Can We Really Be Productive and Collaborative in the Comfort of our Own Home?

All it takes is one major event or natural disaster to disrupt the way businesses operate, which can ultimately negatively impact productivity and the bottom line. These events can often prevent us from working in our corporate offices, conducting business on the road and confining us to our homes. However, many of us are ingrained with the concept of traveling to a location to meet with clients, partners, industry associates or collaborate with fellow employees to “get business done” because, let’s face it, there really is no complete replacement for the face-to-face. But in today’s highly connected business world, staying connected doesn’t always require us to be in the same physical space to be engaged, present and productive.


One way organizations can help their workforce stay productive in the midst of travel restrictions is by providing your workforce with the same corporate access and digital experience they would receive while at the corporate offices. This starts with having a seamless and secure onramp into corporate resources. Tools such as remote access points paired with secure network access that follows you – no matter where you are – can keep you connected and help you remain competitive when time is money.


Technology really has come a long way and companies have created hardware and software solutions that extend the corporate employee experience to anywhere they choose to be productive. Employees today have a wealth of remote working options that they can employ when the need arises, such as remote access points or RAPs. RAPs come preconfigured, so any employee can simply plug in to any existing Internet connection and they’re ready to work as if they were inside the office. IT departments can securely extend the corporate enterprise network to every remote employee to easily overcome common issues, such as having to repeatedly login and authenticate in order to access applications, that make traditional remote networking painful.


Another benefit is that RAPs support centralized management of data, voice and video applications, including wired voice over IP desk phones, printers and other IoT devices. Since most employees don’t have a degree in IT, RAPs are simple for any employee to power up since they’re essentially plug-and-play.


No matter the reason behind an organization’s decision to implement a remote working protocol, the fact is that technology advancements are helping to bridge the digital and physical worlds. In other words, experiences that were once only thought possible through in-person interaction can now be had without physically being in the same room.


When combined with skyrocketing costs, associated productivity loss from travel, as well as the physical and mental fatigue that comes with navigating airports and juggling time zones, many organizations are re-thinking the possibilities around remote working simply because the technology is now capable of delivering an experience very similar to that of in-person interaction to the point where many of the benefits of the daily commute into the corporate offices and longer haul travel for business may no longer be worth it.

Wipro and Nutanix Partner to Launch Digital Database Services (DDS)

Joint solution to streamline database delivery and management, freeing IT teams to innovate


Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, and Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, today announced the launch of Wipro’s Digital Database Services (DDS) powered by Nutanix Era and Nutanix HCI software. This offering will enable enterprises to efficiently manage databases optimizing time and effort of IT teams.


As the data landscape shifts, businesses face constant pressure for innovation resulting in strain on the company’s IT departments. With legacy infrastructures, databases can be one of the components hindering time to value and linear scalability, preventing rapid scaling of operations such as transaction processing in which business can lose valuable transactions or insights that directly impact their revenue or decision-making capabilities. Wipro’s Digital Database Services (DDS), built on Nutanix solutions for Databases including Nutanix HCI software and Nutanix Era, allows enterprises and users to provision and manage databases just-in-time, without prior knowledge of hardware, database software and associated configurations. The result is accelerated application release time, allowing database administrators to focus on new innovation instead.


The DDS offering from Wipro, powered by Nutanix, empowers customers to consolidate their database workloads onto a shared infrastructure to manage database sprawl. It drives efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability across the enterprise by automating and simplifying database administration. Additional benefits delivered by the joint solution include:


● Cost reduction: Reduction of acquisition and operating costs of database, consolidation and effective utilization of resources (control sprawl, better lifecycle management), better utilization of database administrators’ time by allowing them to focus on innovations and optimizations

● Rapid provisioning: Delivering of services in minutes as compared to days; business lines, database administrators, or non-IT users can consume services through a self-service portal, reducing overall time

● Innovative pricing: The as-a-service model makes cost predictable and easily dispersed to business units, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction

● Reusability: The solution integrates with other third-party cloud management platform and orchestration tools to help reuse existing investment

● Supportability: Support for multiple database technologies and versions

● Automation: Enabling of greater efficiency and faster change delivery with better quality and predictability


Satish Yadavalli, Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited said, “Wipro’s joint offering with Nutanix brings agility, speed and flexibility for core and digital applications delivered as a service. Wipro’s Digital Database Services (DDS) powered by Nutanix HCI platform and Era delivers end-to-end services from transition, modernization, continuous deployment and automated lifecycle management operations of enterprise, open source and NoSql databases. Integrations are simplified as developers and application owners have access to a repository of customized services APIs. With this joint solution, we are confident of helping our joint customers optimize the Database resources and license cost.”


Bala Kuchibhotla, Vice President and General Manager, Nutanix Era and Business Critical Apps, Nutanix said, “Legacy database management is traditionally complex and requires massive amounts of resources from database administrators, taking away time they could be spending on more critical initiatives. With data volumes growing exponentially year-over-year, provisioning, protection, patching, performance and copy data management operations are becoming even more tedious and expensive. Our partnership with Wipro, will help develop the efficient and elegant Database-as-a-Service solutions for our customers to further our mission of enabling any organization to embrace the power of the cloud.”


Wipro DDS powered by Nutanix is available now. For more information, visit