Icon Art Production back in action filming remotely with the latest technology and equipment

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To support the local and International film Industry, UAE based Icon Art Production (IAP) has successfully implemented projects with Remote Filming Solutions to all their International Clients, Producers and Production Companies.

The remote Direction Solution is also available for International Directors who cannot travel but can direct the filming and execute projects, including TV Commercials with remote monitoring.

According to Zakir, CEO of Icon Art production, “Following health and safety measures set by the local authorities and the Rules and Guidelines provided by Dubai Film and TV Commission, live concerts can be filmed in our fully equipped state of the Art Studio for broadcast and sound recording. We film Indoor or outdoor TV Commercials, Music Videos, TV Programs, Web Series and Online Promotional Videos as our team understands the niche requirements of the industry and help assist Directors and Producers during these challenging times.”

Remote Direct

Remote Auditions and Casting will be conducted remotely over video conferencing or by sending footage as a safety measure for Covid-19. A separate Make-Up Room and Wardrobe room is provided and the Cast is on Set only when everything is ready for Filming.

Producer Saurabh Kabra said, “In the current times where shoots are banned in India because of widespread of COVID-19, Dubai works as a good opportunity. The city has a good database of actors that can pass of as Indians or are of Indian origin. Hence we prefer to shoot here, it is convenient and cost effective. What the city offers is a world class crew that makes the process endearing.”

Instead of over 100 Crew, the production house with minimized First Light and Art Team crew has managed to work with assigned call sheets and delegated their tasks in a progressive shoot ensuring only the required departments are on Set. The Direction team is directing remotely, with Client and agency totalling almost 15 to 20 people monitoring online.

Using this pattern for a few projects recently, Icon Art Production has worked seamlessly resulting in the same quality of filming as a full team. This is a revolution in the Filming Industry specially for TV commercials as Dubai has vast Talent and resources so people around the world can utilize this opportunity to make their projects happen remotely.

Icon Art Production specializes in the production of Feature Films, TV Programs, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Events Productions, Studios & Post Production and has a facility that can be customized and branded for magazine shoots, product launches and pop up events.

Spotify now has a song list for car lovers curated by Jury members of the Women’s World Car of the Year


Songs with lyrics of roads, trips and automobiles is integrated in a unique list of classic rock, blues, soul, country music. The list has been generated in Spotify by jury members of the Women’s World Car of the Year to create almost five hours of the very best music for car lovers around the world.

When Bonny Rice first wrote and recorded Mustang Sally in 1965, he didn’t anticipate it would become one of the most well-known road songs of all time. It gained greater popularity when Wilson Pickett covered it the following year on a single.

That popularity was helped by the fact it appealed to women because for possibly the first time since the car was invented here was a song that showed Sally, as a woman, was far more interested in the car than the man.

The Women’s World Car of the Year playlist in Spotify is almost five hours of the very best classic rock, blues, soul and country and offered to all. Pink Cadillac, by Bruce Springsteen; Highway to Hell, by AC/DC; Little Red Corvette by Prince, Maybellene by Chuck Berry; Drive my Car by The Beatles: Mercury Blues, by Steve Miller Band are just some examples of Women’s World Car of the Year playlist.

Road songs started timidly with the beat generation of the 50’s and 60’s who were young and looked to distinguish themselves from their parents by refusing their conventional way of life, the way they dressed and the cars they drove.

The young wanted striking and different vehicles which otherwise, they might not be able to afford. The car industry, still ailing after the Second War World standstill, saw this trend as a business opportunity and began producing sport cars with V6 and V8 engines at affordable prices. Born were a number of legends such us Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and the Pontiac Firebird. They were muscle cars that could drive the Route 66 that Jack Kerouac had immortalized in his book On the Road.

Initially, The Mother Road (as it was named by that time) began in Chicago (Illinois), went through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nuevo México, Arizona and California and finished at Los Angeles. It covered a total of 3940 km (2449 miles). It allowed Nat King Cole to voice the Bobby Troup song with his famous hit (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66. This, too, is included in Women’s World Car of the Year playlist. Other bands such as The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Manhattan Transfer have also paid tribute to the, very probably, most famous road in world.

It’s not the destiny but the journey and other more recent songs that have hundreds of kilometres of asphalt disappearing beneath the chassis in search of freedom include Going Mobile, by The Who; From a Buick 6, by Bob Dylan; and Highway Star by Deep Purple. All of them prove road songs are more alive than ever and all of them are on Women’s World Car of the Year Spotify playlist.

Women’s World Car of the Year is the only car awards in the world comprising exclusively women motoring journalists. It was created by New Zealand motoring journalist, Sandy Myhre, in 2009. She is currently Honorary President while Marta García is Executive President.

The objective of the awards is to choose the best cars of the year. The voting criteria is based on the same principles that guide any driver when choosing a car. Aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint, among others, are taken into account when casting the vote.

The Gulf region is represented in WWCOTY by UAE based Motoring Jury, Shereen Shabnam who is the Founder of All About Wheels, Editor in Chief of the regional luxury lifestyle magazine of Millionaire Group, Motoring Editor of Madame magazine and Oceania based Trending Business Insights.