her beautiful mother who taught her strength, endurance, courage, and love for life and family.

Zeina’s 3rd sculpture is “Hermes”, messenger of God in Greek religion and Mythology. He is considered a god of transitions and boundaries. The colours represent Greece and its blue sea and ancient gold. Hermes is always seen carrying a Caduceus, which is the staff entwined by two serpents and wearing Talaria, his winged sandals.

This sculpture represents Zeina’s journey of healing, forgiveness and harmony. The snakes represent the triggered fear felt by Zeina after an accident that killed her beloved dog. Bella, her pet chihuahua, received the deadly snakebite meant for Zeina. This act of loyalty and love, along with the triggered fear of snakes, led her into another soul-searching journey. The message of the sculpture is learning to accept loss, to understand death, and to move forward. The wings of the sculpture represent the liberating experience of her overcoming those fears, and finding forgiveness in her heart. She believes in the need to coexist in harmony and peace with animals.

Zeina is now pursuing her childhood dream, by merging her spiritual development with her creative entrepreneurship of shoe art. She is combining her love for art and design, into her sculptures and shoes. Her sculptures ideally serve as decorative art pieces and yet evoke new ideas for innovative shoe lines amongst creative designers. Zeina is contemplating and searching for the possibility of conceptualising her art into wearable statement shoes.


Weill launches Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Joel Gardes, Pascale Younes, Elie Weill, Julie Hanon, Roula Aoun,  Ebrahim Rezaeiafsah.jpg

French luxury brand Weill hosted a preview of its inspiring Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Emirates Towers, in the presence of International Manager and 5th generation family member Elie Weill and Creative Director Edward Achour.

A fusion of organic and fresh tones brings the collection to life this season. New and classic shapes are encased in crisp hues, exuding a refreshing feel which makes this offering cool, vibrant with chic flavors.

The classics with a twist and other unconventional accents… Original proportions, tried and tasteful combinations ranging between the chic and the casual, masculine and feminine, sporty and urban… With Weill, the formal adopts a cheerful attitude with highly contrasted alliances and luminous themes, a spruce Parisian style determined to interpret dress codes freely.

The Spring Summer collection represents Weill’s timeless craft combined with a modern muse, skillfully presented in an array of exquisite materials and colours to create an offering destined for longevity.

Paul Smith Announces opening of new store at Mall of the Emirates

CHT_6536_HI-RES.jpgUK based brand Paul Smith has announced the opening of its new space in the heart of the dynamic Fashion District at Mall of The Emirates, where consumers can now shop the latest in men’s fashion across the brand’s array of collections.

To celebrate the new Paul Smith shop opening, the top regional funk-rock band, Abri & Funk Radius, played tracks that have inspired Sir Paul in his creative process. The tracks were selected from Paul’s series of curated playlists for Apple Music.


Spanning over a total surface area of 140 square meters and sprawled across two curated rooms, the new shop houses men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories including key product lines such as A Suit To Travel In, seasonal dinosaur-print products and a wide range of suits, shirts and formal accessories.

Lovers of the brand can also shop the newly launched line ‘PS by Paul Smith’, a less formal take on the iconic British designer’s mainline collection, which features tailored sports jackets and polo shirts in a range of bold colors and unique prints. Embracing the label’s classic, laidback sensibility, PS by Paul Smith includes ready-to-wear, footwear, bags, and accessories, all finished with the new circular logo.

‘Jeans for Refugees’ celebrity collection

Jeans For Refugees By Johny Dar Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2017The online auction house for extraordinary things, Catawiki announced [Johny Dar’s] highly anticipated ‘Jeans for Refugees’ celebrity collection is now officially open for bids. UAE residents can now bid for these jeans along with people across the globe.

‘Jeans for Refugees’ is a global artistic collaboration dedicated to helping refugees all around the world. The project is the brainchild of iconic fashion designer and artist Johny Dar, [and] involves 100 celebrities who have achieved worldwide recognition in fashion, film, music and the arts.

Each individual has donated a pair of their jeans which [has] been painted and given various artistic treatments by Dar. From Hollywood A-listers Ryan Gosling and Sharon Stone to Britain’s very own Sir Elton John and Victoria Beckham, these celebrities and Dar have joined forces to create this unique initiative. With all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the project will help fund the IRC’s initiatives which help millions of refugees worldwide on a daily basis.

Bidding has started with 15 initial pairs available from Sharon Stone, Anna Wintour, P!nk, Elle McPherson, Emma Watson, Lily Allen, Eva Longoria, Heather Graham, Kate Moss, Joan Smalls, Sofia Coppola, Rachel McAdams, Zoe Saldana, Tal and Jessica Hart.

Clive Christian Launches Modern ‘Twists’ on its Classic Perfumes


Clive Christian, the British luxury perfume brand, has reimagined some of its most popular fragrances in a new pair of limited edition luxury perfumes.

Each Clive Christian Limited Edition Original Collection Twist [‘Twist’] is a uniquely modern fragrance that enhances and celebrates a single ingredient in each one of the Clive Christian X Original Collection perfumes

The playful Twists retain the quality, complexity and depth of all Clive Christian perfumes while presenting a distinctively modern collection created for loyal fans of the brand and connoisseurs of luxury perfumery alike.

The Limited Edition perfumes have been launched in exclusive partnership with Paris Gallery one of the world’s most prestigious luxury shopping locations, and are limited to 1000 bottles of each of the Narcissus and Saffron X Twists.

Are you trying to delay the ageing process?



Aging occurs in almost nine million species on earth, and scientists haven’t figured out a way to stop it, so we can’t really help you with that. But we do have just what you need to reverse and stall the aging process considerably!


Generally speaking, men have thicker, oilier and warmer skin than women. So while many of the women’s anti-aging products in the market work really well, they won’t be as effective for men.

Thankfully, Institut Arnaud, a professional skincare brand that has been dominating French salons since 1945, has created OLIGOJI35, an anti-aging product line for men aged 35 and older.

OLIGOJI35 combines the unrivalled antioxidant properties of Goji berries with the strength of several trace elements containing unique energizing power. The result is refined skin texture, with signs of fatigue erased, and wrinkles and fine lines significantly blurred.


A facial cleansing cream with exfoliating action, OLIGOJI35 Scrub Clean Face removes dead skin cells for smoother skin and bright, consistent complexion, while also preventing the growth of ingrown facial hair. Say goodbye to blemishes and bumpy skin! The smoother your facial skin is, the younger you look!



Razor burns damage the skin and can leave it blotched and swollen. OLIGOJI Soothing Fluid After-Shave is designed to calm skin irritation. Its alcohol component cauterizes skin after shaving, while its hyaluronic acid and glycerin hydrate your skin and fills in any existing wrinkles. Your skin feels soft, refreshed and matified.


The skin around the eye is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on other parts of the face. That’s why it requires special care. Anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness, OLIGOJI35 Eye Contour Care reduces wrinkle length by 31% and gets rid of 26% of your total wrinkle surface area in just 28 days!


Designed to combat existing wrinkles and fine lines and prevent new ones from developing, OLIGOJI35 Anti-aging Concentrate effectively firms the skin and repairs surface damage, leaving you with skin that’s soft, smooth and elastic. Look young and feel young again.


Institut Arnaud understands that while you’re very conscious about hygiene, your busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow you to use many products at once. That’s why we’ve created OLOGOJI35 Shower Shampoo Hair and Body. With its practical 2-in-1 formula, this product saves you shower time while still making you feel clean, fragrant and refreshed!

To combat sweating and body odor, we offer you OLIGOJI35 Roll-on Deodorant, which guarantees 24-hour-long effectiveness. Attend as many meetings as you want to, and take as many connecting flights as needed without worrying about staying fresh.

Finally, we understand that shaving on the go is difficult for men with sensitive, irritable skin. OLIGOJI35 Soothing Fluid After-Shave has calming and moisturizing activators for a healing and regenerating effect. It moisturises your skin daily, soothes razor burn and provides a long-lasting fresh feel. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount to your face and neck, each morning after shaving. Travelling is made much simpler and more convenient with OLIGOJI35!

Another New Year definitely means you’re getting older. But it doesn’t have to show! Equipped with the antioxidant, restorative and anti-aging benefits of Goji berry plus the power of several naturally occurring elements, OLIGOJI35 will help you reverse and stall the signs of aging. Cheers to more happiness and youthfulness in 2016!

Written for Metromed. For more information, contact Shereen  +971 50 7690087