Ramadan and Eid events take centre stage in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Malls

Malls under the Line Investments & Property LLC to host a diverse range of activities to make the holy month special this year

Ramadan is a special time for residents and as part of the celebrations, malls under the portfolio of Line Investments & Property are welcoming visitors with Ramadan decorations as well as a variety of entertainment options during the holy month and for Eid ul Fitr celebrations.

Wajeb Al Khoury, Director of Line Investments and Property LLC said, “Our malls are marking Ramadan with a diverse range of activities to make this month a memorable one for families. Numerous festive treats, sales, discounts and activities await mall visitors during the Eid holidays catering to the local communities.”

With over 350 brands to choose from, shoppers at Al Wahda Mall can delight in shopping while capturing Ramadan deco in different parts of the mall. The mall will celebrate Eid across three days with fun traditional and modern roaming entertainers.

Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi is also decked up in Ramadan colours and deco and currently has a popular dates festival in the mall’s market area. The mall will be hosting Eid activities that include traditional and modern Arabic stage shows over the 3 days.

 Khalidiyah Mall during Ramadan days have created a host of traditional, cultural and interactive activities organized for customers. The entire exterior and interior of the mall is decked up themed around Ramadan with families enjoying the kids’ corner. During the Eid holidays, guests can also visit the mall to see the different performances and roaming activities.

On the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, Al Raha Mall will also have surprises during this season for mall visitors. The mall has organized an exciting kids area for art and crafts, activities like card making for Eid, coloring, face painting, balloon bending, magic shows to entertain the kids as well as dance performance for the mall visitors during shopping as entertainment which includes the Dabka, Shandelier, Shamadan and butterfly dance etc.

Madinat Zayed will be the perfect venue for visitors during the Eid festival for those looking for a traditional souk experience. For traditional Eid gifts, guests can head to the Gold souk area for a wide variety of jewellery in traditional and contemporary designs as well as local wares from home grown brands.

Mazyad Mall over Eid will be having a variety of Russian, Brazilian, Mexican, masquerade, carnival and fusion dance shows as well as family games and competitions. Families can take part in competitions and win vouchers. They can also enjoy games such as darts, bowling, golf and shootout as well as a face painting and henna corner.

In Al Ain, Al Foah Mall will be hosting kids activities throughout the month of Ramadan and during Eid, the mall will have games, magic shows, Tanura dance, mascots, hip-hop dancers and jugglers.

Bargain hunters will be delighted to know that the Barari Outlet Mall in Al Ain will be having 24-hour sales over the Eid period starting 5th of June and ending on the 6th of June. The Barari Outlet Mall has a lineup of exciting activities for the three days of Eid that includes kids workshops (sand art, coloring & free kids drawing), clown Show, clown balloon bender, mascots of different characters, magic show, a butterfly show, Tanura show and a Latino dance show.

With a host of new events and activities planned throughout the year in the different malls, Line Investments & Property LLC reiterates its commitment to invest in both community outreach activities as well as to enhance the retail experience for mall patrons.

New bus service for Mushrif mall eases commute for local residents

AX9I4323 copy_.jpg

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Mushrif Mall, in collaboration with Department of Transport (DoT) represented by the Integrated Transport Center (ITC) in Abu Dhabi announced the implementation of a free bus service to and from nearby areas in a bid to reduce traffic congestion and enhance community comfort and happiness.

As part of a community outreach campaign on sustainability, the initiative is inspired to improve the quality of services for public transport by adopting a focused, integrated and sustainable infrastructure set up by the Mushrif Mall and endorsed by DoT and its commitment to champion innovative solutions in eco transport around Abu Dhabi.

Mohammed bin Hamad Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Public Transport Sector at the ITC, reiterated the positive benefits of the initiative and said “We are delighted with the sustainable integrated transport offer provided by Mushrif Mall as it such cooperation between the private and public sectors fulfills the sustainable economic growth demands in Abu Dhabi, reduces the negative impact resulted from carbon emissions from large number of cars on the road and hence improves quality of life.”

Al Muhairi added that the new bus service launched in Mushrif Mall aims to decrease the traffic congestion in the areas around the shopping mall. The service will include three routes in its first phase and will operate within 10km in the surrounding area. The Bus Transport Team from the ITC worked closely with Mushrif Mall team to identify the routes and bus stops needed to meet the public demand. He added that this service is expected to attract many of the residents in the neighboring area.

Yusuffali M. A, Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group said, “The free and comfortable bus service to Mushrif Mall is a campaign that outreaches to the community and takes an initial step to promote sustainable and eco friendly living in Abu Dhabi. We hope that the popularity of the service will prompt other malls to implement similar green initiatives.”

In addition to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with DoT and the flag off of the bus service at the launch, the mall also unveiled the route map of the buses at the entrance of the mall forcustomer ease and convenience.

The free community bus service will be operated from Mushrif Mall and cover the catchment of the surrounding area as well asevaluate the customers’ feedback and satisfaction to improve the bus service further.

The bus service is a CSR initiative of Mushrif Mall offering alternative and innovative solutions to reduce traffic congestion in the nearby communities.

Are you trying to delay the ageing process?



Aging occurs in almost nine million species on earth, and scientists haven’t figured out a way to stop it, so we can’t really help you with that. But we do have just what you need to reverse and stall the aging process considerably!


Generally speaking, men have thicker, oilier and warmer skin than women. So while many of the women’s anti-aging products in the market work really well, they won’t be as effective for men.

Thankfully, Institut Arnaud, a professional skincare brand that has been dominating French salons since 1945, has created OLIGOJI35, an anti-aging product line for men aged 35 and older.

OLIGOJI35 combines the unrivalled antioxidant properties of Goji berries with the strength of several trace elements containing unique energizing power. The result is refined skin texture, with signs of fatigue erased, and wrinkles and fine lines significantly blurred.


A facial cleansing cream with exfoliating action, OLIGOJI35 Scrub Clean Face removes dead skin cells for smoother skin and bright, consistent complexion, while also preventing the growth of ingrown facial hair. Say goodbye to blemishes and bumpy skin! The smoother your facial skin is, the younger you look!



Razor burns damage the skin and can leave it blotched and swollen. OLIGOJI Soothing Fluid After-Shave is designed to calm skin irritation. Its alcohol component cauterizes skin after shaving, while its hyaluronic acid and glycerin hydrate your skin and fills in any existing wrinkles. Your skin feels soft, refreshed and matified.


The skin around the eye is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on other parts of the face. That’s why it requires special care. Anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness, OLIGOJI35 Eye Contour Care reduces wrinkle length by 31% and gets rid of 26% of your total wrinkle surface area in just 28 days!


Designed to combat existing wrinkles and fine lines and prevent new ones from developing, OLIGOJI35 Anti-aging Concentrate effectively firms the skin and repairs surface damage, leaving you with skin that’s soft, smooth and elastic. Look young and feel young again.


Institut Arnaud understands that while you’re very conscious about hygiene, your busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow you to use many products at once. That’s why we’ve created OLOGOJI35 Shower Shampoo Hair and Body. With its practical 2-in-1 formula, this product saves you shower time while still making you feel clean, fragrant and refreshed!

To combat sweating and body odor, we offer you OLIGOJI35 Roll-on Deodorant, which guarantees 24-hour-long effectiveness. Attend as many meetings as you want to, and take as many connecting flights as needed without worrying about staying fresh.

Finally, we understand that shaving on the go is difficult for men with sensitive, irritable skin. OLIGOJI35 Soothing Fluid After-Shave has calming and moisturizing activators for a healing and regenerating effect. It moisturises your skin daily, soothes razor burn and provides a long-lasting fresh feel. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount to your face and neck, each morning after shaving. Travelling is made much simpler and more convenient with OLIGOJI35!

Another New Year definitely means you’re getting older. But it doesn’t have to show! Equipped with the antioxidant, restorative and anti-aging benefits of Goji berry plus the power of several naturally occurring elements, OLIGOJI35 will help you reverse and stall the signs of aging. Cheers to more happiness and youthfulness in 2016!

Written for Metromed. For more information, contact Shereen  +971 50 7690087



Arnaud ranges[1]

It is once again that time of the year for fervor and festivities. As the party season kicks off, are you well equipped?


Winter season is upon us and party season has begun. Festive parties and year-end celebrations are at every corner.

With the city bustling with glamorous outfits, flashing cameras and beautiful people, it is not the time for a quiet evening at home. It is the season to look your best!

metromed 2


In preparing for the glam season, here are some tips on how Institut Arnaud can help you look your best.

metromed 3gift

Fight the cellulite and get smoother skin

With no time to exercise or go to the spa, the Body Expert range may just be your two-in-one solution to replenish and refresh your tired body, while firming and toning your skin at the same time.

For best results use the whole range together, as it uses Maté extract at its core – from the body scrub, and replenishing balm, to the firming cellulifight cream and the leg refiner.

Begin with the scrub, and have your skin looking so refreshed. After taking a shower, apply on wet skin. Massage gently, paying particular attention to the driest areas. The body scrub eliminates dead skin cells, smoothens out and softens skin texture. Through the exfoliating action of sugar, this scrub prepares skin to receive a specific treatment. And with the Maté extract activation, it decreases dimpling and improves the way skin looks.

Use the Cellulifight and leg refiner as often as you can to tone and firm your body and legs. The Cellulifight combats stubborn cellulite in problem areas, like thighs or stomach. With the fat-burning power of caffeine plus Maté plant extract, get enhance skin smoothness and prevent skin aging.

Cap off your beauty regimen with the Replenishing Balm for in-depth moisturizing. Keep the balm in the refrigerator for an extra-intense refreshing feel.

metromed 4

Instant Radiance

Need a boost in your look for a night out? Get radiant skin instantly!

Use the Quick Beauty Lift Vials. Shake the vial, break the seal and pour the contents into the palm of your hand. Apply it by lightly patting it onto your face and neck. Once vial is applied, you can put on makeup on straight away.

Thanks to its instant tightening effect, this beauty elixir lifts the skin, erases signs of fatigue and tones your skin.


Institut Arnaud products are found in leading UAE pharmacies across the region. You can also Arnaud skincare treats as gift sets, ranging from AED 120-AED 180 on request.


Ready for International Tea Day with Kenyan Tea


Shereen Shabnam Tea

Courtesy: Kibenda Tea Estate in Nairobi

I love tea parties….it is the perfect laid back way one can catch up with friends and family and I love the fact that I have a tea house right across my home near Citywalk. But how much do we know about the tea we drink. When it comes to tea, one usually associates the hot beverage with India, Sri Lanka or China. But did you know that, according to the leading online statistics portal Statistica, Kenya exports more tea than any of these countries above? In light of International Tea Day on 15th December, here are some fun facts you probably did not know about Kenyan tea.

1. Tea was first brought to Limuru, Kenya by by G.W.L Caine in 1903 from India. A short drive from Nairobi, you can visit the Kiambethu plantation in Limuru and take a tour of this historical site.

2. Many know that tea is ‘chai’ in Hindi and Urdu; but did you know that it is also called ‘chai’ in Swahili? That means that when you say ‘chai tea’, you are actually saying ‘tea tea’.

3. Over 60 per cent of Kenyan tea is produced by smallholder farmers. That means when you’re drinking tea from Kenya, you are most likely supporting the local tea farming industry!

4. Kenya’s top export is tea, with $915 million worth of tea exported around the world in 2013. Kenya mostly exports tea to Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the UK and the UAE. In recent years, Angola, Vietnam, Philippines, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Czech Republic, Myanmar and South Sudan are slowly joining the Kenyan tea bandwagon.

5. Kenya mostly produces black tea but in recent years, the market has begun to diversify with green teas, white teas and even white matchas.

Limited Edition! Mikyajy’s Star Dust Makeup Palette

Make up Pallette_Hires AED 149

Its party season – Get the perfect lip or eye color for every outfit in an easy-to-carry palette! Mikyajy’s Star Dust winter makeup palette is the best solution for any beauty lover’s makeup collection and is guaranteed to get you every look you can think of. A 92 piece trendy, portable palette with mesmerizing and glamorous finishes for eyes, lips and cheeks.

The Limited Edition winter makeup palette is available at all Mikyajy stores across the region for AED 149.

Eid Festive Fashion at Reveal Fashion Abu Dhabi

Reveal Fashion 3k2733-90% Polyester, 10% Spandex-white

Contemporary style revealed at Khalidiyah Mall Boutique

  In preparation for the summer holidays and the Ramadan and Eid festive season, Reveal Fashion is showcasing the latest elegant and high quality women’s wear featuring fresh trends, International brands and attractive style options at the Khalidiyah Mall in Abu Dhabi.

With a wide selection of Ready-to-Wear (RTW) custom and knitted apparel for women, Reveal fashion places style at the forefront with the objective to provide clients a variety of quality clothing that fits each costumer like it was tailored just for them.

The current collection of casual and eveningwear has beads, lace and stones to bring out the confidence and sensuality of Fashionistas in the UAE.

Reveal Fashionsw773fw-black 100% polyester

According to Manar Boston, Partner, Reveal Fashion LLC, the brand offers patrons an opportunity to redefine their wardrobe with ready to wear pieces that are comfortable yet unique in design and the outlet strives to bring in collections that are timeless yet trendy.

“Our collections suit the tastes of patrons who like to stand out in the crowd as the overall brand personality of Reveal Fashion aspires to be fashionable, customer-oriented, innovative, refreshing and stylish,” adds Honey Luague, Manager at Reveal Fashion.

The Reveal Fashion boutique is a place where women can go and transform themselves with beautiful clothes and determine the right style for every occasion whether it’s a private party, a wedding or a night out.

sw980-tn1_grandek2534-90% Polyester, 10% Spandex-bluesw770b-100% Polyester-peachb3218-90% Polyester, 10% Spandex-red

Festive Hampers from Mastihashop

Gift boxes at Mastihashop

Gift boxes at Mastihashop

Mastihashop presents a wide range of gift boxes and hampers for Ramadan, Eid, for corporate giveaways and for all the popular festive occasions like birthdays, house warming and picnics. Gift hampers can be customized and presented with the company’s branding.

The exotic Mastihashop collection reflects the modernization of traditional food remedies and include Mastihq infused chocolates, sweets, savoury products, cosmetics and skincare, pharmaceuticals, gifts as well as exotic coffee, ice cream, desserts and milkshakes.

Corporate gifts

Mastihashop, offers clients the perfect bite, the perfect gift and a cosy hangout for coffee, is located in the Aswaaq Building in Jumeirah 1, Al Wasl Road.

Mansoor Al Bastaki of Mastihashop

Mansoor Al Bastaki of Mastihashop

Under the creative direction of the parent brand, Mastihashop in the UAE has evolved with Mansoor Al Bastaki, Founder and Director of Mastihashop in UAE at the helm. According to him, patrons and discerning UAE residents like to experience exotic food and products they normally find during their travels at their doorstep.

Mastiha/Mastic is a natural and rare tree resin, which has proven to have health benefits with its anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Any raw Mastiha found around the world originates in only one place in Greece, in Chios Islands and Mastiha Shop is the sole supplier of the Mastiha raw resins.


Toshiba awards top-performing KSA channel partners

Sequoia Sherif Abd Al Fatah of Al HASOOB; Mr. Santosh Varghese , General Manager, Toshiba Gulf FZE; Mr. Hany Mohammed, Regional Sales Manager – Egypt & KSA, Toshiba Gulf FZE

Toshiba Gulf FZE held an award ceremony on 28th June, during the company’s Iftar celebration in Riyadh, KSA. The ceremony served to congratulate the company’s top-performing channel partners in the 1st Quarter of 2015 sales in the country.

As part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations for its mobile computing products, Toshiba Gulf Free Zone announced a channel promotion for CYQ1-15 sales; this is in addition to its award-winning P4P Channel program. Select Saudi Arabia dealer channel partners had an opportunity to win a Toyota Sequoia in platinum category and a Toyota Camry in gold category.

Camry Toshiba  Fouad Abd Al Kader of Fan Al Turath; Mr. Santosh Varghese, General Manager, Toshiba Gulf FZE; Mr. Hany Mohammed, Regional Sales Manager – Egypt & KSA, Toshiba Gulf FZE

Sherif Abd Al Fatah of Al Hasoob, Riyadh took home the Toyota Sequoia and Fouad Abd Al Kader of Fan Al Turath, Riyadh won the Toyota Camry

Being a leading PC brand in Saudi Arabia with No.1 market share in KSA for the 1st Quarter of 2015, reflects the brand’s growth strategy is sustainable and meets the product standards of customers in the region and their preferred PC requirements.

With the successful incentive related activities in Saudi Arabia, Toshiba hopes to further launch many new channel programmes as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations.