LA BOHEME at Meydan IMAX tomorrow

la_boheme Shereen Shabnam

If you are going to LA BOHEME tomorrow, then you may want to get an insight into the plot below to appreciate the Opera better. As always, I am taking little diva for her MET Opera indulgence tomorrow night….it is an amazing experience and i enjoy bonding with her at the lovely IMAX theatre. If you have not bought tickets yet, do it now as its a show not to be missed. If you want to win tickets, send me your name and number by 5pm today and I may have 2 tickets for you. ENJOY!

Approximate running time 2 hrs. 55 min.

Act I
Paris, the 1830s. In their Latin Quarter garret, the near-destitute painter Marcello and poet Rodolfo try to keep warm on Christmas Eve by feeding the stove with pages from Rodolfo’s latest drama. They are soon joined by their roommates—Colline, a philosopher, and Schaunard, a musician, who brings food, fuel, and funds he has collected from an eccentric student. When the landlord, Benoit, comes to collect the rent, they ply the older man with wine, then throw him out. As his friends leave for the Café Momus, Rodolfo promises to join them later, remaining behind to write. There is a knock at the door; the visitor is a pretty neighbor, Mimì, whose candle has gone out on the stairway. Rodolfo relights it. Mimì realizes she has lost her key, and in the confusion, both candles are blown out. As the two search for the key in the moonlight, their hands meet. Rodolfo tells Mimì his dreams (“Che gelida manina”). She then recounts her life alone in a lofty garret, embroidering flowers and waiting for the spring (“Mi chiamano Mimì”). Rodolfo’s friends are heard outside, urging him to join them; he calls back that he is not alone and will be along shortly. Expressing their joy in finding each other (Duet: “O soave fanciulla”), Mimì and Rodolfo embrace and leave for the café.

Act II
At the Café Momus, Rodolfo introduces Mimì to his friends. Marcello’s former sweetheart, Musetta, makes a noisy entrance on the arm of the elderly but wealthy Alcindoro. The ensuing tumult reaches its peak when, trying to regain Marcello’s attention, she sings a waltz about her popularity (“Quando me’n vo’”). Sending Alcindoro off on an errand, she falls into Marcello’s arms and tells the waiter to charge everything to Alcindoro. Soldiers march by the café, and the bohemians fall in behind.

At dawn by a tavern on the snowy outskirts of Paris, a customs official admits farm women to the city. Mimì wanders in, searching for the place where Marcello and Musetta now live. When the painter emerges, she tells him of her distress over Rodolfo’s incessant jealousy (Duet: “O buon Marcello, aiuto!”). She says she believes it is best that they part. When Rodolfo appears from the tavern, Mimì hides nearby, though Marcello thinks she has gone. The poet tells Marcello that he wants to separate from his sweetheart, citing her fickleness; pressed for the real reason, he breaks down, saying that her coughing can only grow worse in the poverty they share; he’s desperately afraid she will die from her illness. Overcome with tears, Mimì stumbles forward to bid her lover farewell (“Donde lieta uscì”). While Mimì and Rodolfo recall past happiness, Musetta quarrels with Marcello, who has caught her flirting (Quartet: “Addio dolce svegliare”). The painter and his mistress part, hurling insults at each other, but Mimì and Rodolfo decide to remain together until spring.

Act IV
Now separated from their girlfriends, Rodolfo and Marcello lament their loneliness in the garret (Duet: “O Mimì, tu più non torni”). Colline and Schaunard bring a meager meal. To lighten their spirits the four stage a dance, when suddenly Musetta bursts in to tell them that Mimì is outside, too weak to come upstairs. Rodolfo carries her in, while Musetta asks Marcello to sell her earrings for medicine and Colline goes off to pawn his overcoat (“Vecchia zimarra”). Left alone, Mimì and Rodolfo recall their first meeting and their happy days, but she is seized with violent coughing (Duet: “Sono andati?”). The others return and …… need to see the end for the finale!

Reconya targets UAE for Germany & Malta residency opportunity

Valletta skyline with the St. Pauls Cathedral

EU Residence, Employment, Recruitment, Business, Market Entry and Citizenship planning made easy with Reconya

With a growing number of expats looking for a Safe, Secure, Transparent Permanent Residence or European citizenship by investment or an international residence either for ease of travel or for their future retirement, Reconya, an advisory, project management and real estate firm has stepped in to provide a seamless, professional, qualified and licensed service to non-EU nationals around the world.

As a networking and marketing, Reconya specializes in the latest developments in residence and citizenship planning in Europe. Currently the company is promoting both Germany’s EU Blue Card for highly skilled workforce and Malta’s permanent residency linked to property purchase and offers all related services linked to Germany and Malta’s Permanent Residence, Citizenship, Employment, Relocation, EU Business entry, Investment opportunities and Real Estate.

Tanya Schober

Tanya Schober, German National, Owner and CEO of Reconya said, “We are delighted to bring to the UAE a streamlined, transparent, EU licensed and certified service for Non – EU nationals with Germany’s EU Blue Card for skilled workforce, Permanent Residency options for both Germany and Malta and the freshly introduced affordable and certified Citizenship program from Malta’s latest residence option which was launched for non-EU foreigners targeting India, China, and MENA regions, offering great advantages and permanent residence with citizenship in Malta & Germany opening doors to the EU.”

Both Germany and Malta provide solid, secure and competitive residence, business and employment opportunities from a highly skilled workforce perspective as well as from a pure investment perspective. Depending on the client’s individual needs, Reconya – backed by a team of European experts, an extensive European network, and a solid infrastructure based directly in Munich, Germany, Reconya positions itself as ‘the focal point of contact for opening your doors to the EU’.

Reconya is the one stop full service consultancy for investments, residency and citizenship needs in Malta.

Valetta at early morning

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Press release issued on behalf Reconya by Coral Coast PR. For further information, please contact Shereen on +971 507690087 or For project information, please contact Tanya Schober on 0507250696 or +49 (172) 9770221/

Editor’s Notes – Reconya

Reconya, an advisory, project management and investment firm based in Bavaria – Germany’s home to leading companies such as BMW, MAN, Siemens, EADS and many more, has stepped in to provide a seamless, professional, qualified and licensed service to non-EU nationals around the world.

The company is run by Tanya Schober, a German national who leverages her own expertise, transparency and highly effective European network and competencies in supporting Non – EU nationals in acquiring EU Residency, Nationality, Relocation, Permanent Residence, Skilled employment opportunities and Business investment opportunities.



Bahrain Science Centre relocates the scary skeleton exhibition

Staff at the Bahrain Science Centre moving the skeletons

Staff at the Bahrain Science Centre moving the skeletons

Bahrain Science Centre, a part of Ministry of Social Development, has relocated the famous scary skeleton exhibition around the centre to accommodate the new theme for May and June 2014 ‘Alternative Energy’.

A squawking pelican greets you when you enter through the main door of the centre. A giant ostrich glares down at you in the ground floor foyer, and a Dama gazelle meets you in the first floor lift lobby. An Arabian oryx, flamingo, glossy ibis and dugong guide you through the first floor foyer, and on the Biodiversity Gallery a ‘Noah’s Ark’ of animal skeletons is there to welcome you.

Visit the Bahrain Science Centre again and experience our exciting new look and feel. Interested visitors can download the weekly programme on the website for more information. The Bahrain Science Centre is located in Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain and can be contacted on 17686466.

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Press release issued on behalf Bahrain Science Centre. For further information, please contact Shereen Shabnam on +971 507690087/ 504828177/ For information on the weekly programmes at the Bahrain Science Centre, please contact Amna Aldoseri at

About Bahrain Science Centre (BSC):

The Bahrain Science Centre (BSC) is an interactive educational facility that targets children, youth and families of Bahrain. It is located in building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain. The science centre has six interactive exhibition galleries, an auditorium, four laboratories and a café/shop.

The role of the BSC is to promote awareness of the importance of science and technology, complement the school curriculum, stimulate curiosity and innovation, and create a forum for public debate on science and technology issues. The topics covered by current exhibitions include junior engineering, human health, the five senses, earth sciences and biodiversity.

Focusing on hands-on learning using interactive displays and people-centred programmes, such as science shows, Bahrain Science Centre also strongly promotes creativity and innovation as well as cross-generational learning. The science centre will also endeavour to promote an awareness of Bahrain’s contributions to science and technology and a strong Bahraini identity. It is an ideal family edutainment destination.

The Fifth Unit of the Popular 60 Sunreef Power Catamaran Just Launched

Shereen Shabnam 60 Sunreef Power

Sunreef Yachts is delighted to announce the launch of another unit of its popular motor catamaran model with an unconventional interior solution.

The company, once again, proved that it is the undisputed leader in construction of custom and semi – custom catamarans and superyachts.

Shereen shabnam catamaran

Upon the client`s request Sunreef`s interior design team prepared a “tailor made” project with open salon combined with lounge area and bar instead of interior navigation station where some additional storage, small fridge and ice maker were fitted, so that there is an easier access to refreshments for guests, as the galley in down in the aft of the portside hull. The interior decor is made of the highest quality materials, the furniture and walls are in white lacquer with oak elements, as well as white upholstery. All arranged in marine style with a touch of indigo, noble blue and deep red colors.

The interior layout configuration is adapted for 8 guests (+2 kids) with a master cabin and portside guest cabin that has double beds and small kids bed/sofas, as well as the starboard hull with two cabins, the aft one with a double bed and the middle one with a single bed and bunk beds. There is also a TV lounge next to the entrance to the master cabin. The yacht has all the facilities that will provide comfort for its guests. The crew quarters are separated from the guests and are in the starboard forepeak with a bunk bed and its bathroom.

Shereen Shabnam Seeker 60

The concept of 60 Sunreef Power was made in response to the growing demand for compact yet highly impressive powerboats.

This yacht has all the features of the popular 70 Sunreef Power, except its slightly smaller 27.8 ft / 8.5 m beam that makes it more convenient for crowded marinas. The aim of 60 Sunreef Power line was to be one of the most successful models in upcoming years and this goal has certainly been achieved.