NetApp to Drive AI-Powered Data Management Strategies at GITEX 2019

The company will also highlight industry alliances to demonstrate its data fabric vision

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), the data authority for hybrid cloud, has announced its participation at GITEX 2019 with a firm focus on encouraging organizations to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to unlock their data potential and drive their DX initiatives. Together with NVIDIA, NetApp will demonstrate its capability to help businesses simplify and accelerate their data pipeline for deep learning with the NetApp ONTAP AI architecture powered by NVIDIA’s DGX AI systems and NetApp cloud connected all-flash storage.

“Accessing, managing and efficiently using data is at the heart of every business’ digital transformation initiative. Data-driven decision makers are increasingly turning to AI and Machine Learning to aid their data management and analysis to fuel their digital transformation. Businesses that leverage AI in the cloud have a huge critical advantage,” said Fadi Kanafani, Middle East Managing Director and General Manager, NetApp. “With our hybrid cloud data services, NetApp is enabling customers to put their data-centric vision into practice to respond faster to market changes and boost business success. At GITEX, we will focus on how NetApp can enable businesses to unleash the power of the hybrid cloud and AI together to transform their data into strategic assets that can advance their business.”

Solutions Focus:

NetApp will highlight the NetApp cloud connected all-flash data management portfolio; NetApp ONTAP AI powered by NVIDIA DGX AI systems; NetApp HCI; and NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform, Azure and AWS. The company will also emphasize the need for organizations to implement a DevOps practice to improve the stability of enterprise applications, deliver features faster, and move from a reactive delivery organization to one driven by innovation.


Matt Watts, Director of Technology and Strategy at NetApp, will reinforce the company’s data fabric vision at a keynote titled ‘Is data the new oil? How the world of energy thrives in the Digital Transformation era.’The keynote is scheduled for October 9that 11:20am.

Data Fabric Focus:

To demonstrate the potential of its data fabric, NetApp will showcase its partnership with Ducati, the leading data-driven manufacturer of high-performance MotoGP motorcycles. Ducati built a data fabric with NetApp to tap into the data generated by over 60 physical sensors installed on their MotoGP motorcycles, and roll out the ‘Connected Bike’ concept to consumers worldwide. As NetApp and Ducati continue to evolve their partnership, they will leverage Ducati’s data fabric to inspire innovation across every aspect of the global organization, including the potential for machine learning and AI opportunities. Visitors can experience Ducati’s ‘Connected Bike’ concept at NetApp’s stand.

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