Make 2021 the Year of Healthy, Glowy and Lit from Within Skin

**Refresh your skin using Martiderm for your daily routine **

A skin care routine is something that needs to be constant, even at times when your daily schedule may seem packed. Having a structured routine will stand you in good stead on the quest for healthy, glowing skin and help combat any skin concerns you may have. If you are looking for some new products to up your current regime, Martiderm is at hand and will ensure your skincare routine is taken to the next level. Whether you are looking to resolve any anti-ageing issues, or achieve a fresh-faced look, Martiderm’s product range is backed by pioneering formulas that are effective for each person’s skin requirements.

We are all on the lookout for products that can benefit us, but it’s important to simplify our selection to ones that are specifically targeted to the area of concern. Here are a few products that we would recommend adding to your daily skincare routine:

Martiderm Pigment Zero DSP- Renovation Cream 340 AED

Martiderm Pigment Zero DSP- Renovation Cream – AED 340

This is the most effective treatment for unifying skin tone and removing facial blemishes. The formula contains depigmenting principals that have a high skin tolerance, making it a very appropriate treatment for all skin types.

MartiDerm 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Solution – AED 220

This beautiful micellar water gently cleanses the skin and keeps it hydrated. The formula is enriched with antioxidants to keep the skin protected and it also offers repairing activity. It perfectly cleanses the skin, preparing it for the other products along with your beauty ritual.

Martiderm Flash Serum – AED 260

This serum instantly brightens the skin with an immediate boost of radiance and hydration. Ideal to use. It is ideal to use in the morning when your skin must look its best and is the perfect base for makeup. It has an instant lifting effect due to a powerful combination of peptides, visually reduces dark sports and will help the skin with firmness.

Martiderm Platinum Expression Gel – AED 380

This wonder-gel helps to redensify and soften expression wrinkles in the area around the eyes and lips. It has a relaxing effect with active ingredients that release muscle tension, minimizing expression lines. It acts on the forehead, the eyebrows and nasolabial folds with a Botox-like effect and is a natural alternative to such aesthetic medical treatment.

Martiderm Black Diamond Ionto-Lift Eye Contour – AED 500 

This treatment works for deep facial contours and has a tightening and firming effect, which uses Iontophoresis technology that reduces wrinkles around the eyes immediately. It penetrates deep into the skin leaving the surface of the skin thoroughly hydrated.

This year, it’s all about looking refreshed and natural! If you focus on the right products, you will be able to embrace your skin and see results quickly. Go minimal and enjoy maximum benefits for glowing and clear skin!

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