DIFF Sets The Stage For A Thrilling Week Of Films and Events

With Ayesha as DIFF gets launched by the seaside 🙂

It’s that time of the year when DIFF reveals the entertainment bonanza they have in store for us. Notice how I have refrained from saying time of the month – I thought it was safer since in PMS mode, I have bitten off even heads this week of people who have crossed the line with me one way or another.

This year, DIFF has over 160 films from 61 countries, in 43 languages featuring 52 World Premieres, 14 International Premieres, 73 Middle East Premieres and 17 GCC Premieres.

DIFF embarks on 8 days of the very best of film, industry events and star-gazing red-carpets with Academy Award Winners Ang Lee’s long-awaited 3D adaptation of the hugely popular Yann Martel’s novel Life of Pi opening the Festival on Sunday, 9th December. This year’s DIFF promises to offer something for everyone, with a selection of diverse films, from sneak previews of giant-budget Hollywood films to independent films that are breaking new ground, films from first-time filmmakers though to the greatest directors of all time.

From December 9 to 16, the Festival’s nightly red carpet gala screenings will see the Arabian premieres of the critically acclaimed film Bekas from Karzan Kadar and the culturally groundbreaking Wadjda by Haiffa Al Mansour. The Cinema of the World galas include some of the most anticipated films of the year including Hitchcock, starring Award Winners Antony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, the 3D adventure Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, Michael Haneke’s Palme d’Or masterpiece Amour and the triumphant true story The Sapphires which will close the Festival.

The Gala premiere representing the Asia Africa Programe is World War II Epic Back to 1942 from prolific director Feng Xiaogang. DIFF’s afternoon gala for younger film fans is the World Premiere of the magical adventure Journey to the Christmas Star.

I just got home and started flipping through the programme. Would love to tell you more but after a pretty long and emotionally exhausting day, I think I will offer more information about DIFF in the days to come. Watch this space 🙂

Death is imminent and grieving can take many forms

My daughter and I spent some time earlier writing condolence tributes to children of an awesome woman who was my angel when I was new and pregnant as an expat in UAE with absolutely no clue about motherhood. It has been a shocking time for us this weekend and a wake up call that death indeed is imminent and can happen at any time and how sometimes we take people for granted in our lives knowing they are always there and not appreciating them enough.

Nicola (RIP) was the most dynamic woman we have come across amongst parents in Tasha’s school. Before Tash was born, she organised all our mother to mother events, she helped me draw up the letter to the hospital that I wanted a natural birth with no epidural (I didn’t even know what an epidural was), She introduced me to other mothers who later became my information hub for raising Tash and where I needed to go for good doctors, clothes etc.

What is tragic is that this healthy, slim, on the go committed mum and art educator took a tablet that she didn’t realise she was allergic to and this caused a cardiac arrest and she died in the hospital on the way to the hospital. How much difference can an hour make to a person’s life is unbelievable. But I was always told when my mum passed away that God almost always takes amazing people like Nicola first because they are so good and so loved by him.

Lots of memories come flooding now with talk about how the big church was overflowing because Nicola had touched so many hearts. I remember walking down the Coral Coast streets a week after my mum’s funeral and someone who knew I didn’t make it to the funeral came and hugged me and said, ‘Never in this town the police had to monitor traffic because of a funeral but for your mum, they had to. Always remember that – so many people came from so many places because she was an amazing woman who always did things for everyone and was the first one to help people.” That was a beautiful thing to hear and I always think of that when i miss her.

I don’t know why I didn’t see so much of my mum in Nicola before. Afterall, in my mum’s absence, she stepped in to be my guide when I knew no one in the UAE. This incident has also made me realise that often in the rat race, I end up focussing on things that in the end don’t really matter – it’s the real things like people around us that matter.

When I saw a message this morning from Nicola’s daughter to Tash, seeing how strong she and her brother who is Tasha’s age are, I feel proud of them. I was not half as strong as them and its so heartening to see them write notes to their mum, their feelings and how they celebrate the amazing life she led in terms of bringing them up and giving them the best…these are times when we as adults have a lot to learn from the younger generation. Today I feel blessed for everything my mum did for me and the fact that I am the person I am today because of her…Nicola’s death has been very untimely but it has helped us appreciate people around us so much more. RIP Nicola… we will always remember you as the first person who came through the hospital door to see how i was doing after NJD was born.



Bahrain Science Centre to focus on Arab innovations

Kids learn via interactives, talks, debates and workshops at Bahrain Science Centre

The theme of activities in the Bahrain Science Centre during December 2012 and January 2013 will be ‘Bahraini Innovation’, but this topic will be broadened to also include innovations and superlatives from the whole Arab world.

Bahrain boasts many superlatives of its own. It has archaeological records of one of the oldest known civilizations (Dilmun), and the largest number of burial mounds in the world (originally over 85 000). It also features in the world’s oldest and most enduring piece of literature, the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’, in which Bahrain was the home of eternal youth.

The first oil strike in the Middle East was made in Bahrain (1931/32) and the first oil exports from an Arab country were from Bahrain (1930s). Bahrain was also the first Arab country to begin diversifying its economy away from total dependence on oil and gas (ca 1975).

In the fields of scientific discovery and technological innovation, Arab countries can boast many firsts through the pioneering works of the Abbas bin Firnas, al-Kindi, the Banu Musa brothers, al-Razi, al-Muradi, al-Jazari, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn al-Haitham, Taqi al-Din and many others, but that’s another story.

The Arab world today boasts many world firsts and superlatives on the engineering front. These include the first city (Uruk in Iraq; 3200 BC), earliest high-rise building city (Shibam in Yemen; 16th century), tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa in Dubai; 828 m), tallest hotel as part of a multiplex (Makkah Royal Clock Hotel; Saudi Arabia), tallest all-hotel building (Rose Rayhaan by Rotana in Dubai; 333 m), tallest hotel atrium (180 m; Burj al Arab in Dubai), tallest residential building (413.4 m; Princess Tower in Dubai) and the largest shopping mall in the world (Dubai Mall; 548 127 mÂČ).

Then there is the 50 floor Bahrain World Trade Centre which is the first skyscraper in the world to integrate wind turbines into its design. Hence the building has received several awards for sustainability as the sail-shaped buildings on either side are designed to channel wind through the gap to provide accelerated wind passing through the turbines.  Tests show that the building shape has the potential to generate electricity.

The largest airport in the world is King Fahd International Airport (DMM) near Damman in eastern Saudi Arabia. Its area (780 kmÂČ) is greater than that of Bahrain! The largest alternative energy city is Masdar City in Abu Dhabi (6 kmÂČ; started in 2006) and the longest driverless metro network in the world is the Dubai Metro (74.694 km).

The largest draped flag is in Rayak, Lebanon (325 x 203 m) and the longest straight road (240 km) is in Saudi Arabia (Harad to Badha). The Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Causeway (40 km) will be the longest causeway in the world when it is completed (the King Fahd Causeway, at 27 km, is currently the third longest marine causeway in the world).

Join us at the Bahrain Science Centre in December and January as we celebrate Bahraini, and Arab, contributions to the world!

The Bahrain Science Centre is located in Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain and can be contacted on 17686466.

– ENDS –

Press release issued on behalf Bahrain Science Centre. For further information, please contact Shereen Shabnam on +971 507690087/ 504828177/ shereen@mtestudios.com.

About Bahrain Science Centre (BSC):

The Bahrain Science Centre (BSC) is an interactive educational facility that targets children, youth and families of Bahrain. It is located in building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain. The science centre has six interactive exhibition galleries, an auditorium, four laboratories and a café/shop.

The role of the BSC is to promote awareness of the importance of science and technology, complement the school curriculum, stimulate curiosity and innovation, and create a forum for public debate on science and technology issues. The topics covered by current exhibitions include junior engineering, human health, the five senses, earth sciences and biodiversity.

Focusing on hands-on learning using interactive displays and people-centred programmes, such as science shows, Bahrain Science Centre also strongly promotes creativity and innovation as well as cross-generational learning. The science centre will also endeavour to promote an awareness of Bahrain’s contributions to science and technology and a strong Bahraini identity. It is an ideal family edutainment destination.

‘Sultans of Science’ to fascinate audiences at Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur

MTE Studios Sultans of Science Exhibition attracts large audiences 🙂

Travelling exhibition has attracted thousands visitors since its debut in Asia

Currently touring Asia, ‘Sultans of Science’ will be hosted at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, located at the PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur to captivate audiences in Malaysia as the third venue for the exhibition since its Asian debut. The global travelling exhibition, also known as ‘Islamic Science Rediscovered’ will open in mid December 2012 in Kuala Lumpur until mid June 2013, showcasing the significant contributions Muslim scholars have made to science and technology.

Tengku Nasariah Tengku Syed Ibrahim, CEO from Petrosains Sdn Bhd said, “‘Sultans of Science’ corresponds well with our aim to enhance science literacy and instill a passion for acquiring scientific knowledge emphasising on the excitement of learning rather than on the rigorous memorisation of scientific facts. We have followed its success in the last few years and believe the subject is perfect for all generations of visitors we get at Petrosains”

“We are excited to showcase Sultans of Science in Petrosains, which brings to life scientific principles by engaging and educating visitors through numerous interactive hands-on experiences. With the message that science and technology is a universal language, the exhibition has more than 50 exhibits in areas such as architecture, arts, astronomy, engineering, explorers, flight, mathematics, medicine, optics and water control, revealing astounding historical legacy of Muslim science, technology and inventions to the Malaysian audience,” added Ludo Verheyen, CEO of MTE Studios.

‘Sultans of Science’ exhibition was created after Dubai, Bahrain and Cape Town based MTE Studios was tasked with theming Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. The company researched on the technologies invented by Muslim scholars of the Golden Age of Islam (700 – 1700 CE), such as the Elephant Water Clock before creating it for the Mall.

Enjoying enormous success over the last 8 months and enlightening Asian audiences on the important scientific and cultural achievements of the Arab & Muslim scholars, a prestigious venue like Petrosains is perfect for this blockbuster event.

The exhibits were designed in Dubai and created in Cape Town with the exception of the replica of surgical instruments designed by Muslim scientists in the 14th century. These were made of silver and were crafted by jewelers in Egypt. ‘Sultans of Science’ has been displayed at prestigious venues including the MTN Science centre in Cape Town, South Africa; the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, USA; Ontario Science Center in Canada; TELUS World Of Science in Edmonton, Canada; Tech Museum in San Jose, Science Centre Singapore and National Science Museum in Thailand. With the opening at Petrosains, The Discovery Science Centre, the exhibition will continue traveling across the globe.

Press release issued on behalf of MTE Studios FZ LLC. For further information, please contact Shereen Shabnam on +971 507690087/504828177/shereen@mtestudios.com

About ‘Sultans of Science’ (‘Islamic Science Rediscovered’):

‘Sultans of Science’ also known as ‘Islamic Science Rediscovered’ is a global touring exhibition celebrating the contribution of Muslim Scholars in Science and Technology during the Golden Age of the Islamic World and the influence their inventions and contributions has towards modern society.

Focused on increasing knowledge and understanding of these invaluable contributions, ‘Islamic Science Rediscovered’ has been created as a global traveling exhibition in order to enable its message to be far-reaching through science centers and museums around the world.

The content features interactive displays with information on inventions, innovations and discoveries covering a broad spectrum of science topics such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine, optics amongst others, which were ahead of its time. Visit http://www.sultans-of-science.com for more information.

About MTE Studios:

MTE Studios is a specialized consultancy firm focused on themed architecture and interactive learning experiences. The firm designs, prototypes and manufactures inspiring interactive exhibits for science centers, museums, shopping malls and corporate environments.

MTE Studios translates unique residential, commercial, educational and leisure projects into stimulating lifescapes.  Its scope of services ranges from creating a storyline, concept and detail design, documentation, project management and art direction during construction. MTE’s portfolio of completed projects includes museums, shopping malls, theme parks, FEC’s and residential developments.

Recently Bahrain’s Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development has appointed MTE Studios to manage and run operations of the new state-of-the-art Bahrain Science Centre. One of the firm’s recent projects was the development of the Museum of Science and Technology in Islam at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

With offices in Dubai, UAE and Cape Town, South Africa, MTE Studios has an interdisciplinary team of over 50 specialists, including architects, art directors, artists, engineers and interactive designers from over 12 countries. Visit www.mtestudios.com for more information.

About Petrosains, The Discovery Centre:

Petrosains is a Science Discovery Centre that uses an exciting and interactive approach to tell the story of the science and technology of the petroleum industry. Its concept and contents revolve specifically around the science of petroleum, yet embrace all the general sciences. The hands-on approach adopted by Petrosains puts an emphasis on the fun and excitement of learning rather than on the rigorous memorisation of scientific facts.

Petrosains Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated to extend PETRONAS’ commitment as a socially responsible corporate citizen in providing a rich and stimulating environment aimed to enhance science literacy and instill in Malaysians a passion for acquiring scientific knowledge. In addition to opening a window of information on the history and development of petroleum and its related products, the centre also creates more awareness on the enormous career opportunities in the industry.

Petrosains is housed in the world’s tallest twin towers, the PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur. Occupying levels 4 and 5 of both Tower 1 and Tower 2 of the Twin Towers, Petrosains covers a total exhibit area of more than 70,000 square feet. Entrance to Petrosains is through Level 4 of the Suria KLCC mall. The mall is accessible via various modes of public transportation. Visit http://www.petrosains.com.my/ for more information.


Flower Power

Robert Hammond’s Flower Power

© Robert Hammond – Courtesy Art Sawa

One of my favourite venues to take in a bit of art ingestion after work has to be Art Sawa. The next artist to showcase his talent there will be Robert Hammond with his ‘Flower Power’ exhibition.

Robert studied Fine Art at St. Martins and WSCAD in the UK. His early works are painterly compositions in the neo-expressionist tradition. Robert’s latest works bring-forth new materials coupled with a new aesthetic, entitled visual ritual. In his wall sculptures, large cartoon faces and figures, outlined by thick curved metal profiles – contain montage imagery behind polished glass surfaces. At first whimsical and cute – on second look you are peering through these figures into pulsating montages of dripping paint, concentric line patterns and smeared chalk.

At play is a marriage of optical patterns, corrugated space and unfocused images. It is in the playful mastery of lines where the power of his art lies. His works are essentially metal line drawings, extruded into the 3rd dimension – at times concentric, converging and diverging, at times kaleidoscopic. Robert’s art is about strengthening our perception to everyday images, textures and reflection, emphasizing their curious properties by singling them out and playing them off against one another.

His compositions are deliberate, sparing, virtuosic and concise – cool and without context One can’t ignore the reflective quality of his works. Deliberately highly reflective – the art jumps beyond the surface – shining back to the viewer, testing the viewer’s retina. Robert’s works overall exhibit a visual bravado mixed with new visual lucidities – that bring facility and whimsy to large bright and powerful compositions

At the center of the Flower Power exhibition will be a collection of flower pieces – a kaleidoscope of arcs juxtaposed with hatched backgrounds – A melody with a rainbow of colors. Flower Power is the latest iteration of Robert Hammond’s Visual Ritual conception. Visual Ritual is about strengthening our perception to patterns, surfaces, textures and reflection – emphasizing their properties. At the core of the Visual Ritual conception is the notion of line – how they focus, lead, and drop off the eye. Robert Hammond’s work is an interface of signals, which guides and activates, it seeks to crystallize everyday our ways of seeing, by simplifying illusion, outline, movement and abstraction.

Sparing, cool and deliberately void of context, Robert Hammond’s work is bold, elegant and alluring – a presence hard to ignore. The exhibition is open to public from the 28th of November until 16th December 🙂

Bahrain Writer’s Circle meets at the Bahrain Science Centre

The monthly meeting of the Bahrain Writer’s Circle was held at the Bahrain Science Centre last Sunday. The meeting was attended by 45 people, including writers, poets, actors, newspaper columnists, editors and members of the general public.

The MTE Studios Director of the Science Centre, Professor Mike Bruton, gave a talk entitled ‘Brain Power: Boys vs Girls’ in which he discussed the structural and functional differences between male and female brains. Some of the main differences are in the way that men and women communicate and visualize three-dimensional spaces. He also discussed the impact of digital media on brain development in children, and pointed out the importance of ‘old fashioned’ three-dimensional play in the development of brain power.

A wide range of issues was discussed after the talk, such as how to achieve the right balance between conventional play and play on digital media, how to avoid digital addictions, and how to develop one’s creativity as a writer. After the talk Professor Bruton took members of the Bahrain Writer’s Circle and guests on a tour of the Science Centre, including the ‘Scary Skeletons’ exhibition and interactive galleries.

The Bahrain Science Centre is located in Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain and can be contacted on 17686466.

Press release issued on behalf of Bahrain Science Centre. For further information, please contact Shereen Shabnam on +971 507690087/ 504828177/ shereen@mtestudios.com.

‘United Arab Emirates Edition’ Capeland timepiece from Baume & Mercier

UAE inspired timepiece – Nice indeed

As UAE national day gets closer, most luxury goods providers are turning to personalise and brand items to a patriotic theme and the Swiss maison d’Horlogerie also announced a new ‘United Arab Emirates Edition’ Capeland timepiece. Since I started delving into marketing, its interesting to watch brands immerse their products and services with relevant local events and move with the times.

The new limited edition was specially designed to represent the colours of the UAE flag and is a true reflection of Baume & Mercier’s dedication to the country, reiterated by the brand having its only boutique in the world in the world-famous Dubai Mall.

The UAE Edition Capeland flyback chronograph has a diameter of 44mm. The off-white dial features a red tachymeter & green telemeter and a black alligator strap with red stitching. The sapphire crystal case back offers wearers the chance to view the manufacture self-winding movement (La Joux-Perret 8147) featuring an open worked oscillating weight adorned with “CĂŽtes de GenĂšve” snailed dĂ©cor and Phi symbol, the brand signature. Only 100 pieces are available, and each is engraved “UAE Edition – 001/100” highlighting the exclusivity of this exceptional edition.

The sport-chic Capeland series of men’s exclusive automatic flyback chronographs possesses its own lineage, offering immediately identifiable features that reflect the line’s heritage and inspiration. The collection blends historical tradition with contemporary style and elegant appeal – enabling the wearer to celebrate each of life’s moments.

Inspired by a 1948 single-push piece chronograph vintage model, the collection was designed for easy daily wear. The charismatic series epitomizes a relaxed lifestyle and strength of character
.sounds a bit like how one would describe me I reckon (Cheeky grin!) 🙂

Multiple health benefits of rooibos tea

Checking out rooibos flavours with Hala

Caffeine-free tea from South Africa is linked with treatment for diabetes, cancer and heart disease

I love alternative healing and detoxing therapies and thanks to some forward thinking individuals and gorgeous nutritionists in the UAE like Hala Barghout, I often get enlightened on what I should be eating and drinking to keep myself fairly healthy. Especially as I have a huge appetite for the good stuff in life, super foods somehow help me keep a balance so that my voluptuous figure doesn’t go totally toxic.

I first got introduced to rooibos tea when Eric came home few years ago raving about it and coaxed me into bringing some of the more organic stuff back from one of my previous trips to Cape Town.  Since then, friends have brought this herbal tea for me plus one can also get them easily here now in nutrition shops in UAE.

As Hala mentions, rooibos offers a range of health benefits and has been shown to slow down cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and help with a range of other conditions, including diabetes. Rooibos is a national drink in South Africa but it’s not just about taste –rooibos contains a complex and unique blend of antioxidants that play a major role in boosting the body’s natural defences.

I met Hala at Pullman Hotel after a long time – my last contact with her was when she enlightened me about the benefits of kiwi fruit. This time, it was all about rooibos which she delightfully tells me also contains no calories and no caffeine, and researchers have found that it can help to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, prevent liver disease as well as cut the risk of heart disease and stroke.

New evidence has just emerged of the anti-diabetes potential of rooibos, following a joint study conducted by the Diabetes Discovery Platform from South Africa’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and the South African Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC) Infruitec-Nietvoorbij Institute.

Researchers found that an aspalathin-enriched extract of green rooibos is able to lower raised glucose levels in the blood of diabetic rats. Aspalathin is a unique antioxidant found in nature only in the rooibos plant (Aspalathus linearis). When combined with rutin, another key compound in rooibos tea, the glucose-lowering action was further enhanced.

Working with diabetic rats, the researchers were able to show that the Rooibos extract could achieve a glucose-lowering effect comparable to existing diabetic drugs.

Hala said that research has also shown rooibos to be effective in easing stomach cramps and other digestive disorders, relieving allergies and soothing itching skin. Substituting regular tea or coffee with rooibos, drinking camel’s milk instead of cow’s milk, adding kiwifruit to the fruit bowl – these are all easy steps to a healthier lifestyle. In fact, to get the maximum health benefits from rooibos tea, researchers in South Africa recommend the consumption of up to six cups per day, spread throughout the day, including a cup at bedtime.

I was not able to meet with Fanus Schoeman, South Africa’s Consul-General in Dubai but he had mentioned earlier that there is a large potential market in UAE for rooibos tea. He hopes the health benefits will help rooibos win many new fans in the UAE.

The rooibos plant is indigenous and unique to the Cederberg and surrounding areas of the Western and Northern Cape in South Africa, where rooibos tea is produced. The plant and the tea brewed from it were first documented in 1772, and today the tea can be found in 72% of South African homes. About half the annual production of 12,000 tonnes is exported, and it is already widely available in UAE supermarkets.

The manner in which the rooibos leaves and stems are harvested and dried determines whether the tea will be the traditional amber or red colour or the lighter and milder green variety. Both versions are entirely natural products and contain no colourants, additives or preservatives.

The Rooibos Council in South Africa is currently funding AED 1 million worth of independent research to advance the understanding of the health-promoting properties of rooibos – and in particular its ability to slow down and prevent various forms of cancer as well as its potential to protect heart health in individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease. Other topics being researched include the possibility that rooibos could be beneficial in slowing down the effects of ageing, its anti-obesity properties, its role in post-exercise recovery and its potential in combatting stress.

Looks like I am switching from my dear Maxim’s premium organic tea to rooibos to get my detox accelerated and my chakras aligned. Could this be diva’s next ultimate health drink alternative?

Rooibos tea in glass


With my favourite Formula 1 Driver Marussia F1 Team, Timo Glock

It’s finally here :). As the 2012 Formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fast approaches, fan excitement is reaching fever pitch. In addition to the thrilling action of one of the most exciting F1 seasons to date, fans at Yas Marina Circuit will also experience all the bumper to bumper action of the V8 Supercars Championship, official support race of the 2012 Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix….I have my official shirt and cap to wear thanks to the gorgeous Timo Glock who is my current hero….and its signed :):):)

Our friends at Yas Marina are sending us latest updates and diva is smiling heaps as the excitement unfolds. Richard Cregan, Chief Executive Office of Yas Marina Circuit, host of the Formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix says the popularity of V8 Supercar is rising rapidly around the world.  The addition of the V8s as this year’s official support race adds a new dimension to the 2012 Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and he and his team are super proud to host them on what will be an action-packed weekend.

While based in Australia and hugely popular on home turf, V8 Supercars is developing a strong fan base both closer to home, in New Zealand as well as throughout the Middle East and in particular Abu Dhabi.

As the official support race for this year’s Formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, here are eight things to know about the V8s:

1)      From Australia to Abu Dhabi: V8 Supercars is a touring car racing category based in Australia and run as an International Series under FĂ©dĂ©ration Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) regulations – just like the Formula One Grand Prix.

2)      28 Drivers – 3 Races: This year, 28 drivers will go head to head and bumper to bumper in three V8 Supercar races during the F1 weekend, 2-4 November at Yas Marina Circuit.

3)      An International Season: The 2012 V8 Supercars Championship consists of 16 events across Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East including the racing at the 2012 Formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Next year they will debut at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

4)      An F1 First: This year’s races are the first time a points-paying V8 Supercars Championship event will be held on the same weekend as a Formula 1TM World Championship.

5)      Third Time’s a Charm: This upcoming weekend’s support races marks the third time the V8s have raced at Yas Marina Circuit. Previous V8 races at Yas Marina Circuit include the Yas V8 400 which was held both in 2011 and 2010.

6)      Going the Distance: This year’s support races will be the first time the V8 Supercars will race on the full 5.5-kilometre length of Yas Marina Circuit, after using a 4.7-kilometre version in previous races.

7)      Defending Champions: Winners of the 2011 Yas V8 400, set to defend their Yas Marina Circuit wins, are Jamie Whincup of TeamVodafone , who took top spot in Race 1 of last year’s Yas V8 400, and James Courtney of the Holden Racing Team who came in first in Race 2.

8)      Lean, Mean and Green
: All V8 Supercars run on 85 percent CSR Ethanol, a renewable fuel made from the bi-product of the sugar refining process.

The qualifying session for the V8 Supercars will take place on Friday, 2 Nov., 15:00-15:20. Races 1 and 2 will take place on Saturday, 3 Nov, at 10:00-10:30 and 11:55-12:25, while the final race of the V8 Supercars will take place on Sunday 4 Nov, at 13:30-14:00….ENJOY!

Bahrain Science Centre focuses on social media in November

Facilitator conducts a tour

Each month the Bahrain Science Centre focuses some of its educational programmes on a different theme. In November the theme will be ‘Social Media and Socialization’ and the Science Centre will be hosting displays, debates and discussion groups on the challenges and opportunities that social media present to people today.

The early 21st century is a time of wide choices, including choices on how we can communicate with one another. Although the various forms of social media and digital communications provide people with many ways of communicating, and the world is arguably better connected than ever before, many people still seem to be strangely disconnected from society.

Furthermore, those who make extensive use of social media seem to live in an isolated, virtual world and to have lost the skills of one-on-one live communication with other people. During a time of great connectivity, we are losing our communication skills.

The programmes in the Science Centre will discuss this issue as well as topics such as digital addictions, the impact of social and digital media on brain and child development, and the role of social media in the modern world. In addition, the Science Centre will present displays and talks on the history of computing and social media. Lessons will also be offered on how to access social media and how to design your own FaceBook page. Don’t miss these exciting events.

“The Ministry of Social Development supports the concept of having a different theme each month in the Bahrain Science Centre which focuses on science as well as how modern technology affects the youth today,” said Khalid Eshaq Alkoheji, Undersecretary for Community Development in the Ministry.

The month’s events will include a communications workshop by David Hollywood, a leading theatre and literary personality in Bahrain at 5pm on the 22nd of November. David is the chair of the Theatre Group, the Poetry Group, the Bahrain Writer’s Circle and is developing performing arts in Bahrain.

The Bahrain Science Centre is located in Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain and can be contacted on +973 1 768 6466.

Press release issued on behalf Bahrain Science Centre. For further information, please contact Shereen Shabnam on +971 507690087/ 504828177/ shereen@mtestudios.com. For information on the weekly programmes at the Bahrain Science Centre, please contact Amna Aldoseri at amna@mtestudios.com.

About Bahrain Science Centre (BSC):

The Bahrain Science Centre (BSC) is an interactive educational facility that targets children, youth and families of Bahrain. It is located in building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain. The science centre has six interactive exhibition galleries, an auditorium, four laboratories and a café/shop.

The role of the BSC is to promote awareness of the importance of science and technology, complement the school curriculum, stimulate curiosity and innovation, and create a forum for public debate on science and technology issues. The topics covered by current exhibitions include junior engineering, human health, the five senses, earth sciences and biodiversity.

Focusing on hands-on learning using interactive displays and people-centred programmes, such as science shows, Bahrain Science Centre also strongly promotes creativity and innovation as well as cross-generational learning. The science centre will also endeavour to promote an awareness of Bahrain’s contributions to science and technology and a strong Bahraini identity. It is an ideal family edutainment destination.