Batelco Partners with SonicWall to Launch Integrated Security Solutions for SMEs

Batelco, the leading digital solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced its exclusive service provider partnership with SonicWall to provide SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with comprehensive security solutions to enhance cyber-security for their customer base. The strategic partnership with SonicWall is in line with Batelco’s on-going commitment to provide its SMEs with the latest tools and technologies designed to secure their businesses and enhance their performance.

Partnering with SonicWall, a trusted security partner protecting more than 1 million networks worldwide, allows Batelco to provide a full range of network security solutions to its SME customers, including next generation firewalls, secure switching, secure wireless, endpoint protection and cloud security and a number of integrated and innovative digital solutions to boost cyber-security among its small and medium enterprise clientele base.

Commenting on the partnership, Batelco General Manager Abderrahmane Mounir said, “It is our great pleasure to partner with SonicWall, a globally recognized leader in providing integrated security solutions to small and medium enterprises. Security is a critical component in the success of this segment, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with an affordable and comprehensive, one-stop solution comprised of the latest technological tools that would facilitate and simplify the processes and procedures required to boost SME performance.”

“We recognized the need for digital security solutions for this segment and noted how much this need had increased recently as SMEs have become more dependent on digital solutions. Having access to reliable security solutions is considered crucial for business continuity, therefore we were very keen to partner with a trusted global security provider such as SonicWall to deliver solutions to our valued clients,” he added.

SonicWall Vice President, Global MSSP & Carrier Sales, Luca Taglioretti said, “There is no organization that is too small for the wandering eye and determination of cybercriminals. It’s imperative to work closely with security providers to gain a clear and real-time picture of security risks and the impact they could potentially pose to their organization.”

“As a result of our partnership, Batelco’s customers will be armed with enterprise-grade SonicWall TZ Series next-generation firewalls with installation and managed security services,” he added.

Supported by Batelco’s managed security services, customers are fully supported by a skilled team of certified security professionals capable of delivering operational protection to the customers’ network and infrastructure around the clock.

Additionally, as part of the exclusive partnership with SonicWall, Batelco will host a number of digital webinars over the upcoming months to familiarize users with the different offerings of SonicWall’s integrated network security solutions, designed to reduce the operational risks faced by SMBs in Bahrain. To get further details of this service, contact your account manager or email or call 17881144.

R&M Launches PRIME Ribbon Solution to Enable 40% More Fibers in Data Center Racks

R&M puts ribbon fiber cables in main distribution frames for carriers and data centers

R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of connectivity systems for high-quality, high-performance network infrastructures, today launched its new PRIME Ribbon distribution module in the Middle East. The slide-in module for the fiber optic distributor rack PRIME connects ribbon fiber cables with the flexible and proven PRIME program. With this type of cable, the number of optical fibers in a rack can be increased by 30% to 40%.

In comparison to single fiber cables, ribbon fiber cables offer several advantages. They enable a higher number of fibers with the same cable diameter as well as the splicing of 8 or 12 fibers in one working step. With this technology, three to four times more fibers can be laid in a conduit or rack than usual.

The PRIME ribbon distribution modules from R&M occupy a 3/4 height unit in a 19″ rack. Their capacity is 96 fibers. In addition to the splice patch variant with LC duplex or SC couplings, R&M offers a pure splice variant for 288 splices.

The PRIME ribbon distribution modules are suitable for fiber to the home projects in combination with the PRIME racks. They are used for network expansion in central offices, POPs and street cabinets. Data centers use them to consolidate the fiber optic cabling of meet-me rooms and zone distributors. Campus networks and backbones in large buildings are also among the areas of application.

Fly safe with Keyvan Aviation’s Antibacterial Uniform for Airlines Crew

As borders slowly open and airlines start to fly and take to the skies once again, it is important that crew members feel reassured and confident about their health when flying and performing their duty onboard an aircraft.

By using Hazmat suits or medical gowns on top of the uniforms, Airlines will hide their culture and the colors; and they will spend plenty of money which will be wasted and thrown out at the end of the day. Thinking about sustainability and keeping cost under control as well as having a nice and elegant look for flight crew is a big advantage of the Keyvan design and final product.

Keyvan Aviation offers Airlines Crew Antibacterial Uniform to all Flight and Ground crew which will bring higher level of the safety against bacteria and viruses and keep the Airlines beauty and cultures together while saving the operational cost for Airlines.

Having skin friendly, comfort advantages, and using natural material and recyscable as well as using antibacterial and antiviral finishing on the product made it a useful costume to keep crew member safer. Ability to wash and use during a reasonable life cycle of a normal uniform is a big cost effective benefit for airlines.

Using a silver ion technology enables Keyvan Aviation offers a better protection for body against electromagnetic shielding effect during their duty, as well. They use a new technology and combine them with fashion ideas to keep Airlines crew safe and offer a pleasant flight to passengers by maintaining the highest levels of safety in their product.