Condense Milk in squeezy pack

The super convenient pack that is making me smile during my sweet cravings

My colleagues have a love hate relationship with me this week…..and its all because of a delightfully sinful dose of condense milk in a squeezy pack which is enticing them towards more calories.

I personally would love to give the person who thought of the squeezy pack idea a super tight squeeze as I love condense milk…afterall Shereen literally means ‘sweet’ in so many languages. As a ‘Shereen’, I also love all things sweet, mainly chocolate but once in a while I have major condense milk or dulce de leche sessions.

I love the Cubans as I feel they make the best Dulce de leches in the world….and its all because of the humble condense milk…and currently I adore the guys at FrieslandCampina for introducing the RAINBOW Sweetened Condensed Milk in an all-new squeezy pack to this ‘sweet’ diva.

The new user-friendly squeezy pack offers a quick and convenient way to add a touch of sweetness to desserts, fruit salads, puddings and in my case, it goes straight from the tube to the mouth….6,000 beautifully smooth calories that hits the spot. Since I don’t smoke, drink booze or binge eat, I guess there had to be a weakness somewhere.

The new squeezy package makes it easy to pour and is resealable to prevent wastage. It offers a more practical and economical alternative to the usual tin…my colleagues have funny visions of helping me make two holes in the last tin and so I could blow in one to get the milk out the other…just thinking about it makes me laugh…hilarious!!!!

All I can say is that I love the innovative spirit of the guys at FrieslandCampina…they certainly know how to please a woman with a sweet tooth.

Its all about Kludi RAK

My Fiji apartment has the same bowl but the base is dark…I love the additional accessories that I never thought of – they add so much warmth to the bathroom

Looks like my DIY mode has still not shaken off weeks after getting back from Fiji where I spent most of my time in hardware shops looking at the delightful treasures that could turn my house into a home.

Now, when I look at home accessories, it is with a different perspective and I visualize how they will look in my personal cooking and bathroom space. Bathrooms and kitchens have become the focal point of the home living experience and it is no longer about function and efficiency but instead about quality of life and pleasure…I need to feel like I am in a spa when I shower and can whip up miracles if I am set loose in a trendy kitchen.

I may not be known as a domestic diva but I do love cooking and being a Pisces, my best time is when I am in water….nothing beats a warm bath with aroma salts when it comes to getting a Pisces into chill mode.

My current favourite for kitchen and bathroom accessories is of course Kludi RAK. Being a diva, I want fittings that soothe, inspire and match my discerning tastes. And Kludi RAK satisfies my demand for decent high quality stuff that makes my personal space that much more nicer to be in … I find their designs elegant and their timeless classic fittings certainly have an edge over most of the stuff I ended up getting back home. Talking about ceramics, there is that one more thing my little heart desires….:)