Contec Global in US$200 million tie-up with Maithri Aquatech to bring sustainable ‘air-to-water’ solutions to the Middle East

Contec Global, the UK-based conglomerate with a strong footprint in the Middle East & Africa in delivering sustainable AgriTech programmes, has marked a strategic tie-up with Maithri Aquatech, the developer of innovative air-to-water technology, to bring large-scale sustainable water solutions to the Middle East and Africa. The partnership aims to deliver a business of over US$200 million (AED 735 million) in atmospheric water generator (AWG) solutions in the region in the next three to five years.

The two entities will work together to provide safe, potable, clean water on a sustainable basis. They will focus on capacity building using Contec Global and Maithri’s joint expertise in delivering turn-key AWG projects for drinking water and micro-irrigation in acutely water-stressed areas.

Contec Global has strong business interests in agriculture, energy, information technology, automobiles, and manufacturing. Through Greenfields, its business that focuses on creating sustainable and profitable AgriTech solutions, the Group works in many Middle East countries in organic farming, providing bio-inputs that contribute to an increase in agricultural yield and reduces farming costs by up to 60 per cent.

Some of Contec’s ongoing initiatives include converting barren desert land into healthy livelihood alternatives, adopting multiple approaches including water and soil conservation, dryland farming, afforestation, pastureland, and animal husbandry development, and restoring the ecological balance. In MENA, its initiatives such as ‘the Great Green Wall’ are helping transform the landscape through good agricultural practices. The concentrated R&D backed efforts also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring down genetically modified organisms (GMO) from the food chain through sustainable, affordable, and precision-farming practices.

Contec Global is strengthening its presence in Middle East & Africa in providing sustainable water solution through Maithri Aquatech’s air-to-water technology, which is already widely deployed by governments, NGOs and private sector leaders. It is the only AWG solution approved by India’s Ministry of Water besides being a part of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate, committed to achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6&7).

Dr. Benoy Berry, Chairman of Contec Global, said“We are excited with this opportunity to showcase an innovative and cost-effective technology to deliver end-to-end water solutions for clients across the Middle East and Africa. In line with our core focus, the partnership with Maithri expands Contec Global’s offering to cover scalable water solutions that are capable of producing water from air on a mass scale and on a sustainable basis. Our solution is best suited to address the freshwater problem, which is expected to assume critical dimensions in the coming years.”

Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, Founder and Managing Director of Maithri Aquatech, said: “With the MENA region focused on ensuring national-level food and water security, our AWG solution is ideally placed to meet water requirements sustainably, as our technology creates a perennial and decentralised water generating source. In addition to making countries and communities water-secure, it will have a tremendous positive impact on the environment. Our vision is to be the largest air water company in the world by providing a viable solution to mitigate one of biggest existential problems faced by our planet. Through our partnership with Contec, we are building a global organisation with the best-in-class talent and state-of-the-art production facilities.”

“The Contec Global – Maithri Aquatech alliance is a sustainability improvement opportunity for both our companies. By providing our solutions through Contec Global’s established distribution system in the Middle East, it will help transform governments, corporates, communities, and others from being net consumers of water to becoming net producers of water, on a sustainable basis,” added Dr Berry.

The air-to-water solutions are suited to address the water scarcity challenge facing MENA region, which has an average water availability per person of only 1,200 cubic metres per year, compared to 7,000 cubic metres per year in other regions. They will also help address the water scarcity problem in the Middle East, where about 85 per cent of all water withdrawals are for agricultural purposes.

Contec and Maithri also see the AWG solutions as a good fit to the clean energy agenda of the region, where electricity and water production are closely related. A study by the International Energy Agency reported that the six biggest users of desalination in the region – Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – used about 10 per cent of their primary energy from oil and gas resources for desalination. In MENA, desalination plants produce 48 per cent of the world’s total desalinated water, and as these plants are largely operated on oil, there is increased stress on hydrocarbon use, adding to the large carbon footprint.

The synergies created by combining Contec Global’s expansive network with Maithri Aquatech’s sustainable technologies open new horizons for both the businesses to address the needs of global markets for water solutions across different applications.

Nutanix Launches Cloud Bundles for the Second Year Running to Help Support its Channel Ecosystem

Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in private, hybrid and multicloud computing, today announced that it will continue its successful Cloud Bundles channel initiative for the commercial market segment. The initiative will provide commercial customers with access to Nutanix cloud solutions and hyper-converged infrastructure software. Commercial customers can thus modernise their data centers and IT environments at attractive prices, drive digital transformation and support their business by becoming a faster and more flexible IT organisation. At the same time, distributors will benefit from more flexible options for marketing their offerings via the channel. This is a seamless continuation of the successful initiative previously known as Nutanix Cloud Bundles.

Initially offered in 2020, Nutanix Cloud Bundles help enable commercial customers to simplify the management of their infrastructure, ensure continued business operations and deal with rapidly growing data volumes and the corresponding challenges. That’s because the challenges commercial customers are facing are essentially the same as those faced by large enterprises.

“Accelerated digitisation is one of the key strategies for commercial customers to cope with the economic consequences of the pandemic and ideally to emerge from the crisis stronger than before. However, digitisation is taking place against the background of a general shortage of skilled IT people. For this reason, this is not solely a technology question of obtaining right technology, but also and above all, one of economic efficiency,” emphasizes Aaron White, Sr. Sales Director, METI at Nutanix. “Against this background, automation is the key to make IT teams more flexible and more productive. The role model here is the cloud, but not as a location, rather as an operating model. With our commercial packages, we are bringing the cloud and its operating model to commercial customers more easily and cost-effectively than ever before.”

Nutanix Cloud Bundles help enable commercial companies to manage virtual machines (VM) and containers, files, computing resources, storage capacities and network services in a unified way. With these packages, Nutanix extends the access to its solutions and meets the requirements and budget restrictions of commercial customers.

The packages for medium-sized businesses are available in three different versions:

  • The basic package contains the fundamental building blocks of the Nutanix stack: the enterprise cloud operating system AOS, the AHV hypervisor and the end-to-end management solution Prism.
  • The standard level also includes the file management solution Nutanix Files as well as Prism Pro with its machine learning (ML) management automation capabilities.
  • Commercial customers choosing the advanced level will benefit from the network security and micro-segmentation functionality of Nutanix Flow in addition to the components included in the standard package.

Depending on the selected service level, customers can subscribe to Nutanix software for server infrastructures with 24 (one node or server) to 192 cores (six nodes or servers). Commercial packages are compatible with all hardware platforms certified by Nutanix and include software support for three or five years.

Nutanix Cloud Bundles are aimed exclusively at new customers. Nutanix partners benefit from the same level of marketing support that they would otherwise receive when addressing the enterprise market. New partners who are interested in the Nutanix commercial packages must first register for the Nutanix Partner Program.


Shereen Shabnam

Benetti showed for the first time Oasis 40M, the revolutionary yacht with exterior lines by UK firm RWD and sophisticated interiors by Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture in New York.

In its 40 metres, Oasis 40M offers a new take on the concept of a lifestyle yacht. The exteriors show the beach house as an elegant lounge on the biggest pool ever, the sea. The interiors’ glamorous soul welcomes guests into spacious interiors that feature an elegant and sophisticated design.

Recently delivered to American owner Tim Ciasulli, represented by US broker Merle Wood & Associates, Oasis 40M was given its debut to a restricted audience of lucky friends at the Azimut|Benetti Group annual press conference, set against the evocative backdrop of Portofino.

Oasis 40M is a revolutionary 40-metre with a 385 GT and is made entirely of fibreglass. Addressing a modern clientele with a dynamic and casual lifestyle, the Oasis 40M has the look of an adventurous yacht but at the same time it shows an unexpectedly glamorous side that reveals an oasis inspired by the idea of well-being and total independence from the rest of the world.

RWD’s UK designers, who worked on the project with Benetti, created a beach area that’s never been seen before in the category, with a one-of-a-kind pool for yachts this size, appropriately called the Infinity Pool. Just a few steps from the sea, it is set in a big space clad entirely in teak, with side wings that open out to extend the floor space, turning the beach area into a huge lounge and terrace overlooking the water and designed to experience the life at sea in a completely new way.

Another bonus in design, construction and engineering of Oasis 40M is the wheelhouse that represents one of the most important innovations. Designed as a multifunctional space, it’s not just a helm station but a new area where Captain, Owner and guest can enjoy the cruise and decide the course from new a new point of view. Thanks to a futuristically designed steering position with a panoramic view, the space can accommodate six people all seated.  This space also features full-height windows and huge spaces, making a comfortable area for guests.

The exterior lines designed by the famous UK firm RWD are a perfect synthesis of Italian elegance and classic British lines, thanks to which guests can enjoy an unprecedented atmosphere of freedom and intense intimacy with the sea. The interiors – exuding relaxed and informal comfort – were designed by the New York firm Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture.

Featuring an excellent hull efficiency supplemented by a vertical bow, the yacht’s top speed is 18 knots. At 11 knots it consumes just over 100 l/h, with a range greater than the necessary to cross the Atlantic.

The Main and Upper Deck have large windows enabling natural light to be used as a design element. This characteristic and the unconventional layout of the spacious interiors are intended to underscore a desire for symbiosis with nature.

The three external decks are designed to guarantee a strong sense of continuity between exterior and interior spaces thanks to the prevalent use of pale materials and colours.

The yacht has 4 decks with 5 cabins for 10 guests and 4 cabins for 7 crew members included the comfy Captain’s cabin located on the Upper Deck close to the wheelhouse. Equipped with two MAN V12, Oasis 40M is a yacht for owners who are not in a rush and want to enjoy the cruise.

For Middle East enterprises, 2021 will be ‘the Year of AI’, predicts Dataiku

Since its entry into Middle East market in early 2020, Dataiku’s innovative AI platform has helped regional organizations leverage the technology to build use cases to address industry-wide problems such as fraud, churn, supply-chain optimization, and predictive maintenance

Business intelligence driven by advanced machine learning will be a key differentiator for regional businesses as they try to position themselves in post-COVID-19 markets, according to Dataiku, a global leader in AI and machine-learning platforms.

Some Middle East countries, such as the UAE, had seen significant cloud-migration growth before the pandemic. But COVID-19 business practices, such as work-from-anywhere (WFA) and distance learning, accelerated the trend. As of December 2020, Deloitte expected growth in global cloud revenue to stay above 30% until 2025, and for 90% of the world’s enterprises to rely on hybrid cloud environments by next year.

The recent addition of regional cloud locations by global providers such as Oracle and Microsoft made it easier for organizations to make the transition. These businesses spent 2020 exposed to enterprise-grade technology suites, including advanced artificial intelligence that helped them adjust operational models and respond to market changes quickly.

Siddhartha (Sid) Bhatia, Regional Vice President, Middle East and Turkey at Dataiku believes that exposure to the benefits of such advanced capabilities will ensure that they become indispensable to competing players in several industries in the coming years. “We saw 2020 as the year of discovery of the benefits of cloud agility. But in 2021, I think we can expect to see Middle East businesses up their game as they stop merely trying to survive and look to thrive. So, I think we’ll see a significant number of organizations from different industries branching out into new use cases — 2021 will be the Year of AI.”

As organizations of all scales and industry bed in advanced BI solutions, Dataiku predicts that the formalization of AI in business workflows will follow, in the form of machine-learning and operations (MLOps). Just as DevOps integrates software development with day-to-day IT management, so advanced machine-learning capabilities will become part of the fabric of business through MLOps.

Bhatia oversees Dataiku’s recently established Middle East headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Leveraging a customer-centric engagement approach, the company has built a robust reputation across the region, empowering public and private enterprises with comprehensive AI solutions built on its innovative Data Science Studio (DSS) platform — a solution that democratizes data science by catering to a range of users, from the non-technical to statisticians and software developers. DSS is designed to remove friction in data access, cleaning, modeling, and deployment, leading to comprehensive information suites that greatly enhance operational efficiency, regardless of the scale or industry of the user base.

Dataiku’s Middle East client roster now includes more than a dozen large-scale organizations, including some of the largest airlines in the region, and majors from industries such as FSI, manufacturing and government. Implemented AI solutions for these clients have empowered them to address industry-wide problems such as fraud, churn, supply-chain optimization, and predictive maintenance.

The company’s entry into the Middle East and rapid growth comes on the heels of a US$100-million Series D investment round, which was completed in August 2020. This year, the company will focus on the expansion of its regional footprint. The company plans to double the size of its regional workforce by the middle of this year as its partner-centric go-to-market strategy continues to drive growth. Bhatia said, “We believe our channel program is central to our ongoing success. We build meaningful, lasting partnerships by carefully evaluating what each company gets from the collaboration, in terms of their individual strategy, capabilities, resources and offerings. Our partners range from large system integrators, global consulting companies and technology vendors to boutique houses focused on value-rich niche solutions.”

“After last year, many regional enterprises will find themselves at a crossroads,” Bhatia added. “They know that they need to become knowledge-based operators to drive future success, but they may feel at sea when trying to formulate a data strategy. Dataiku’s success has been built on understanding different stakeholders and their engagement level with actionable information. Our solutions bridge that spectrum, so no matter what you do, we can empower you to harness data and overcome real-world challenges.”

HPE Aruba Outlines 5 Focal Areas for Retail Industry Success

By: Jacob Chacko, Regional Director – Middle East & South Africa at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

As retailers adapt how they serve customers to meet immediate and long-term challenges, they are transforming their services to do more. Business transformation requires a network foundation, digital tools, and new streams of data to be analyzed. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are emerging as innovative ways to drive profitable business outcomes while driving IT process efficiency.

Below are 5 key areas that retailers need to pay attention to if they are to succeed in the new normal:

1. Start with great Wi-Fi. Mobility is key to ensuring customers and associates devices and applications work. Customers must be able to seamlessly connect to the store network and associates must be able to use their devices to find goods and assist customers quickly. IoT-enabled store solutions like check-out point-of-sale devices, product scanners, scan-and-go apps and digital signage depend on reliable connectivity. Capacity limits make it critical to move customers in and out of stores quickly to optimize turn times.

2. Get a competitive edge using IoT. IoT devices are critical to delivering a multitude of new experiences and driving new efficiencies. Mobile readers, sensors, and smart shelves can allow stores to maintain accurate inventory in retail time. Footfall sensors and location beacons provide real-time analytics for contextual and personalized offers while supporting a safe shopping experience.

3. Don’t guess on application performance. Connectivity and mobility are the foundation, but the applications that customers, associates, and warehouse staff use must also perform flawlessly. IT teams have long prioritized business-critical applications so they perform at peak. Guest traffic is separated from associates’ applications, and transactions and payments are highly protected. But even with these steps to ensure optimal application performance, the user’s network experience is often hard for IT to discern until there are vocal complaints. A better way to ensure that shoppers, associates, and other staff receive a quality network experience is give IT a real-time view of the end-user experience along with clear action steps to resolve any issues before a service ticket is opened. 

4. Spend your time on innovation, not on network management. It is rare for every store to have an IT staff member. But it is common for IT to get bogged down into network management, rather than innovating with new digital use cases. A cloud-native, single-pane-of-glass network management solution can allow IT staff to work remotely while maintaining visibility and control over all vital network services. Cloud-managed networks enable retailers to scale back the network when the need for temporary drive-through or pop-up services pass—or scale up quickly as needed. Whether the site is a store, warehouse, or corporate headquarters, IT should be able to ensure a secure, high-performance network across all locations, including teleworker home offices.

5. Extend indoor services to outside. With the popularity of curbside pickup and the need to provide touch-free experiences, many retailers need to extend their Wi-Fi outdoors without compromising connectivity to applications and devices that associates need. Associates need mobile POS systems and inventory scanning devices to assist customers, while maintaining secure connectivity to payment transactions.

Aruba’s Edge Services Platform (Aruba ESP) addresses all these imperatives of the retail industry. It is the industry’s first AI-powered platform designed to automate, unify and protect the edge for businesses of any size or type. Aruba ESP includes attributes of Unified Infrastructure, Zero‑Trust Security, AI Powered Operations (AIOps), and Flexible Consumption/Financing Models. These attributes are designed for the unique challenges facing retail, including being able to adapt quickly for unknown future use cases. Aruba’s technology solutions provide retailers tested and proven integrations to support staff communications, electronic shelf labels, shopper analytics, real-time data and inventory management, and predictive machine maintenance.

Redefining Luxury Travel

Turkish Airlines’ state-of-the-art lounges

Shereen Shabnam

Using Istanbul as a stopover when I head over to my Spanish home is a lot more fun now as the stop in Istanbul breaks the journey and gives us an opportunity to experience the luxuriously revamped airport lounges that Turkish Airlines is famous for amongst seasoned travellers.

The newly expanded airport lounges align with the Turkish Airlines’ brand of luxury and offer travellers a more rewarding airport experience. When flying with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul Airport, Business Class passengers and Economy passengers with Miles&Smiles membership can make use of one of the 2 international lounges, the Business Lounge or the Miles&Smiles Lounge depending on their eligibility, or they can use the Domestic Lounge for domestic flights.

The Business Lounge sprawls across 5,800 sq.m, seats 765 guests, and is easily one of the most well-equipped lounges in the world. With 13 private suites, shower cabins, a Turkish museum, a movie hall, and a variety of delicious Turkish food, the lounge offers world-class refinement and promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Miles&Smiles Lounge, designed for Turkish Airlines’ frequent fliers, also offers a diverse range of entertainment which make the transit between cities the best part of the journey. Open 24 hours, passengers can spend their downtime at the cinema, console gaming or use the spacious children’s playground where the fun never ends.

Meeting rooms and a library are also available. Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles Lounge has an area of 5.600 m2 and can seat up to 765 people. The lounge houses 11 suites with 11 showers, comfortable couches and delicious treats of Turkish and world cuisines.

The Domestic Lounge is accessible through a special entrance gate located outside the terminal and is designed to help passengers relax and revive. With a brand-new children’s play area equipped with game consoles, and an interactive gaming experience, the lounge offers parents a chance to enjoy a stress-free experience as the play corners are overseen by a dedicated Turkish Airlines supervisor.

A selection from the Istanbul Modern Collection can also be seen at the Turkish Airlines Lounge in the airline’s brand new hub, Istanbul Airport. Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Modern entered into a cooperation to introduce Turkey’s modern art to the world.

As the Turkey’s first modern and contemporary art museum, a special selection from the Istanbul Modern will be displayed in Turkish Airlines Business Lounge at Istanbul Airport. Spanning 130 square-meters, the exhibition titled “A Selection from the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection” will bring significant examples that represent four main dispositions of modern art of Turkey together.

Made possible with the collaboration of Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Modern, collection selections will be renewed three times annually within the project. Within the exhibition there will be varied type of artworks ranging from the early 20th century landscape painting tradition to the abstract paintings of artists looking for a synthesis between eastern and western arts during 1950s.

Housing the works that illustrate the daily life presence of figure painting, the exhibition will also display compositions that interpret cultural values of Anatolia with a new perspective.

Now with an advanced new hub and superior facilities, Turkish Airlines’ goal remains to continue expanding globally by increasing both its destination and fleet numbers, while providing passengers with unparalleled customer service in-flight and on the ground.

Parfums de Marly Launch Delina La Rosée for Spring

Spring is upon us, and whether or not you’re going to be focused on spring cleaning and changing up your wardrobe or beauty closets, there’s no doubt it’s time for new, new and more new stuff. This means that if there was ever a time to switch up your perfume collection, now would be best.
Enter in Delina la Rosée from luxury French perfume house, Parfums de Marly, a sensorial delight, capturing nature’s most captivating marvels, the beauty of fresh blooms, in a fragrance. This fragrance is a treasure trove of surprising notes that embody a timeless olfactive narrative with a touch of freshness that delicately brightens the skin from morning to night.

Sennheiser launches Webshop: Serving customers in the UAE online directly now

Sennheiser aficionados are in for a special treat. They now have direct contact with Sennheiser to purchase their favorite range of audio products at the newly launched web shop. is the ecommerce link that connects customers in the UAE with Sennheiser’s most sought after Audiophile, TV wireless and Soundbar products along with their premium audio range of True Wireless Earbuds and Headphones.

“Customers in many countries around the world have direct access to Sennheiser for many years and we always planned to offer this facility in our region. We are now pleased to have it in place for our UAE customers. We look forward to opening our ‘online’ doors and warmly receive music lovers in the UAE to Sennheiser’s Superior Sound. We plan to extend the product range available on our online platform and our reach across the region over the coming months.” Said Heston Saldanha, Regional Sales Manager, Consumer Business.

Sennheiser’s LIMITED 75 years edition HD 800S is exclusively available on the web shop.

The HD 800 S Anniversary Edition is a limited release headphone celebrating over 75 years of Sennheiser sound expertise and innovation. Featuring the renowned premium, natural quality of the HD 800 S audiophile reference headphone, the Anniversary Edition also boasts an exclusive matte gold colorway. This limited, numbered edition is designed for Sennheiser enthusiasts seeking that exclusive extra.

HD 800 S Anniversary – High Resolution Headphones – 3D Audio – Sennheiser

“Our 75th anniversary year began in June 2020 and it coincides with completion of 10 years for consumer products in the region set up in Dubai in January 2001.Offering direct access to our product range is a good way of celebrating these milestones with our customers.” He added

Sennheiser is currently offering the following products on its webshop


Achievement of perfect equilibrium – neither adding to nor detracting from a source of the highest integrity, this premium range includes the famous HD 820, HD 800S as well as HD 560S , HD600, HD 660S, in addition to IE800S, IE400 PRO, IE500PRO, IE80S BT and accessories.

MSRP: AED 9,699

Buy Now –

AMBEO Soundbar

Incredibly Immersive 3D sound, the future of home cinema and a studio grade audio experience is featured in full detail with a call back request link while the wall mount is available for current owners of the soundbar.

MSRP: AED 9,999

Buy Now –


Perfect for a high-quality listening experience on the move, this range includes the popular MOMENTUM TRUE WIRELESS 2 earbuds and the newly launched CX400 BT as well as HD450BT, HD350BT, HD560S, HD400S, CX350BT, CX150BT, PX 550-II Wireless, IE 40PRO and BT T100

MSRP: AED 1,199

Buy Now –  


Sennheiser’s range of TV wireless models cater to different needs–from IR-stereo TV listening systems to audiophile digital home systems. The range on sale online includes HD559, HD569, HD599, RS 120II-8EU, , RS 195-U, HDR 120 and HDR 175.

MSRP: AED 1,139

Buy Now  –

SITA launches Health Protect, a secure way for airlines to share health information during the pandemic

SITA today announces the launch of Health Protect – an industry solution, to help airlines, airports, governments, and passengers safely and securely share information on health tests or vaccinations needed during travel.

Successful trials have already been undertaken with travelers to the United Arab Emirates, and soon to start at Milan Malpensa Airport.

For many countries, economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic relies heavily on travel and tourism. As governments globally seek a way to resume safe and secure travel in the wake of COVID-19, the ability for passengers to share vital health information such as PCR test results or vaccination history with authorities is increasingly important. SITA’s Health Protect allows airlines and passengers to submit these required documents safely and securely in line with specific government requirements.

A key benefit is a unique ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple travel pass or ‘health passport’ schemes, bridging the gap between these schemes and aviation and border processes. Critically, by incorporating Advance Passenger Processing (APP), it enables authorities to make an informed decision whether a passenger can travel at the point of check-in, improving the safety of all passengers and avoiding costly return flights.

Passengers without the required documentation, or considered high risk, will be unable to check in for their flight, ensuring they do not travel to the airport. By facilitating the inclusion of health pass schemes into existing, proven, and trusted passenger processing systems, Health Protect minimizes the operational and technical impact on carriers and ports.

Combining the functionality of passenger locator forms, health attestations, and travel declarations, as well as Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), Health Protect will deliver confidence for all stakeholders to travel again, safely and securely, supporting a seamless and contactless passenger journey. It will also provide passenger certainty that they have the right documents before departure, vitally at a time when borders regulations change regularly.

At the airport, Health Protect also integrates with the existing airport passenger processing systems to verify the health status of the passenger at each point in the process using SITA Flex touchless passenger flow monitoring technology.

David Lavorel, CEO of AIRPORTS & BORDERS at SITA, said: “We’re excited for the potential of SITA Health Protect to bridge the gap between airlines resuming normal operations and governments’ strong focus on keeping control of COVID-19. Recovery from COVID-19 will take time and is complex but we believe that SITA can play a key role in enabling a safer, simpler travel experience for passengers.”

Proven success

This week for the first time, a small group of air travelers flying from Germany and Estonia to the United Arab Emirates has tested the health data platform and app SimplyGo in a live environment. As part of the trial project, SimplyGo partnered with SITA to make use of SITA Health Protect.

During the trial, travelers obtained a negative COVID-19 result via their SimplyGo app before traveling. The data was then securely stored on the SimplyGo platform to be accessed by airlines and border officials authorizing boarding of the plane and eventually arrival at the destination country, the United Arab Emirates. Integration with the UAE government systems was made possible through the Advance Passenger Processing platform delivered by SITA.

Integrating SimplyGo with APP forms part of SITA’s Health Protect ecosystem, simplifying and automating the inclusion of health data into existing airline, airport, and government processes. By adapting APP to meet the current health demands of COVID-19, passengers can be processed faster and experience a more enjoyable journey while the airport benefits from improved efficiency and security.

Similarly, SEA Milan Airports, Italy’s second busiest airport, is collaborating with SITA to pilot an innovative platform that digitalizes declarations on COVID-19 tested flights and manages the testing process at Milan Malpensa (MXP) airport.

SITA continues to work closely with governments globally to support them in the safe reopening of borders. SITA is working with the Australian Government, airlines, and airports to support the implementation of strong border controls that have helped minimize and manage the pandemic’s impacts nationally. This approach has positioned Australia well for the safe reopening of borders into the future.

German Design Award 2021 for the True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier

We at Rado are proud to add a further renowned award to our long list of accolades. The German Design Award 2021 in Gold in the category “Excellent Product Design – Luxury Goods” goes to the True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier, our colourful range of ultra-thin watches made from high-tech ceramic.

The German Design Award introduced in 2012 is the premium international award from the German Design Council and is one of the most renowned design awards in the world. Each year, top-class entries from product and communications design, which are each ground-breaking in the international design landscape in their own way, are presented with awards in the three categories “Excellent Product Design”, “Excellent Communications Design” and “Excellent Architecture”. The most prestigious award presented is Gold. It is precisely this honour that has now been bestowed upon the Rado True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier.

With this richly coloured collection, Rado pays tribute to a real design legend. The True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier celebrates the work and, in particular, the pioneering colour theory of the visionary architect with a unique range of nine models made from solid high-tech ceramic. Each individual piece represents one of the colours from the nine groups of Le Corbusier’s colour theory. And each one features our groundbreaking monobloc case made from injected high-tech ceramic, which has revolutionised traditional watchmaking.

The jury of the German Design Award justifies its decision as follows: “The clear, timelessly elegant design language of the ceramic watch, together with the unique colours of the Les Couleurs Le Corbusier collection, forms a fascinating and harmonious unit of extraordinary aesthetic quality. At the same time, the watches appear wonderfully young and fresh thanks to the colours. A surprising edition that adds a youthful facet to the classic image of the traditional Rado brand.”

We at Rado are delighted about the renowned award, which we are only too happy to add to our success story.