Fadwa Baruni astounds with Summer 2014 Collection


Fadwa Baruni, the renowned Arab designer, has unveiled the Summer 2014 Collection, which features some truly outstanding outfits for women this season. The collection stands out with elegant sleeveless long dresses with lace details as well as silk sleeveless dresses and long silk georgette dresses.

The key component of the collection are the “night-outs”, accentuated in colours of green, royal blue, fuchsia, gold, purple, lilac and black. Many of the pieces are made of silk with contrasting trims and lace details. The collection includes a few designs with contrasting waist bands or lacy fitted bodices and gathered skirts.

The collection is branded under the renowned ‘Baruni’ label that has gained wide attention in the GCC and Levant region in recent times.

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