Velvet Amethysts and Spinels from ROGER DUBUIS


Stunning….love the amethysts

Being a hard-core Pisces means I am always in love with all things amethyst… I sleep next to a cluster of raw amethysts beautifully set on a dark wood shaped like South Africa and lodged in a  base in case in a dodgy moment I knock it off. Combine that with being a watch lover who comes across a most beautiful black watch with splashes of amethyst and you have an ecstatic Fijian chick on your hands. Well….more than just a traditional watch manufacture, ROGER DUBUIS has created a watch that appeals to this diva’s discerning taste. Note that I am currently going through a watch phase and loving the dark classic pieces that are so lush – to watch and feel.

The Genevan watchmaker has taken its inspiration from four different and distinctive worlds from which it has created a universe in which exuberance takes pride of place and creativity reigns supreme… I mean it. The Velvet Amethysts and Spinels watch from the ROGER DUBUIS is infused with the spirit of rock and roll. Playing on the different tones of light and shade, it exhibits a kaleidoscope of colours that are both deep and strong. Amethysts and spinels are intertwined like a Byzantine mosaic on the 36 mm titanium and DLC case. Different materials and precious stones create a dazzling mixture of colours to produce a mystical array of reflected tones in this model…the result is awesome and the piece stunning.

What makes the aura of a watch? Its charisma, its mechanism, its appearance? The Velvet Amethysts and Spinels watch combines all of these advantages: it has everything it takes to please. At the forefront of its qualities is its ability to capture both the light and observers’ attention. An absolute icon of glamour, it struts its stuff on the new Fine Watchmaking scene with a combination of elegance and mystery. The spirit of the Genevan watchmaker infuses every detail of this model produced in a limited edition of 188 pieces. On its dial, numerals and appliques darkened by DLC give the aesthetic trompe-l’oeil impression of being in relief. In the foreground, a black brushed centre-dial reveals the brand name ROGER DUBUIS, while the black brushed sunray effect exterior contrasts with the purple of the elongated Roman numerals.

A game of hide-and-seek between the tones of light and shade soon commences, highlighted by the bright colouring of the deeply-tinted bracelet. On the bezel, the amethysts invite us to follow their dazzling dance of light. Veritable bubbles of ethereal light, shining with a thousand lights to pierce the mysteries of the depths! Their glittering covers the entire watch right up to the surface of the blackened titanium case. Here the stones play with time, and the horns are set with attachments that merge with the bracelet to wrap the watch around the wrist. Precious links between the case and the bracelet, these attachments reflect a daring design and are a signature feature of the Velvet Collection, reminding us that at the heart of this watch beats a Fine Watchmaking calibre: the RD 821 automatic mechanical movement. A manufacture movement designed, developed and produced in-house.

The femininity and jewellery spirit of this watch are also emphasised by the white gold model set with diamonds. One hundred diamonds are set into the case and the buckle of this watch (approx. 1.77 carats), matched by a silvered dial decorated with black Roman numerals and a strap in black satin-finished fabric….it looks super sexy and reminded me of my diamond encrusted GENEVE that I have not worn in over a year!

Like all models produced by ROGER DUBUIS, the Velvet models also comply with all the latest requirements for the “Poinçon de Genève”. This mark of quality, issued by the Canton of Geneva to a small number of manufacturers, represents an official guarantee that the watch and its functions operate correctly. It also certifies that its mechanical watch movement is made by hand, assembled and regulated in Geneva and that it complies with the strict requirements laid down for the watch manufacture. Roger Dubuis is the only watch Manufacture to produce 100% of its movements in accordance with the criteria of the “Poinçon de Genève”.

The best part of coming across this was that it prompted me to go looking for my diamond encrusted black GENEVE which was my very first luxury watch 11 years ago….finding it was oh so sentimental this week, I have the good people at ROGER DUBUIS to thank for as my first watch brought back loads of beautiful memories like the birth of my daughter, my first published poem in an International anthology and the time when I spent staring at the watch waiting nervously for Paul Gazza to turn up for a TIME OUT interview on Masters Football with legends from the UK. I can just see other Pisces in love with Amethysts plus people with discerning taste creating beautiful memories with the Velvet Amethyst and Spinels watch.

Another AMARI to try out


Inside Amari Hua Hin

The last time I stayed in an Amari Hotel was during a 5 day stop in Bangkok on a fairly complicated journey back to Fiji Islands. With NJD and her penchant for being curious, we thought it would make sense to stop in Bangkok and Adelaide Australia so she could have a break, meet her  godmother and we could have peace of mind on shorter flight times in between. The Amari we stayed in was right in Bangkok and it was an amazing experience – now they have a new hotel Amari Hua Hin, which is the latest addition to Amari’s portfolio of properties in Thailand.

Ideally located just two and a half hours from Bangkok and next to Khao Takiab, a popular stretch of beach, the resort offers easy access to the city’s shopping and entertainment venues. The 223-room Amari Hua Hin offers refined comfort and elegant resort style accommodation combined with exclusive services and facilities including new signature initiatives that involve bringing people together, whether a group of friends, colleagues or a family.

The food outlets at Amari Hua Hin offer a selection of popular and healthy choices from family-sized sharing baguettes at Reef Deli, a modern twist on Thai street food and international favourites at Aqua Pool Bar,  signature XL cocktails or a personal BBQ grill station at Shoreline Beach Club.

In addition to the extensive dining options, the resort also boasts; conference facilities, ballroom, fitness centre, kids club and kids pool, outdoor pool surrounded by landscaped tropical gardens, a vast sundeck, and a Breeze Spa and Salon. Through an “Amari Host”, based on property and a specially designed destination web portal, “Destination Amari”, guests will be encouraged to experience local culture, whether it is through visiting nearby attractions or by attending a festival or trying a local delicacy.

One thing is for sure, in Thailand there is always something exciting happening in every street corner you turn to 🙂