The World’s most elegant convertible


Bentley Mulsanne Convertible…delightful!

Its been a while since I checked out a Bentley…i reckon the last time I really went into Bentley’s new developments was at the Dubai Motor Show when NJD and I spent an entire weekend salivating looking at cars and loving the Ferrari lounge guarded by tall fierce looking security personnel who thought NJD was my sister :).

Since its debut in 2009 (long time ago), the Mulsanne saloon still remains a pure example of the Grand Touring Bentley, combining coach-built elegance and hand-crafted luxury with immense power and sportiness – its a mixture of a car that I would love to use when I want a nice evening out but also be seen near a race track just to prove a hoity toity point. (I should stay away from Brits and their expressions like hoity toity)

So… What got me writing on the Mulsanne Convertible Concept is because Bentley’s designers are providing a glimpse into the potential future of the marque’s flagship family. Appealing to automotive connoisseurs seeking the ultimate in contemporary design, prestige and exclusivity, the Mulsanne Convertible Concept will be the world’s most elegant and sophisticated convertible, providing a supremely powerful and refined luxury grand touring experience for four adults….how will they do this?

Perhaps they are banking on the graceful form of the Mulsanne Convertible Concept which is a fusion of sportiness and coach-built elegance with its sculpted lines and muscular haunches conveying a sense of power and movement.

The spacious yet intimate cabin design is inspired by luxurious, high-performance power boats. With its unrivalled combination of chic, contemporary design, sumptuous materials, painstaking attention to detail and supreme refinement, the Mulsanne Convertible Concept reinforces Bentley’s position as the undisputed benchmark in handcrafted automotive luxury….

I can’t help it but every time I hear handcrafted in the context of cars, I have the image of this amazing artist used by Rolls Royce who I met in Abu Dhabi during one of their celebrations… It was fascinating watching the artist carefully working away on a car with me thinking how I can ever achieve that much patience for anything.

I have a sketch of how the Mulsanne Convertible will look like (see above)….. Since Bentley has created an array of glamorous and desirable convertibles in the past, I can just visualise how cool this one will be.

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