The Master of Lights


To harness the light. Such was the ultimate quest which sparked Givenchy’s Prisme Libre.

“Prisme” for its ability to diffract the light in all different dimensions, and “Libre” for its ultra-natural finish and lightweight texture which lets the skin live and breathe. Featuring four loose powders, Prisme Libre enhances and perfects any complexion whilst blurring imperfections – a true Couture creation in its Givenchy signature case. Ever since its launch, this cult product has established itself as the ultimate light source, and along with it, Givenchy has proven itself as a pioneering brand in the art of mastering the light.

In the same spirit, Givenchy now presents Prisme Libre Skin- Caring Glow, a hybrid foundation which takes makeup to new heights thanks to its formula containing 90% skincare ingredients. Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow leaves a transparent and luminous dewy finish, while acting on the skin’s hydration, radiance and overall quality. This cutting-edge formula that combines the best of makeup and skincare is made up of 97% ingredients of natural origin* to boost radiance and let the skin breathe for maximum glow.

* Formula containing 97% ingredients of natural origin. In accordance with the ISO 16128 standard, Parts 1 and 2, the remaining 3% help preserve the formula over time and maximise its sensory texture.


Imagine this virtuous circle: a complexion-enhancing foundation that takes such good care of skin, it looks noticeably better every day. Enter Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow, which combines a natural makeup result with powerful skincare benefits. The ideal pair for an evenly transparent, glowing complexion. In a word? Perfected.

The foundation’s formula includes a record-breaking 90%* skincare base and contains no less than 97%** ingredients of natural origin. It’s also 89%*** biodegradable.

Made up of over half water, the exquisite and melting hybrid texture of Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow is easy to apply and build to your desired coverage. Super comfortable to wear, this foundation acts on three major skincare fronts all at once: it boosts the complexion’s radiance and improves skin hydration and overall quality over time, all while letting it breathe. The makeup’s ultra-sheer, modern dewy finish perfects and brightens the skin, adding a plump, aerated effect.

* Percentage of the moisturising base in the foundation excluding pigments and pearlescent particles
** Formula containing 97% ingredients of natural origin. In accordance with the ISO 16128 standard, Parts 1 and 2, the remaining 3% help preserve the formula over time and maximise its sensory texture.

*** Data measured over 28 days in accordance with the OECD 301B test


“We wanted to recreate natural light as closely as possible. A vibrant, complexion-enhancing light”, explains Givenchy’s Makeup and Colour Artistic Director Nicolas Degennes.

Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow contains 4 different shades of corrective pigments, light-reflecting particles and oils which help diffuse even the faintest beam of light that hits the face. Upon application it provides a glowy effect which lasts for 12 hours*. But that’s not all – enriched with active skincare ingredients, it reveals the skin’s natural radiance day after day. After four weeks of application, the skin’s glow is improved by 57%**.

* Clinical test on 20 women
** Clinical test on 33 women, makeup effect at 4 weeks


The formula’s core active ingredient, Advanced Glow ComplexTM, combines illuminating and moisturising agents like nasturtium extract and glycerine in a skincare base. The solution for intense, 24-hour* hydration from the time of application, and noticeable improvement in the skin’s hydration over time: +25%** in four weeks. The skin’s plump appearance is also increased by 10%**.

* Instrumental test on 10 women
** Clinical test on 33 women, makeup effect at 4 weeks


The “4 Colour” pigments in Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow help correct uneven pigmentation, while its blurring agents play a role in blending out minor imperfections, refine pores and give the skin a satin-soft texture.The foundation’s benefits on the quality of the skin are optimised with continuous application: after four weeks, the appearance of pores is reduced by 19%* and colour imperfections are minimised by 13%*.

Women agree*: Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow naturally embellishes the skin, lets it breathe, and helps improve its quality day after day. The natural radiance of their complexion is visibly enhanced.

These benefits have been confirmed by clinical studies*. After four weeks of use, the skin’s quality is improved by 28%, its moisturised appearance is increased by 25%, and its natural radiance is boosted by 27%.

* Clinical test carried out on 33 Caucasian female volunteers aged 21 to 54 over 4 weeks, makeup effect


Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow is available in a palette of 30 different shades. 30 shades designed not just for the tone of the skin, but also for its warm, cool or neutral undertones. A perfect fit for each and every complexion.

The product couldn’t be easier to use – it can be applied using your fingertips for a light and sheer dewy finish, or using a brush to conceal imperfections or achieve a higher coverage. Whichever way you choose, it was designed to match the shades of Prisme Libre and be used together. Once the foundation is applied, the four loose powders let you create a perfectly sculpted and highlighted effect, with the added benefit of mattifying the T-zone.


More than just a Couture object, the Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow foundation’s bottle has been designed to be ecologically responsible and reduce its environmental impact.

It adopts the same refined style codes as the other products in the Prisme Libre range: a square base, a large, black lacquered cap, sculptural lines and the essential 4G signature.

The materials and design were selected to improve the product’s ecological footprint. The pump can be unscrewed and easily separated from the bottle to make recycling easier*, while the cap is made in part of recycled materials. The box, also recyclable*, is made of cardboard from sustainably- managed forests, and the inks used are plant-based. The perfect illustration of luxury with a purpose.

* Depending on local instructions


To mark the launch of Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow, Givenchy unveils its new makeup face, Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite. Her pure, natural beauty carved out a spot for her on the most prestigious catwalks.

Giedre appears in a brand new visual that says everything about the new foundation. Her feather dress speaks to the formula’s lightweight texture and Couture sophistication, while the sleek architecture of the setting expresses the modernity of a product that gets back to basics. Her radiance, intensified by the daylight, is a striking testimony to the skincare benefits and illuminating power of this super-foundation.


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