Strong Cargo Demand Continues in July

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released July 2021 data for global air cargo markets showing that demand continued its strong growth trend.

As comparisons between 2021 and 2020 monthly results are distorted by the extraordinary impact of COVID-19, unless otherwise noted, all comparisons below are to July 2019 which followed a normal demand pattern.

  • Global demand, measured in cargo tonne-kilometers (CTKs*), was up 8.6% compared to July 2019. Overall growth remains strong compared to the long-term average growth trend of around 4.7%.
  • The pace of growth slowed slightly compared to June which saw demand increase 9.2% (against pre-COVID-19 levels).
  • Capacity continues to recover but is still 10.3% down compared to July 2019. 
  • Economic conditions continue to support air cargo growth:
    • The July export orders component of the manufacturing Purchasing Managers Indices (PMIs) was 52.7, indicating a short-term boost to demand if those orders are shipped by air.
    • The inventory-to-sales ratio remains low ahead of the peak year-end retail season.

“July was another solid month for global air cargo demand. Economic conditions indicate that the strong growth trend will continue into the peak year-end demand period. The Delta variant of COVID-19 could bring some risks. If supply chains and production lines are disrupted, there is potential for a knock-on effect for air cargo shipments,” said Wille Walsh, IATA’s Director General. 

Air cargo market detail – July 2021

World         July 2021 (% ch vs the same month in 2019)                                       

share 1CTKACTKCLF (%-pt)2CLF (level)3
TOTAL MARKET                               100.0%8.6%-10.3%9.5%54.4%
Asia Pacific                                         32.6%1.2%-19.8%13.6%65.4%
Europe                                                   22.3%6.1%-14.1%11.3%59.8%
Latin America                                       2.4%-9.8%-17.7%3.4%38.7%
Middle East                                         13.0%11.3%-6.1%8.4%53.6%
North America                                   27.8%21.2%1.8%7.1%44.3%
International                                      85.5%8.9%-13.6%13.0%62.8%
Asia Pacific                                         29.1%4.4%-19.5%17.6%76.5%
Europe                                                   21.9%6.0%-15.4%12.7%63.0%
Latin America                                       2.0%-10.2%-25.3%8.7%51.8%
Middle East                                         13.0%11.3%-6.1%8.4%54.0%
North America                                   17.5%20.5%-6.6%12.6%55.9%

1% of industry CTKs in 2020 2Change in load factor vs same month in 2019 3Load factor level

July Regional Performance

Asia-Pacific airlines saw demand for international air cargo increase 4.4% in July 2021 compared to the same month in 2019, and an improvement compared to the previous month’s 3.9% expansion. Demand is being affected by an easing of momentum in key activity indicators in Asia, and by congested supply chains.

North American carriers posted a 20.5% increase in international demand in July 2021 compared to July 2019. This was in line with June’s performance (19.8%) and the strongest of all regions. New export orders and demand for faster shipping times are underpinning the North American performance.

European carriers posted a 6.0% increase in demand in July 2021 compared to the same month in 2019. This was a marginal decrease compared to the previous month (6.8%). Manufacturing activity, orders and supplier delivery times are still favorable to air cargo.

Middle Eastern carriers posted an 11.3% rise in international cargo volumes in July 2021 versus July 2019. This was a decrease compared to the previous month (15.8%). Some routes, however, are still posting strong performance, for example on the large Middle East–Asia trade lanes.

Latin American carriers reported a decline of 10.2% in international cargo volumes in July compared to the 2019 period, an improvement from the -21.5% fall recorded in June. Although Latin America continues to show the weakest regional performance, the comparison with pre-crisis traffic levels has been highly volatile in recent months. Several trade routes to/from Latin America are performing well, such as North-Central and North-South America and Europe-South America, confirming that demand for air cargo in the region is recovering from the crisis.

African airlines’ cargo demand statistics were unavailable at time of going to press. This will be summarized next month.

Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes

A new quartet of fierce eyeshadow palettes born to awaken the animal in you

“This past year has been wildly transformative so I wanted to ignite the powerful animal in all of us by creating four limited edition eyeshadow palettes that would allow you to both tame your inner feline or embrace your wild side in the sweep of a brush.” – Huda Kattan

It’s an eyeshadow jungle out there, but fear not because Huda Kattan has cherry-picked this season’s fiercest color combos for her new limited-edition WILD Obsessions eyeshadow palettes. Whether you want to go full-on ferocious or tame your wild side, this new collection of on-the-go mini palettes have the purrrrfect mix of nuanced neutrals and pops of color for you to achieve your wildest beauty dreams.

The Inspiration

Inspired by four of the most powerful wild animals, the JAGUAR, PYTHON, CHAMELEON and TIGER, each palette has been carefully curated around these animals’ attributes: seductive, intuitive, strong, courageous. Each armed with nine velvety hues, including a multitude of buttery mattes, 3D metallics and shimmery sparkles in complementary fierce tones, each palette is designed to highlight, line, and define the eyes for an endless array of animalistic looks so get ready to take a walk on the wild side. Sleek and sultry, soft and feline, dangerously rebellious or wildly animalistic, each palette allows you to tame your inner animal for a sultry daytime look, or embrace your ferocious side and make your mark in the jungle.

Per the discussion with Justina a few weeks back you had mentioned acknowledging the animal traits coming from different spiritual/cultural beliefs… not sure if we need to add that here too?

The Finishes

Effortlessly easy to master, each high-pigmented palette features four delectable finishes in nine complementary hues created to shade, highlight, and define the eyes in an endless array of wild beauty looks for every occasion. Each palette’s brand new 3D Metallics are super lightweight to the touch, loaded with multi-reflective metallic pigment, and armed with an ultra foil or high sparkle finish. The multi-dimensional shades create a diverse array of finishes depending on the applicator used from a soft, sultry glow when applied using a dry, fluffy brush to intense high shine foil when applied with a damp flat or liner brush. Even the texture has been reworked for this limited edition series, created with a 3D embossed python print for the wildest touch. Foil metallics are creamy to the touch while remaining super-pigmented giving a high-shine finish. Huda and her team created a unique feline dotted pattern only available in the WILD JAGUAR palette, and a swirled foil metallic only available in the CHAMELEON palette. When it comes to the sparkly metallic shades, the ultra-creamy, semi-sheer shadow bases have been infused with a bigger sparkle giving these fierce shades extra fire. And lastly, the new mattes – this new formula is buttery to the touch allowing even more blend-ability, leaving a seamless, sultry smooth finish on lids.

The Palettes

WILD PYTHON – The python is known to transition and transform over its lifetime, shedding its skin when needed. Due to its powerful connection with the earth and sun, the python is brilliant at manifesting energy and is known to seduce with its smooth and seductive movements. As a result, the WILD PYTHON palette is made up of metamorphic gold and green duo-chromes, mixed earthy tone bases and a dash of exotic blue-greens to create a range of sultry beauty looks as you wildly evolve over the season.

WILD CHAMELEON – The chameleon is known for having the agile ability to present and hide itself, ever adapting to its surroundings. Cunningly intuitive, the chameleon knows when to change its colors, when to blend in, and when to stand out. Covering all bases, the WILD CHAMELEON palette is made up of contradictory yet complementary pops of vivid color, including vibrant purples, glamorous golds and earthy oranges giving you the choice to stand out and be seen, or stay beautifully subtle in the shadows.

WILD JAGUAR – The jaguar is the ultimate symbol of power, commanding attention from both prey and fellow predators alike. Due to its unmatched strength, the jaguar is truly King (or Qween!) The WILD JAGUAR palette commands attention with its smoky color scheme. A mix of blacks, greys and oxidized bronzes allows you to create an array of sexy and show-stopping beauty looks that will place you at the very top of the food chain.

WILD TIGER – Sold exclusively at, ASOS and Sephora Europe – The tiger holds true to itself and is deeply courageous through its primal instincts. Tigers hold a lot of self-belief with their ability to trust themselves in situations and have an abundance of strength, willpower and conviction. As a result, for the WILD TIGER palette, Huda created a sumptuous champagne gold palette that includes a roar of animalistic, taupe neutrals and a stroke of feline terracotta shades allowing you to be beautifully brave with your look this season.

Huda’s How To:

  • Before getting wild, create the perfect canvas for your lids with Huda Beauty’s Black & White Matte Basics’ Melted shadows to deepen or brighten your final eye look. Then start off by building your base with one of the buttery matte shadows.
  • Pick up the high-pigmented metallic shades using a dense flat brush and press onto the lid for a soft metallic finish. If you’re after a fuller coverage foil effect, add a layer of a metallic shade by firmly pressing the pigment on with your fingers or sponge applicator.
  • Sweep the 3D shadows over the lids with a flat brush for an all over multi-chromatic look, or with your finger for a more intense shine. Want to go full-on ferocious? Use a damp brush which will leave an extreme, fiery foiled effect.

Huda’s Hacks:

  • When it comes to applying the deeper shades, as Huda always says, ‘blend is your friend’. Using a brush is super important to get a sultry smooth finish in the crease and across the lid.
  • Not all deep shades have to be bold and graphic. Blend out the deep mattes with a fluffy brush to give definition and shape to the eyes without dominating the entire makeup look.
  • If you’re after a tame, daytime look, build a light base using the buttery matte shades before adding the metallic shadows on top using a flat brush, a sponge applicator or your finger depending on the intensity you’re looking for.
  • Want a bright-eyed look? Use the metallic shades to rim the lower lash line or add to your inner corners. The result is a soft highlight which will create the illusion of big eyes ready to go on the prowl.
  • For a bigger beauty bite and deeper impact, use Huda Beauty’s Matte Basics Melted Shadows as a base. The White shade will work to enhance your matte shadows making them pop while the Black will transform any metallic into a more rare and sparkly version.