EufyCam 2

During this stressful and desperate times, it is important to keep homes and communities safe and away from potential crime but neighbourhood watch schemes are not as reliable as a 24-hour home security system such as a eufy security camera that can help us keep a close eye on all activity indoors and outdoors.

With job losses and uncertainty, cases of “Anxiety” amongst families makes it difficult to keep a 24/7 eye on intruders, children alone at home or elderly parents who live remotely.

Because of this, Eufy Security Smart Cameras and Video doorbells have a unique feature “Motion activity alerts” that can be set up by defining the designated zone to get alerts on human detection, suspicious activity and when someone is entering or leaving your private space.

eufy cam2

This is supported by functional features like two-way communication, alarm function to alert the neighborhood in case there is stranger near your house and a wide-angle coverage.

The Instant Mobile Alerts allows you to speak directly to anyone who approaches your home giving you complete control over your surveillance and meets the growing demand in smart home products and security solutions. You can save footage to local storage with no monthly charges.

The eufyCam2 is a wireless Home Security Camera System with 365-Day Battery Life on one charge and comes with features that include HD 1080p for clear crystal footage, IP67 Weatherproof that withstands all elements, state of the art Advanced Night Vision and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Homekit.

eufy cam2_

It has a 2-Cam Kit and does not bind users to a monthly fee which means a one-time purchase that combines security with convenience. Eufy Security products store, process, and calculate user data locally using military grade encryption. For privacy reasons, videos are stored locally but accessible anytime, anywhere, via a secure AES 256 encryption by logging into your account.

An additional security gadget to compliment the eufyCam2 is the Eufy doorbell which can be installed near the front door and is triggered by motion detection with users receiving a smartphone alert when the motion is recorded and the video is viewable instantly allowing for a two-way communication.

The Smart Image Enhancement feature gives a clearer, brighter view of the people in-shot while the built-in AI technology identifies and focuses on the human in the image.

As the eufy motto is “Smart Home Simplified”, it brings easy-to-use smart home devices that are designed to secure your property and family and helps reduce crime.

New eufy HomeVac H11 by Anker Innovations makes cleaning effortless and quick


Lightweight and Compact, eufy HomeVac H11, an ultra-lightweight cordless handheld vacuum cleaner by Anker Innovations makes cleaning effortless and quick.

Featuring a Dust Devouring Suction with 5500Pa power, any accidental mess can be cleaned in a jiffy and that too with absolute ease. This lightweight handheld 2-in-1 crevice tool helps to clean the deepest corners of your house furniture, cars, baby chairs, recliners etc.

Faraz Mehdi, Regional Sales Head at Anker Innovations MEA said, “The easy to store efficient HomeVac H11 offers tasteful yet practical solutions for all your everyday cleaning needs. Each lightweight and cordless vacuum is designed for efficiency and complete mobility.”

Eufy H11 Image

The washable high-efficiency filter ensures simple and minimal maintenance and improved performance. Weighing just 1.2lbs, the ergonomic, non-slip design allows for comfort and precise handling. This amazing device can also freshen up the air in the immediate vicinity by eradicating odors by activating Ozone feature. This is a very useful features for your cars, sports equipment or well used shoes.

For convenient charging, users can simply use a USB phone charger or car charger and enjoy up to 13 minutes of max suction cleaning time from a full charge. The sleek, non-slip design allows for comfortable and precise handling, making cleaning effortless.

Icon Art Production back in action filming remotely with the latest technology and equipment

Live Feed

To support the local and International film Industry, UAE based Icon Art Production (IAP) has successfully implemented projects with Remote Filming Solutions to all their International Clients, Producers and Production Companies.

The remote Direction Solution is also available for International Directors who cannot travel but can direct the filming and execute projects, including TV Commercials with remote monitoring.

According to Zakir, CEO of Icon Art production, “Following health and safety measures set by the local authorities and the Rules and Guidelines provided by Dubai Film and TV Commission, live concerts can be filmed in our fully equipped state of the Art Studio for broadcast and sound recording. We film Indoor or outdoor TV Commercials, Music Videos, TV Programs, Web Series and Online Promotional Videos as our team understands the niche requirements of the industry and help assist Directors and Producers during these challenging times.”

Remote Direct

Remote Auditions and Casting will be conducted remotely over video conferencing or by sending footage as a safety measure for Covid-19. A separate Make-Up Room and Wardrobe room is provided and the Cast is on Set only when everything is ready for Filming.

Producer Saurabh Kabra said, “In the current times where shoots are banned in India because of widespread of COVID-19, Dubai works as a good opportunity. The city has a good database of actors that can pass of as Indians or are of Indian origin. Hence we prefer to shoot here, it is convenient and cost effective. What the city offers is a world class crew that makes the process endearing.”

Instead of over 100 Crew, the production house with minimized First Light and Art Team crew has managed to work with assigned call sheets and delegated their tasks in a progressive shoot ensuring only the required departments are on Set. The Direction team is directing remotely, with Client and agency totalling almost 15 to 20 people monitoring online.

Using this pattern for a few projects recently, Icon Art Production has worked seamlessly resulting in the same quality of filming as a full team. This is a revolution in the Filming Industry specially for TV commercials as Dubai has vast Talent and resources so people around the world can utilize this opportunity to make their projects happen remotely.

Icon Art Production specializes in the production of Feature Films, TV Programs, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Events Productions, Studios & Post Production and has a facility that can be customized and branded for magazine shoots, product launches and pop up events.

Spotify now has a song list for car lovers curated by Jury members of the Women’s World Car of the Year


Songs with lyrics of roads, trips and automobiles is integrated in a unique list of classic rock, blues, soul, country music. The list has been generated in Spotify by jury members of the Women’s World Car of the Year to create almost five hours of the very best music for car lovers around the world.

When Bonny Rice first wrote and recorded Mustang Sally in 1965, he didn’t anticipate it would become one of the most well-known road songs of all time. It gained greater popularity when Wilson Pickett covered it the following year on a single.

That popularity was helped by the fact it appealed to women because for possibly the first time since the car was invented here was a song that showed Sally, as a woman, was far more interested in the car than the man.

The Women’s World Car of the Year playlist in Spotify is almost five hours of the very best classic rock, blues, soul and country and offered to all. Pink Cadillac, by Bruce Springsteen; Highway to Hell, by AC/DC; Little Red Corvette by Prince, Maybellene by Chuck Berry; Drive my Car by The Beatles: Mercury Blues, by Steve Miller Band are just some examples of Women’s World Car of the Year playlist.

Road songs started timidly with the beat generation of the 50’s and 60’s who were young and looked to distinguish themselves from their parents by refusing their conventional way of life, the way they dressed and the cars they drove.

The young wanted striking and different vehicles which otherwise, they might not be able to afford. The car industry, still ailing after the Second War World standstill, saw this trend as a business opportunity and began producing sport cars with V6 and V8 engines at affordable prices. Born were a number of legends such us Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and the Pontiac Firebird. They were muscle cars that could drive the Route 66 that Jack Kerouac had immortalized in his book On the Road.

Initially, The Mother Road (as it was named by that time) began in Chicago (Illinois), went through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nuevo México, Arizona and California and finished at Los Angeles. It covered a total of 3940 km (2449 miles). It allowed Nat King Cole to voice the Bobby Troup song with his famous hit (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66. This, too, is included in Women’s World Car of the Year playlist. Other bands such as The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Manhattan Transfer have also paid tribute to the, very probably, most famous road in world.

It’s not the destiny but the journey and other more recent songs that have hundreds of kilometres of asphalt disappearing beneath the chassis in search of freedom include Going Mobile, by The Who; From a Buick 6, by Bob Dylan; and Highway Star by Deep Purple. All of them prove road songs are more alive than ever and all of them are on Women’s World Car of the Year Spotify playlist.

Women’s World Car of the Year is the only car awards in the world comprising exclusively women motoring journalists. It was created by New Zealand motoring journalist, Sandy Myhre, in 2009. She is currently Honorary President while Marta García is Executive President.

The objective of the awards is to choose the best cars of the year. The voting criteria is based on the same principles that guide any driver when choosing a car. Aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint, among others, are taken into account when casting the vote.

The Gulf region is represented in WWCOTY by UAE based Motoring Jury, Shereen Shabnam who is the Founder of All About Wheels, Editor in Chief of the regional luxury lifestyle magazine of Millionaire Group, Motoring Editor of Madame magazine and Oceania based Trending Business Insights.


Scenic San Francisco

casey-horner-ReT_tlX_DvE-unsplashBy Shereen Shabnam

As one of the most fascinating and eclectic cities in the world, San Francisco has always drawn me in with its charm and history each time I visit my relatives. Since San Francisco’s attractions are spread out, the best way to see the attractions is to have road trips. Luckily my base is always in Hayward with my favourite aunt and over the years, the attractions below have been the ones I love going back to.

The Golden Gate Bridge

As one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, The Golden Gate Bridge is a must visit for a walk across the bridge, for amazing pictures and onwards to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which has a waterfront promenade and a number of hiking trails.

The Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is majestic and the Corinthian columns always catches my eye each time I am in San Francisco. The lagoon area is perfect for a leisurely stroll or for a picnic on the grass. It always has interesting events but my favourite stop is always the theatre.

Alcatraz Island

Home to a former federal prison that had some of America’s most notorious criminals in the past, Alcatraz Island is a national landmark that tourists can explore. Take a guide when taking the tour of the Island so that the rangers can give you historical information with some interesting stories thrown in.


Fisherman’s Wharf

This waterfront is always my definite destination as I love spending time people watching at the cafés on the pier as well as enjoy their famous clam chowder soup with sour dough bread. The street performers are great and I love the souvenir shops that have a wide variety merchandise including my favourite Ghirardelli Ice Cream and chocolate shop. If you love cruising, head towards San Francisco Bay to see the city from the water.

Cable Car Tours

Cable cars are fun to ride and a great way to explore the various neighborhoods of San Francisco. These tram-like vehicles are the only public transport system to be declared a historic monument and they save you loads of time walking up and down the city’s hills.

Museums and Science Centres

After opening a science exhibition at the Tech Museum in San Jose, I dedicated one of my visits to San Francisco to interactive centres. I started my tour with a visit to the Exploratorium, a popular science museum with a huge number of diverse exhibits and hands-on learning experiences designed to educate and entertain.

Next up was the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art visit which took a lot longer with 10 floors, and a large gallery space that took half a day. The next day I ventured to the Young Museum of fine arts that features a wide variety of exhibits from different geographical locations.


Country Tours

While most visitors head to the Napa Valley for a bit of country air, there are other options as well. One year we decided to escape to Solvang and do the ‘Sideways Tour’ on our own by following the trail exactly as it was done in the award-winning film ‘Sideways’. The scenery was as gorgeous as Napa Valley and we got to see a new part of California.

The San Francisco Chinatown is the most famous in the United States and the most vibrant with the best places to eat Chinese cuisine, get souvenirs and people watch. I would suggest as least dedicating half a day to get a feel of the area.

Overall, the entire California is an amazing destination but I have a soft spot for San Francisco because of my many relatives living there and the fact that it offers so many attractions and entertainment within and beyond the city.


Wireless Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones perfect for travel and work

Soundcore Life Q20

Hear songs in the way they are meant to be heard with Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones. The wireless Over Ear Headphones are perfect for travel and work as it features custom 40 mm dynamic drivers to reproduce sound with extraordinary clarity, Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, Hi-Res Audio and Deep Bass for a heightened listening experience.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and more, Life Q20 offers up to 40 hours of non-stop playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode and a single charge can play over 600 songs.

Soundcore LifeQ20

For optimal noise cancellation, memory foam earcups gently mold around your ears, while the headband’s rotating joints automatically adjust the earcups to fit the shape of your head.

This ensures that Life Q20 active noise cancelling headphones deliver maximum comfort and a secure seal to enjoy the BassUp technology that stops ambient sounds, enhancing your listening experience. Life Q20’s built-in microphone allows convenient hands-free calls, enhances voice pick-up to ensures you sound crystal clear.

Soundcore Life Q20 comes with a travel pouch to conveniently store the headphones, a 3.5 mm AUX cable to keep the music playing when you’re low on battery and a Micro USB cable plus a user Manual and 18-Month Warranty.


Heaven on Earth – Picturesque Pakistan


By Shereen Shabnam

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural and dynamic landscapes with crystal clear rivers, arid deserts, lakes, waterfalls, springs and snowcapped mountains in abundance but I only realized how beautiful the country really is recently when I chanced upon some images online of the Hunza Valley and Gilgit.

Visitors to this fascinating region describe it as heaven on earth and the stunning mountain ranges has started bringing tourists to the country in great numbers recently.

What caught my eye in the images was the spectrum of colours in the natural surroundings of the villages that leaves one truly mesmerised. The lakes, the trees, the meadows, the flora and fauna brightening up the scene with pink, white, red and orange flowers looking as magical as the fiery sunsets in the evenings.

This motivated me to explore more images of Pakistan, a place I have wanted to visit as a child when I first started learning Urdu in school in Fiji Islands. The country has bustling cities, wild frontiers, colourful landscapes but most of all, the message that came across strongly from visitors and travel bloggers was the charm and hospitality of the locals.


Every Pakistani friend I have met, every travel blog I read and speaking with foreigners and travellers I met around the world as we exchanged our travel notes said the kindest, down to earth, hospitable, charitable and warm people they met during their travels was in Pakistan which made me even more curious to plan a visit but a pandemic laid my plans to rest.

Not wanting to give up hope of visiting this enchanting country in the future, I asked my friends for information, images and ideas on where to go and what to do in Pakistan. Trying wholesome local food was on top of the list of everyone who has been to Pakistan. As a foodie and as an editor of three coffee table cookbooks, this was music to my ears.

My Pakistani friend in UAE invited me to sample some delicacies at her home so I would know what to order when I got to Pakistan. She cooked many iftar meals in Ramadan and the Biryani dishes, meat dishes and sweets surpassed every curry meal I have ever had so I am looking forward to a delectable culinary journey when I land in Pakistan when borders open.


Another thing that caught my eye as a motoring enthusiast and Jury for regional and international Car awards was the stunning and epic highways in Pakistan – most roads are amazing for picturesque drives but some are an astonishing feat of engineering cut across mountains against the odds – somehow the local drivers make it look easy. Seeing the road trips others have taken and their pictures showcasing the natural beauty of the terrain makes the journey worth it up the rolling mountains and the quaint villages and valleys.

Most of our readers also love adventure tourism and Pakistan has plenty of that, including hiking, trekking and hunting. Those brave enough to venture outdoors into the rough terrain can come across mountain species like sheep, deers, gazelles, wild cats, buffalos, golden jackals, goats etc.


Personally, if I ever make it there, I would prefer a walk along the small villages near Hunza and Gilgit areas that includes beautiful scenery, culture, some history, and try the fresh local fruits and authentic Pakistani food.

In addition to the outback areas, also on my bucket list is to experience the bustling city life in Pakistan, in particular the different markets. As I continue to explore Pakistan virtually for ideas on where to go and what to do, I am praying for travel restrictions to ease world over so that we get a chance to experience the beauty of countries like Pakistan first hand instead of images and videos online.

Environment friendly Express Auto Wash opens with express services

Express Auto Wash

Sanitising and disinfecting of car wash areas a priority in revolutionary car wash facility in Abu Dhabi

Express Auto Wash (EAW), a premium environment friendly automatic car wash facility located behind Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi is now open from 9am to 9pm daily offering express services for a five-minute exterior wash.

The cars are cleaned thoroughly using premium products from the USA as

the environment friendly facility allows multiple cars to be washed simultaneously, saving valuable time and ensures 95% of the water is recycled.

Express Auto Wash has the most reliable and safest high-tech car wash systems with high-pressure undercarriage water nozzles that add to the efficiency of the wash while the MN Tech 21 Turbo Drying System completes the drying process.

The fast and yet thorough clean saves customers valuable time that can be spent more productively at home and in the office. Auto Wash also offers touch free car wash for the more delicate and premium cars.

An Exterior Sedan wash costs AED 30/- and Exterior SUV costs AED 35/-.

Get the best Father’s Day gifts from Anker Innovations

As an unsung hero, provider and mentor, fathers always make our lives easier and better through many sacrifices and to make his life easier, Anker Innovations have curated a few gadgets that will make his day special and it is a perfect way to thank the main guy in our lives.


Anker Power Box

Make sure your father never runs out of charge on his phone with Anker Power Box. This Power Box contains three flagship products from Anker:

1) PowerCore 10400mAh Power Bank, a high capacity Power Bank that offers up to 3 times charging for Flagship Phones and comes with optimized output for Multiple Device Charging.

2) Powerport+1 Charger, equipped with PowerIQ Technology and Multiprotect Safety System, along with a micro USB cable, is travel ready with Quick Charge 3.0.

3) Powerline II 3-in-1 Charging Cable, the extremely durable and MFi Certified charging cable with 3-in-1 Connectors i.e. Lightning, Micro and C-Type and is Universally Compatible with every phone that uses these one of the three charging connectors. Available in Jumbo Electronics and EMAX.

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

The new Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone is perfect for dads. It can help him make any place a conference room as It can connect to the mobile phone or laptop ensuring he has clear discussions as the incoming amplified sound allows him to listen and speak simultaneously in any surroundings. This feature is perfect for teachers conducting e-learning classes as well.

The device features Omni-Directional Voice Pickup with six microphones arranged in a 360° array to pick up voices of up to eight people in a room without distracting noises and is compatible with all popular online conferencing services, including Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and Chromebox.

The PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone has 24 Hours of call time and comes with integrated Anker PowerIQ technology that allows you to charge other devices via PowerConf at optimized speeds.

The lightweight and compact travel case protects PowerConf while on business trips or moving around and does not require other equipment to set up, making it perfect for small spaces. It is available on

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is known to be the true wireless in-ear headphones that comes with four built-in microphones with noise cancellation and filters out ambient noises.

Environmental noises are reduced by 60% to 95% to ensure crystal-clear diamond enhanced sound with twice the amount of bass. The HearID technology maps hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes results for a truly personalized listening experience.

For convenience, the one-Step Pairing ensures automatic connection to your device. The earbuds allow for 7 hours of playtime but the charging case provides a longer battery life of 28 hours on the go. Liberty Air 2 can also recharge its power through wireless chargers.

With a comfortable fit and the IPX5 for Water & Sweat Resistant, Liberty Air 2 gives freedom from messy wired headphones and offers the convenience of listening to music by the pool, during morning walks or while cooking and relaxing.

Available in all major electronics retail stores, and

Nebula Apollo Pocket Projector

Nebula Apollo Smart Pocket Projector is a new generation pocket cinema in a compact, mobile and soda-can size design. Hosting capabilities such as Google Assistant, remarkable clarity with Sharp 200 ANSI lumen image and improved audio, it is the perfect entertainment device to enjoy together with family.

Nebula Apollo is perfect for dads who want to enjoy their favorite match or TV shows through streaming apps on the go on a bigger screen powered by Android 7.1 which brings great content to you, so you spend less time browsing and more time watching movies with loved ones.

Nebula Apollo provides 4-hours of video playtime with single full charge and offers big 360o sound with a 6W speaker. Nebula Apollo offers an advanced entertainment experience, anytime, anywhere with your loved ones.

Soundcore Infini Pro Soundbar

Give dad a Soundcore Infini Pro, the world’s leading surround sound technology, perfect for enjoying music, movies and favourite matches with astonishing clarity and richness.

Soundcore Infini Pro reproduces breathtaking, cinema-like audio from all around as Dolby Atmos® adds an overhead dimension to create an even more immersive movie watching atmosphere.

To produce room-filling sound, dual 2.5-inch mid-range drivers and 1-inch tweeters are paired with built-in up-facing 3-inch subwoofers and symmetrical bass reflex ports. To add even more bass intensity, the BassUp technology enhances bass output in real time.

Live Facebook musical evening with Soundcore by Anker tonight features Vocalist and Guitarist Fahmil Khan


Soundcore by Anker Innovations will be presenting a ‘Musical Evening by Fahmil Khan’, lead Vocalist and Guitarist of the ‘On the Rocks’ band live on Facebook on Thursday, 11th June from 9pm onwards.

Tune in to hear a rendition of songs from the 90s, Bollywood retros, Sufi, Pop and contemporary songs to usher in the weekend.

Faraz Mehdi, Regional Sales Head at Anker Innovations MEA said, “Soundcore is committed to bringing premium audio to the people. This includes its series of Liberty true wireless earbuds, its Spirit series of sports headsets and several iconic indoor and outdoor Bluetooth speakers such as the Flare, Icon, Infini, Motion and Rave. It is the perfect companion to wind down end of the week.”

The Musical evening will be hosted on the Anker Middle East page on Facebook. Music lovers can log on for the live event.