Keyston IT Distribution acquires Al Masa, announces global expansion

Keyston’s operations will go from the UAE to the wider GCC and Iraq

Mahdi Amjad: We contribute to advancing digital transformation and technological prosperity

Keyston IT Distribution has announced the full acquisition of Al Masa, a renowned regional and global provider of the latest technology products, solutions, and services. The acquisition includes Al Masa’s offices, its teams and its existing deals with local and international manufacturers. The deal confirms Dubai’s position as a magnet for innovation-based investments and a ground for those seeking to launch their ambitions, projects, and businesses across the global horizons.

As a result of the new deal, Keyston’s mandate seeks to contribute to the growth of technology companies, drive digital transformation, and technological prosperity, as well as help customers implement their strategies as per the needs of the digital economy.

The acquisition was announced at a ceremony attended by representatives of the top technology companies in the hardware and technology industry. Keyston’s operations will commence from Dubai and expand across the GCC region and Iraq with future plans to expand to most international markets.

Mahdi Amjad, Founder and CEO of Keyston, said, “We are launching from Dubai a new era in the distribution of various information technology products, and we are fully confident in the ability of our team to strive and innovate modern solutions to achieve an unprecedented qualitative leap in this growing sector, which we have pioneered and excelled at.”

“The IT sector has a lot of potential as a result of the growth and increasing demand from customers. The IT spending was reported to have reached $77.5 billion across the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, before the pandemic, with a growth rate of 2.8 per cent. The current challenges that the sector faces are due to the increased competition between international manufacturers, the pressures imposed by the supply chains, and the high prices of raw materials, which Keyston is capable of dealing with to maximise the available opportunities. Product quality is not alone, whereas a professional distributor is required to enhance its presence and opens up prospects for local and international expansions,” added Mahdi.

Amjad also stressed that Keyston, with its expertise in international and local supply chains, specialised retail markets, and partnerships in the technology sector, is positioning itself strongly as a leading distribution company in the region to become the trusted partner and authorised distributor for traders who want to obtain the best information technology devices and network solutions for individual dealers, companies, departments, and institutions in the private and government sectors.

Keyston’s aim is to provide unparalleled distribution services for the best and latest information technology solutions to its customers, including retailers and integrated system providers. Moreover, the company will offer its expertise and technical services to ensure the prosperity of markets and meet needs through customised solutions and services.

It is worth noting that a number of reputable global names in the IT sector use Keyston as their authorised distributor, which include Avaya, Asus, Canon, and LG, as well as other strategic partners whose relationship with the company has strengthened over the past 25 years.

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Airbus delivered 3x more aircrafts than Boeing amid the pandemic

The recent challenges around safety concerns and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in American aircraft manufacturer Boeing losing ground to Airbus. Although both companies control a significant market share, Airbus has extended its dominance over the last five years.

According to data compiled and calculated by Finbold, by the end of 2021, Airbus had delivered 1,376 aircrafts under all categories from the start of the pandemic in January 2020. The units almost tripled the cumulative 466 deliveries made by Boeing over the same period.

Over the last five years, Airbus has had an upper hand delivering 3,757 aircrafts, with Boeing trailing at 2,415. Interestingly, in 2017 and 2018, Boeing recorded a total of 1,569 deliveries which was higher than Airbus’ 1,518

For specific aircrafts, Boeing registered the highest deliveries for the controversial 737 MAX brand with 245 units despite the safety concerns. Elsewhere, A320neo was the leading brand for Airbus with 258 units.

Airbus capitalizes on Boeing’s misfortunes 

The report highlights some of the drivers behind Airbus’s extended dominance over Boeing in recent years. According to the research report:

“Although Boeing and Airbus are historical competitors, the European manufacturer gained the upper hand during the health crisis, capitalizing on the global grounding and delivery pause of Boeing’s 737 MAX. Despite the 737 MAX resuming circulation, Boeing was unable to catch up.”

In general, the two manufacturers took a hit from the pandemic and recorded suppressed orders as the airline industry was grounded globally. However, they still command a significant share of market orders thanks to their market position and they will likely explore means to expand their market position.

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Hair and Skin Care during Ramadan

Tips from Dermatologist, Dr.Salwa Abu Rashid at Cosmesurge

A healthy skin is just as important a healthy diet during Ramadan and it is important to be aware of the beauty routines that work for you and your specific skin type to help you detox your skin during the holy month.

Fasting for long hours with less fluid intake can take a toll on your skin, particularly causing a dry, dull complexion. Dr.Salwa Abu Rashid, Dermatologist at Cosmesurge shares some effective beauty secrets and techniques for protecting your skin while fasting during Ramadan.

IV infusion of vitamins

With fasting, a slight disturbance of fluid and electrolytes occurs, so an IV infusion of vitamins can be performed intravenously after breakfast to bring the body back on track and give it the fluid intake it needs.

Vitamin Supplements

In addition to food, it is important to take vitamins orally. Recommended supplements for healthy skin contain vitamins C, A, as well as zinc and omega 3s during iftar and suhoor.

Lotions for moisturizing

During Ramadan, the skin dehydrates so there is a need for moisturizing with creams and special hydrating lotions. Drink at least eight glasses between iftar and suhoor. 

Hair care

For hair care, choose appropriate types of shampoo, and conduct therapeutic sessions such as mesotherapy and prp.

Face Care

With fasting, minor hormonal disturbances may occur and some pimples may appear, such as acne. It is recommended to take care of oily skin such as facials containing AHA [alpha hydroxy acids] as well as light superficial peeling.


It is recommended to perform mesotherapy for the skin and prp. PRP [platelet rich plasma] sessions can help a lot in skin tightening and fine line removal.

Hand Care

Due to fasting, dry hands occur so a skin booster can be done to take care of the hands.

Lip care

To avoid dry and cracked skin, use hyaluronic acid injections to moisturize so the lips stay hydrated.

Using Sunscreen

During the day, sun exposure can cause ageing skin. The use of sunscreens is very essential. For good protection, use SPF30 or higher

Skin Rejuvenation

For Eid preparations, touch-ups can be done with Botox, fillers, rejuvenation needles, and simple skin-tightening injections. Vitamin C is also essential for skin radiance and rejuvenation.

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