Hair and Skin Care during Ramadan

Tips from Dermatologist, Dr.Salwa Abu Rashid at Cosmesurge

A healthy skin is just as important a healthy diet during Ramadan and it is important to be aware of the beauty routines that work for you and your specific skin type to help you detox your skin during the holy month.

Fasting for long hours with less fluid intake can take a toll on your skin, particularly causing a dry, dull complexion. Dr.Salwa Abu Rashid, Dermatologist at Cosmesurge shares some effective beauty secrets and techniques for protecting your skin while fasting during Ramadan.

IV infusion of vitamins

With fasting, a slight disturbance of fluid and electrolytes occurs, so an IV infusion of vitamins can be performed intravenously after breakfast to bring the body back on track and give it the fluid intake it needs.

Vitamin Supplements

In addition to food, it is important to take vitamins orally. Recommended supplements for healthy skin contain vitamins C, A, as well as zinc and omega 3s during iftar and suhoor.

Lotions for moisturizing

During Ramadan, the skin dehydrates so there is a need for moisturizing with creams and special hydrating lotions. Drink at least eight glasses between iftar and suhoor. 

Hair care

For hair care, choose appropriate types of shampoo, and conduct therapeutic sessions such as mesotherapy and prp.

Face Care

With fasting, minor hormonal disturbances may occur and some pimples may appear, such as acne. It is recommended to take care of oily skin such as facials containing AHA [alpha hydroxy acids] as well as light superficial peeling.


It is recommended to perform mesotherapy for the skin and prp. PRP [platelet rich plasma] sessions can help a lot in skin tightening and fine line removal.

Hand Care

Due to fasting, dry hands occur so a skin booster can be done to take care of the hands.

Lip care

To avoid dry and cracked skin, use hyaluronic acid injections to moisturize so the lips stay hydrated.

Using Sunscreen

During the day, sun exposure can cause ageing skin. The use of sunscreens is very essential. For good protection, use SPF30 or higher

Skin Rejuvenation

For Eid preparations, touch-ups can be done with Botox, fillers, rejuvenation needles, and simple skin-tightening injections. Vitamin C is also essential for skin radiance and rejuvenation.

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