German Design Award 2021 for the True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier

We at Rado are proud to add a further renowned award to our long list of accolades. The German Design Award 2021 in Gold in the category “Excellent Product Design – Luxury Goods” goes to the True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier, our colourful range of ultra-thin watches made from high-tech ceramic.

The German Design Award introduced in 2012 is the premium international award from the German Design Council and is one of the most renowned design awards in the world. Each year, top-class entries from product and communications design, which are each ground-breaking in the international design landscape in their own way, are presented with awards in the three categories “Excellent Product Design”, “Excellent Communications Design” and “Excellent Architecture”. The most prestigious award presented is Gold. It is precisely this honour that has now been bestowed upon the Rado True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier.

With this richly coloured collection, Rado pays tribute to a real design legend. The True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier celebrates the work and, in particular, the pioneering colour theory of the visionary architect with a unique range of nine models made from solid high-tech ceramic. Each individual piece represents one of the colours from the nine groups of Le Corbusier’s colour theory. And each one features our groundbreaking monobloc case made from injected high-tech ceramic, which has revolutionised traditional watchmaking.

The jury of the German Design Award justifies its decision as follows: “The clear, timelessly elegant design language of the ceramic watch, together with the unique colours of the Les Couleurs Le Corbusier collection, forms a fascinating and harmonious unit of extraordinary aesthetic quality. At the same time, the watches appear wonderfully young and fresh thanks to the colours. A surprising edition that adds a youthful facet to the classic image of the traditional Rado brand.”

We at Rado are delighted about the renowned award, which we are only too happy to add to our success story.

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