New maintenance projects on Bombardier, Boeing and Airbus

Performing checks also at lofty heights – a Global Express at the AMAC Aerospace hangars in Basel, Switzerland

AMAC Aerospace is pleased to announce to have awarded several new maintenance projects. A Head of State Bombardier Challenger 605 has recently arrived in Basel, Switzerland, to undergo a 12-month inspection.

AMAC Aerospace are proud to announce that a Bombardier Challenger 605 arrived mid-May in Basel. The Head of State aircraft will undergo a 12-month inspection.

A Bombardier Global Express entered AMAC’s hangar mid-May as well. The privately-owned aircraft will undergo a 30-month check. AMAC has also been selected by a new private owner of a Bombardier Challenger 605 to carry out a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) on short notice.

New maintenance projects on Boeing and Airbus aircraft

AMAC was awarded further maintenance projects on two Boeing aircraft. A privately-owned Boeing BBJ737 arrived by the end of May in Basel to undertake a 6a-check and a due maintenance. In conjunction with the maintenance checks, AMAC will also carry out Service Bulletins tasks (SBs) on the aircraft. On a second Boeing, a BBJ737, AMAC’s maintenance team will carry out a 1-, 6- and 48-month check on the privately-owned aircraft.

An Airbus ACJ320 recently arrived in Basel. AMAC will complete a base maintenance check and carry out a full galley heating system modification. Due to the extension of the project, the privately-owned aircraft has to stay in Basel six weeks longer than planned but equipped with a state-of-the-art heating system.

On a second Airbus ACJ318 AMAC will perform a maintenance check and an avionics upgrade on the privately-owned aircraft.

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