NJD with Sheri Sebbens one of the stars of The Sapphires #DIFF2012

NJD with Sheri Sebbens one of the stars of The Sapphires #DIFF2012

It’s been an exhilarating weekend at DIFF 2012 ….full of amazing movies, boat rides that are more awesome than Venice, red carpet moments, indulging little diva with cast and directors of children’s films from abroad, meeting fellow script editors, catching up with media friends….and more. The weather in Dubai is absolutely amazing so being out and about makes absolute sense. Right now little diva (NJD) and I are having hot chocolate on the patio of Kubba at Al Qasr hotel overlooking the sea, beautiful landscapes, boats winding their way from one place to another and of course and amazing view of the Burj Al Arab….amongst this is all the hustle and bustle of DIFF 2012 which, as a member of Universal Film Makers, I feel like I am in heaven…the talent at DIFF 2012 is inspiring, entertaining and uplifting.

To support the industry,  DIFF has also announced the winners of its Dubai Film Connection (DFC), a highly successful co-production market held in conjunction with the festival introduces selected film projects by Arab filmmakers to regional and international film professionals.

The awards of over USD100,000 represent three prizes from DIFF of USD25,000, as well as other awards from international organisations including:the Film Clinic /DIFF Debut Feature Award of USD10,000; EUR6,000 from ARTE to a filmmaker for exceptional originality, writing style and motivation; USD 10,000 for the Front Row / KNCC Award which is new for 2012; EUR5,000 from the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, presented to a film produced and directed in a Francophone Arab country; and accreditation for the prestigious Producers Network at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 for 10 Arab producers participating at the DFC.

The awards of course add additional support for filmmakers as the sole aim of DFC is to promote film production in the Arab world. The Dubai Film Connection was launched in 2007. Since then, 31 projects have been completed and a further 13 are in various stages of production. Recent successes include Wadjdaby Haifaa Al Mansour; When I Saw You by Annemarie Jacir; and Fidai by Damien Ounouri. It is awesome seeing all this talent being given a chance to shine!


Diva with Michael J. Kowalski, Chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co

Diva with Michael J. Kowalski, Chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co

Women in Dubai were in seventh heaven yesterday…they got to see a spectacular diamond and jewellery exhibition by Tiffany to celebrate their 175th Anniversary.  Tiffany & Co. marked 175 years of design excellence with ‘A Legacy of Diamonds’ exhibition, featuring jewellery from the Tiffany Archives, surrounding the company’s greatest icon—the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond….i can’t express how beautiful this piece of jewellery was…breathtaking would be an understatement!

We also saw a contemporary collection of handcrafted jewellery featuring the gemstones the company first introduced—along with the world’s rarest colored diamonds. The Tiffany Diamond is the finest and most beautiful fancy yellow diamond ever discovered. Its transcendent beauty symbolizes Tiffany’s diamond heritage. In honor of the company’s anniversary, the priceless gem was reset in a dazzling diamond and platinum necklace of a graceful and modern elegance. Over a year in the making, the design of white diamonds totals over 100 carats and features 20 Lucida® diamonds and 58 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a mounting of 481 sparkling stones, each hand cut and set by skilled artisans.

I had a quick chat with Michael J. Kowalski, chairman and chief executive officer of Tiffany & Co who, much to our delight sees Dubai alongside Tokyo and Beijing as an international luxury retail destination and highlights the importance of this market to Tiffany’s global strategy.

Going back to the yellow diamond….it was discovered in the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa in 1877, the 287.42-carat rough stone was acquired the following year by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. The acquisition underscored Mr. Tiffany’s reputation as the “King of Diamonds” and made his enterprise the world’s diamond authority. The rough stone was cut into a cushion-shape brilliant weighing 128.54 carats. Cut to maximize its extraordinary color, the diamond sparkles as if lit by an inner flame.

The Tiffany Diamond was a highlight of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and the 1939–40 World’s Fair in New York City, and has been exhibited in museums worldwide. It is the centerpiece of the Legacy of Diamonds exhibition, which is based on three themes.

The Gilded Age (1876–1916) showcases the diamond jewels that Tiffany created during this opulent era, along with a diamond and emerald brooch from the French Crown Jewels that the company purchased in 1887. Inspired by Nature highlights the natural world as an important theme of Tiffany design, with archival botanical illustrations and the jewels they inspired, such as a chrysanthemum brooch of diamonds and pearls and an enameled orchid brooch that were included in Tiffany’s gold medal exhibit at the 1889 Paris World’s Fair. New York Glamour illuminates Tiffany as the crown jewel of the city, with diamonds that reflect the streamlined contours of its Art Deco skyscrapers.

If you are a Tiffany fan, you may want to explore the Legacy Gemstones of Tiffany, a collection of jewelry featuring the gemstones Tiffany introduced to the world: shimmering pink morganite, discovered in Madagasgar and named for American financier and gem collector John Pierpont Morgan; lilac-pink kunzite from California, named for Tiffany’s eminent gemologist Dr. George Frederick Kunz; tanzanite, found in Tanzania and coveted for its color that captures the blue of the ocean with flashes of violet; and tsavorite, also from Africa, distinguished by a rich green hue and invigorating spirit.

Tiffany’s fancy color diamonds are a marvel of nature, wondrous to behold. These most sought-after stones are distinguished by evenly saturated color and a cut that fully reveals their natural charisma. Among them are Tiffany Yellow Diamonds with a tantalizing colour that is as pure as sunlight; pink diamond rings that bloom like roses and blue diamond’s of an electrifying hue.

Mounted in custom settings of exquisite craftsmanship, these sparkling diamonds and gemstones are the latest jewels of a great tradition and the epitome of modern glamour and luxury…diva likes. Now where’s that Loverboy of mine – I reckon a trip to Tiffany is in order!

The Tiffany Diamond - Photo Credit: Carlton Davis

The Tiffany Diamond – Photo Credit: Carlton Davis

Hitchcock – Directed by Sacha Gervasi

Little diva at DIFF 2012

Little diva at DIFF 2012

Tonight is the Gala night for Hitchcock…. among a lucky few, last Thursday little diva and I were invited with a select group of people to see Hitchcock ahead of the gala and we absolutely loved the movie. It’s a love story about one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century and although I never saw Psyhco, the story was about Alfred Hitchcock and his wife and partner Alma Reville during the making of Hitchcock’s seminal movie Psycho which everyone seemed to know about except moi …but then I am a romantic comedy fan and hardly see scary, violent or sad movies.

What interested me though was the fact that the movie they were making was based on a book….and as my Masters thesis is on genre transformation, this naturally appealed heaps to me. My thesis case study was on ‘The English Patient’ and although I had selected my thesis before reading the book or seeing the movie, it was the perfect choice – once I saw the movie, there was no looking back.

Similarly, Hitchcock is based on a book called Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho by an author called Stephen Rebello. I will only know if the movie did justice to the book and what really went behind the scenes when I read the book but I know from my previous thesis and studies that as much as I love the book, the treatment in the movie always fascinates me a lot more as it appeals to a lot more senses.

As a marketing chick, it was great looking at what went behind the scenes and the awesome way Hitchcock marketed the movie when it opened. I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job in the way it was presented. Very unorthodox.

I’m sure many men and women will relate to the sentiments of Hitchcock and Alma in the parts where he fears deception by Alma although Alma always strived to do what was always best for him, stood by his side, made sacrifices. Men generally don’t appreciate the sacrifices women make for them until the thought of losing them comes to light or when they get a knock on the head.

As we see in the movie, Alma edits his scripts, constantly gives notes, adds the wow factor to the story and even directs while her husband is laid up at home sick and yet receives little credit. The pressure imposed by Hitch quickly reveals insecurities of old age…why do men think that a blonde bimbo on their arm will make them feel younger? Hitch always seemed to search for the perfect blonde and Alma felt she perhaps could not fit the bill. (On second thoughts, I’m glad Hitch at least had good sense to get detracted by a blonde in form of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson than some dark-haired old granny from South America who in an attempt to leave the poverty of her country would have played mind games that would have given Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ a totally different twist…).

I found Alma’s character, played by Helen Mirren incredibly strong. Given the complex moods of Hitch, her outlook, strength and grace with which she makes it all work is admirable. She may have allowed herself to become a footnote in Hitch’s career, but it is clear from this autobiography that without her, Hitchcock would not have had the accolades he received. It was also evident that Alma chose to be behind the scenes but I loved how she fought back when her loyalty to Hitchcock was questioned. I think we as women are often the strength behind the men in our lives but either the men are too stupid or too involved to see the loyalty we hold or by the time they see it, it is often too late. There were moments in the movie when I wished Whitfield would just take Alma away just so Hitch could see what he had and lost…but then we would be detracting from what really happened in the original circumstances! And Whitfield was a womaniser so it would be like out of the frying pan into the fire.

I wish I had seen this movie a lot earlier….I am sure a lot of people in Dubai would have finally seen this movie tonight as part of DIFF…it was a really great choice. Thanks #DIFF12 for yet another thought-provoking film.

BMW Group at UN Climate Change Conference COP 18

Since my friends have started making fun of my absolutely beautiful Fiji Islands that it will sink soon, I have started supporting organizations that are helping to make people aware of climate change…afterall, we can’t afford to let paradise go under water.

BMW Group is one company that has continued the long-lasting involvement in the UN Climate Change Conferences during the 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 8th Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP8) that took place in Doha, Qatar.

During several events and panel sessions BMW Group emphasized its commitment to a sustainable business management, the reduction of CO2 emissions in the value chain and to the ongoing reduction of CO2 emissions of its new car fleet. Furthermore delegates of the BMW Group presented the holistic approach of the sub-brand BMW i and its visionary electric and plug-in hybrid cars, mobility services and its new understanding of individual mobility that is strongly defined by sustainability.

At an official side event of the conference held by the Climate Action Reserve and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD), BMW speakers discussed the importance of developing a systematic approach to facilitate the implementation of electric mobility. One relevant factor in this context is the integration of transportation fuels in an emission trading system. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and BMW Group have analyzed the effects of such an approach in the study CITIES


Further activities of the BMW Group at COP 18 included panel participation at the business side event World Climate Summit 2012, a hub for key business, financier and government leaders to meet and discuss innovative green business strategies.

In addition, BMW Group presented its sustainability strategy and the political implications at the Doha Business Day, organized by WBCSD and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Since 2008, BMW Group has been a partner and stakeholder in the COP process. With this engagement, BMW Group extends the constructive dialog with key stakeholder to tackle the challenges of climate change….a noble deed indeed!

Hublot now in Abu Dhabi


With Hublot Chairman

With Hublot Chairman

While attending the Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, I did a quick detour to the Marina Mall to meet with Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot in Abu Dhabi. My gal pals had been raving about the boutique opening so I sacrificed a morning of coffee sessions with the race track dudes at F1 in favour of a coastal drive, a short tryst at Hublot and coffee at the Emirates Palace.

Hublot is the Official Watch of Formula 1™ and Abu Dhabi’s second Hublot boutique was opened to mark the Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Grand Prix. In true diva fashion, I arrived late because having a touch of mascara was a bit more important but it was worth it as we listened to a very passionate Jean-Claude Biver giving us a low down on the expertise of the Swiss watchmaking art, expressed through their watch collections.

I loved the boutique-lounge set that is designed with the fusion of materials such as natural buckskin and ebony which create a warm yet hushed atmosphere. Amongst the notable features is an extremely elegant floor with leather tiles, created by a master craftsman and artist, which is now one of the signatures of the Hublot boutiques, with the ensemble completed by a wall of screens which immediately immerse the visitor in the brand’s world, with films on events, the latest new products and the ambassadors.

I thought that was indeed a nice touch….different and yet elegant. Check it out!

With gal pals at HUBLOT Abu Dhabi

With gal pals at HUBLOT Abu Dhabi

When Monaliza Smiled – DIFF impresses diva

Loved 'When Monaliza Smiled'

Loved ‘When Monaliza Smiled’

One of the nicest movies I have seen this month is in fact part of DIFF 2012 in Arabic, ‘When Monaliza Smiled’. This Arabic movie (with subtitles of course) is a  love story between Monaliza, a young Jordanian woman, and Hamdi, an Egyptian office boy with the cutest smile J. The story is touching as its shown in parallel with other related stories that reveal some very real human feelings, situations, realities often similar to what people endure in many other countries except that this is in Jordan.

I met the director at Mall of the Emirates, Fadi G.Haddad who mentioned the movie was filmed entirely in Jordan. I recognized elements of the views from my visit to Amman and how much character some of the areas in the city had. He has done an amazing job.

The actress who plays Monaliza is gorgeous even though initially she rarely smiles. She works in a government office, where she meets Hamdi and together they dream of a life straight out of the romantic movies of the past as we see scenes within the film with Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama… Their fantasy is challenged as they’re surrounded by inquistive individuals, who impose restrictions typical of Amman’s society which to be honest is similar in many Muslim communities as I have been told and witnessed in Fiji  and Malaysia.

I loved the fun-loving nature of Hamdi in contrast to Monaliza and it was nice to see their relationship blossom as Hamdi shows her a life from a new perspective that is about trying new things, visiting new places etc. I guess we meet many Hamdi’s in our day-to-day life – young men who live away from their home to support their families, the challenges they face and their love for life where they take joy in the simplest of things that we ignore because of the rat race. It was also beautiful to see the story of Monaliza’s neighbor who lost her husband who was never found but every day she washes his clothes, prepares dinner and makes herself beautiful in the event that he will turn up at her door one day, unexpected.

I loved the movie for the purity of the romance, the way the characters enjoyed the ordinary things in life, the family obligations we often get caught up in, the love we wait for despite knowing that it may be in vain and so much more that it is hard to do justice in a few paragraphs.

If you do see ‘When Monaliza Smiled’ during DIFF, let me know your thoughts on the movie.

Crazy for Folli Follie


Always saw Folli Follie, the fashion brand renowned for its trendy jewellery, watches and accessories around but didn’t pay much attention to it until  the latest Autumn Winter 2012/13 collection in partnership with Damas, which is my favourite store for jewellery and watches.

In the new collection, luxury and versatility are epitomized in the grouping of jewellery, timepieces, and accessories. The pieces easily transition from pretty or edgy daytime looks into opulent evening style. This abundance of fashionable options is meant to empower girls to mix and match, creating beautiful signature styles for any moment or occasion.

I’m certainly loving Folli Follie’s high-quality fashionable luxury since it’s at an affordable and accessible price. Folli Follie’s new collection is available at Folli Follie boutiques, located at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Abu Dhabi Al Wahda Mall and Al Ain Mall.  For more information, visit

View a meteorite shower with Bahrain Science Centre

Bahrain Science Centre this month has a number of activities lined up as the theme of the month is Arab innovations and Invention and activities include an excursion to view a meteorite shower, interesting debates, workshops and science experiments.

On Thursday the 13th December, there will be a Static electricity demonstration at 10.30am and an animal story telling session at 5.30pm. Friday the 14th will feature henna and face painting experiences from 5pm onwards. The week finishes on the same day with a METEORITE SHOWER observation that will take place at Jazayer Beach, Southern Governorate at 8 PM until midnight.

An expert astronomer will be available to interpret the observations with a telescope provided by the center

The Bahrain Science Centre is located in Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain and can be contacted on 17686466.

– ENDS –

Press release issued on behalf Bahrain Science Centre. For further information, please contact Shereen Shabnam on +971 507690087/ 504828177/

The Regal Elegance and aura of Maxim Artsinovich

My favourite piece from MaximiliaN

My favourite piece from MaximiliaN

Maxim Artsinovich Shereen Shabnam Maxim’s jewellery designs are creatively intense just like him

Moments with Founder and President of The Jewellery House of MaximiliaN

I often meet inspiring individuals who lead incredibly hectic lifestyles but finally I have met the ideal man whose self-confessed vices are outweighed by all his good points and how amazing he is in all aspects of his life. He not only creates masterpieces, but can also be referred to as one with his unique persona, business acumen, creativity, heart breaking looks and out of this world charming disposition.

Seeing Maxim again now, I can’t help but highlight that the above mentioned amazing few qualities are just a tip on the iceberg when it comes to trying to do justice to the incredible skill and talent of this International Jeweller.

Russian born Maxim, who is also a Caribbean national embodies the best of all qualities a man can possess and more. One of the youngest jewelers in the world at 41 years, Maxim wears many hats as an entrepreneur but there is no doubt that when it comes to the high-end luxury market for cars, jewellery and the finer things in life, there is no better authority to consult than Maxim.

Coming from a family with five generations of military background meant that Maxim was disciplined and very focused on whatever he set his heart on. He started sketching at the age of six with a passion that gave him an edge well ahead in life – he started creating jewellery with materials he came across and treated, hence being able to give unique pieces to his first love.

After leaving the navy, Maxim was able to quench his creativity thirst with delving deeper into the world of jewellery before being recognized within the jewellery industry globally for his innovative ideas, in particular for his ‘I love you’ rings that serve as a unique calling card to women who touch his or the buyer’s heart…sigh!

Maxim’s romantic nature may have given him an edge to win and charm discerning clients hearts worldwide, but it is his astute financial decisions, founded by his knowledge of ‘on the mark’ marketing strategies that work, that have also helped him become a leading jeweller who is seen also as an authority on gemstones. As a designer, a trendsetter who trots the globe for inspiration and unique resources, every piece of MaximiliaN jewellery reflects the ethos of being a rare, priceless gem.

The presence of MaximiliaN in Dubai is no accident. Maxim recognizes the value and potential of Dubai and its location as the number one tourism destination that has the backing of a forward thinking Government. He points out how safe Dubai is and the joy in being able to do business with ease because of the structures set up for investors and the commercial sector that makes Dubai a leader in the world of commodities.

No matter what we talk about when we meet, Maxim always brings in his main passion, The Jewellery House of MaximiliaN that was founded in London as an international family of like-minded artists, designers and jewelers living in different countries. The brand has now positioned itself as an exclusive and prestigious Jewellery Retailer and is best known for its expertise, handmade craftsmanship, high quality gems and innovative precious stone settings.

Maxim firmly believes that he is not just designing jewellery, watches, accessories or clothes but creating the personal luxury lifestyle of his clients. This belief has placed MaximiliaN as one of the Top 10 Jewellery Houses of the World according to Robb report since 2007. His international designers around the world constantly create unique masterpieces to fit the standard of the Brand. Production teams are based in the world-famous jewelers regions such as New York, Lausanne, Pforzheim, Vicenza and Tokyo.

Although MaximiliaN operates in the Top 7 Cities for Fine Jewellery Sales, Dubai, London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong, Singapore with plans in the next 5 years to expand to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the brand also aims to have 40-60 point of sales in places where jet set clientele go to such as Miami, Aspen, Monte Carlo, San Tropez, Cannes, Biarritz etc.

The MaximiliaN Flagship Boutique on The Palm Jumeirah in Zabeel Saray Hotel attracts clients with unique taste who love the fact that 90% of MaximiliaN jewellery pieces are transformers. For instance, a tennis necklace can be adjusted to a bracelet or earrings etc. I tried one an amazing piece a few nights ago for the Arab Woman Awards and it was awesome.

Maxim is adamant about using exceptional Gemstones such as Burma Rubies, Colombian Emeralds, Kashmir and Burma Sapphires and Fancy Colored Diamonds are specialization and a Brand signature of MaximiliaN Jewellery House. All MaximiliaN Gem stones are certified by the Top 5 gemological laboratories.

MaximiliaN provides the most refined qualities of Western “Art de Vivre” to customers all around the World. The brand believes in establishing long-term relationships with customers in the way of forming Family Collection of rare gemstones and providing investment prices.

I have also come to know that Maxim is an ardent art collector.  Not long ago, he showcased the most significant gemstone artworks collection of Saint-Petersburg’s current school masters at the Museum. In fact, Maxim also collaborates with one designer a year to create a limited edition collection where every sign art piece is unique.

Maxim, with his warm nature naturally does a lot of CSR work. He is known to have donated one of his unique art pieces to the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburgh so that funds from its sale could be used for the reconstruction of a museum. I certainly appreciate people like him who have time for the science centre and museum industry. He also teaches students in Saint Petersburgh about modern jewellery design and regularly gets invited to give lectures on the sales and marketing of luxury goods and would also like to see his brand expand into other premium products like perfumes, clothes, watches and leather accessories. I’ve learnt a lot from Maxim in terms of strategic marketing and the importance of creating look and feel of media that portrays the high-end ethos of a brand.

Like me, Maxim is passionate about cars and I loved checking out his top of the range Audi that was designed by him and hence, customized to meet his discerning taste. He took me for a short spin and it was very much…Maxim :). The interior reflected his trendy but practical persona with luxury detailing that set my pulses racing. As a car lover, Maxim naturally goes for uniqueness and has a fond attachment to his 2007 Bugatti Veyron and his Bentley but I would say the Audi was just perfect for him.

The best bit that I love about Maxim – he runs about 4 marathons a year and does not smoke or drink any alcohol. Instead he focuses all his energy towards martial arts with disciplines like Kando, Sanse, karate and boxing. He inspired me to get up at 6am to get to the gym and getting me to do that is a mean feat for any man… I reckon Eric and Tash are still reeling from shock at seeing me tumble down the stairs in the mornings and wondering what has possessed me this time. Its must be hard living with someone like me who is so hard to figure out even after 17 years.

Another good example Maxim set for me is indulging in green tea. He made me get used to drinking this awesome tea he gets from abroad and now I am trying all the different green tea brands to see what I like most. It is so refreshing to meet someone like Maxim who can stand tall and do business at the highest levels internationally without feeling the need to drink or smoke socially. That shows pure confidence of a man who does what is best for him and his body and not what is expected of people in his line of work during social events.

Maxim likes to continue his healthy and holistic lifestyle while he travels around the world to take the MaximiliaN name to new locations around the globe and we certainly want him more in Dubai. A few nights ago, Maxim sponsored the Arab Woman’s Awards at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. I love the fact that he respects women this way and elevates them much more than just designing beautiful jewellery for them and I am glad I was there to support him.

It is such a pleasure to spend time in the company of such an inspiring individual who lives life to its maximum potential and makes no apologies for it. We can all learn a thing or two from him and for starters, I am making Maxim my new role model in terms of work ethics, healthy lifestyle, getting active in sports and making the most of life while I still am on planet earth….

Inspired by the energy and creativity of KALA


Funky :)

Funky 🙂

“Fashion is art, where the needle is the brush and the fabric is the canvas.”

Young people these days inspire me. Last year, I met an incredible young designer, Sasi Kala at a Women to Women event who looked slightly older than Tash but in fact she is an established designer in Dubai who decided to take her passion for fashion a step further by studying fashion design.

Sasi is from Kerala and she ventured to Singapore to attend Raffles Design Institute. It meant 3 years of sleepless nights with projects and sewing but learning the art and history of designing was what she was born to do and use the knowledge for her designs.

I met Sasi once again after that for coffee and she told me how her first Spring Summer 2012 collection was accepted at the Dubai Fashion Week, as a New Generation Designer. I was delighted for her as she deserved it more than anyone I know.

The first store that started stocking her first collection was United Designers, which is amazing. They help give platform and recognition to young emerging designers.  Sasi also stocks at O Concept.

Her label KALA (meaning art in Sanskrit) has a unique identity that uses structure, draping and appliqué amongst other techniques. Every garment has a story behind them, in form of inspiration, process and fabrics.

My favourite has to be the Hidden Hippie collection. Anyone who knows me has come to accept the fact that I have no specific style or identity when it comes to my clothes. I wake up, drag myself to the wardrobe and come back looking like a bohemian, demure, desi, once in a blue moon corporate, slutty or totally contemporary where there is no rhyme or reason for the combinations that result in the end.

And I make no apologies for it….so KALA’s collections of clothes that showed a bit of rebel appealed heaps to me. Modern hippies may be in the corporate world blending in for the sake of propriety but as Sasi says, even if they are hidden they still believe in love, peace and freedom.

KALA went towards a minimal and a formal look for this collection. The main details for the collection are the chiffon ruffle, the circular dart and also peace symbols designed by KALA’

For her Spring Summer 2013 collection, the theme is ‘Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory’. The factory was a hip hangout for the artsy types and super stars. They all inspired Warhol in many ways. So this collection is inspired by those who inspired him. This is going to be a very fun and colorful collection so I look forward to it.

Sasi is definitely a designer to look out for… I have asked her to give us a sneak peek into her next collection…fingers crossed; you will see some cool stuff soon. One option is to get great deals on the exquisite designs from KALA on 8th December, 2-8pm at Villa 16, Hattan Street 2, Arabian Ranches. Enjoy!