Porsche Drivers Selection :)


I am clearly car crazy these days….my energy has to go into something and since most people, events and things around me bore me to death, being in cars gives me that extra oomph that not much else does….at least cars are easy to control and they are functional fun machines. I like machines…all sorts and shapes!

Anyway, being a car fanatic means my fascination extends to accessories for cars or anything remotely related to cars…I go a step further and get clothes, accessories etc related to car brands….the Porsche and Ferrari retail department can vouch for this. But my current muse is the Porsche Drivers selection.

Porsche has recently launched the new Porsche Driver’s selection which features sporty fashion items and exclusive accessories which bring the Porsche feeling to every aspect of your lifestyle even when not on the roads.

The collection ranges across various categories and includes, clothes, fashion accessories, luggage, sunglasses, watches, etc.

Get a sneak peek from the pictures below….drive fashionably!

Porsche Race track

Can have a bit of Porsche on your desk too…me like!

Porsche Sport