Digital Service Experiences in Middle East and Africa Falling Short of Customer Expectations, Reveals Latest Regional Research

Only 9% of organisations say customers rate brand experiences as fully satisfactory, with satisfaction around AI and robotics experiences faring

Customer experience continues to be one of the greatest challenges to businesses across Middle East and Africa, at a time where customer expecations are the highest they have ever been. This disconnect is exposed as Dimension Data reveals its findings in NTT Ltd.’s annual Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report titled “The Connected Customer: Delivering an effortless experience”. According to the research, only 6% of organisations are delivering a fully functioning experience, yet more than half (63%) consider CX to be their primary differentiator.  

The report revealed that organisations struggle to align their CX strategies to voice of customer (VoC) feedback, with 68% having no formal process for considering this data and 28% capturing no feedback at all. Only 31% fully define and track the value contribution of CX and just over a third (38%) are able to connect data relationships across customer service channels – leaving the rest operating ‘blind’ with no full view of the customer ecosystem.

Paul Potgieter, Managing Director at Dimension Data Middle East explained, “This research comes at a time when current global challenges and driving more digital engagements than ever before. This is consequently exposed gaps in the service strategies of many organisations.”

“Modern customers expect seamless, personalised service via the channel of their choice and organisations that can deliver this will be market leaders. To achieve this on an enterprise scale, while balancing resources, businesses will need to automate and integrate artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and data analytics into their day to day customer interactions to enable intelligent self-service, augment agents’ response rates and thus enable a fluid customer journey,” he added.

Listening starts with strategy

A successful CX strategy is proven to improve customer and brand engagement, and drive commercial performance, yet many organisations are still stuck in the developmental stage due to siloed technology systems, inconsistencies in experience, and a lack of clear processes. Specifically, challenges include:


• Faltering technology systems: Nearly one in three (30%) say their technology systems are failing to meet current needs and many teams still struggle with legacy systems (52%) and the integration of multiple technology systems (43%). Additionally, the inability to secure budgets (57%) remains a concern and skills shortages is seen as a growing concern (38%)

• Siloed channels and internal business organisations: Almost two thirds (63%) of organisations agree there is only partial collaboration between functions when it comes to designing CX, and 11% don’t collaborate at all. More than two thirds (69%) still have no cross-channel contact management strategy and only one third (33%) claim to have good or complete consistency across contact channels.

• Inconsistent priorities: Personalisation capabilities have surged from 49% to 73% in one year, but just 12% of organisations place “customer delight” as the top driving force behind their customer journey design strategy. This may account for why over one third (36%) of assisted-services enquires fail to be resolved during first contact, while automated channels fare worse with a 45% fail rate.


Creating a smarter CX with data analytics

While just over three quarters (78%) of organisations indicate that they are satisfied with their customer satisfaction capability, only 9% of their customers rate customer experience at ‘advocacy’ level. Worryingly, just 5% of AI and robotics users say customers rate their experience at advocacy level, exposing the gap between emerging technologies and satisfaction levels.


This demonstrates that businesses need to create a smart strategy which bases AI on optimum data, organisations must learn to fill the gap between data management and integration, and prioritise an efficient data management platform. As it stands, more than half (62%) of data capture needs are defined and aligned to desired business outcomes, and just 19% have a dedicated team managing the company’s entire data lake. In fact, 18% have no data management strategy at all. Because of this, data is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. More than half (54%) of all teams are evaluating and learning how to use available data and over a third (35%) do not have the required data management skills or resources to do so.


An increasing number of organisations are moving towards the use of smart data to inform CX decisions but are often overwhelmed by this transformation. Half of businesses confirmed data analytics and data management will be one of the top three tech initiatives prioritised by the CX team. Analytics (61%) is expected to be the top factor in reshaping the CX industry within the next five years. This is closely followed by artificial intelligence (57%), service personalisation (48%) and technology integration (45%).


Overcoming business organisational structure challenges

Many organisations believe AI and automation is the future for creating operational efficiency, hyper personalisation and providing an effortless customer experience. Rules-based robotic solutions “are the preferred option both now and in the short term with AI being the top five year priority.”


The vast majority (81%) of organisations also believe customer operations will be positively impacted by AI and CX robotics in the future, followed by business insight and customer intelligence (66%) and workplace management/operational productivity (53%). However, the implementation of AI remains difficult. Looking forward, businesses must find a solution for the current lack of skills across the business, which is currently considered a challenge for more than half (58%) of organisations today.

Veeam Cloud & Service Provider Program Celebrates 10 Years of Success with 33 Percent Annual Growth and the Release of New Veeam Service Provider Console v4

Veeam announces program enhancements and new integrations with ConnectWise for additional partner support of Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS solutions

Veeam® Software, the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™, today celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program with the release of program discounts and updates, and the release of NEW Veeam Service Provider Console v4. Veeam Service Provider Console v4 includes new capabilities that make it easier for service providers to remotely manage and monitor their customers’ Veeam environments and is offered FREE to VCSP partners.

Launched in March 2010, the VCSP program enables service providers to leverage Veeam software to offer reliable, revenue-generating Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings. Driven by more than 25,000 Cloud & Service Provider partners, the VCSP program reported an annual recurring revenue (ARR) increase of 33 percent year-over-year (YoY) for Q4’19. A decade after launching, Veeam continues to add value and innovation to its VCSP program.

“Veeam’s vision has always been to deliver simple, flexible and reliable backup solutions to customers. Some customers prefer to set up and manage their own backup and recovery solutions while others prefer this as a service. This is why Veeam has invested in building a robust ecosystem of cloud and service providers, allowing companies of any size to have a Veeam-powered solution delivered in the manner that’s best suited for them,” said Jim Kruger, CMO at Veeam. “To celebrate 10 years of the VCSP program, we are introducing new discounts and capabilities that will help cloud and managed service providers profitably scale their managed BaaS and DRaaS business. Today, many of our VCSP partners are reporting double, even triple, digit growth in their businesses. We look forward to celebrating future successes with our VCSP partners as we focus on our ‘better together’ strategy.”

To mark the 10-year anniversary, Veeam is releasing the new VCSP program discounts and updates for 2020, including:

• Point Reduction for Enterprise Plus: Bring Veeam’s top features to market and build competitive BaaS and DRaaS offerings without eating into margins, as the result of a 15 percent price reduction on Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus edition.

• Volume Rental Agreement (VRA) Discounts: New VCSP VRA tiers help super-charge margins by rewarding new partners ready to commit to Veeam and our long-time high-consumption partners.

• Veeam Universal Licensing (VUL) for Rental: Leverage all Veeam features with a simple pay-as-you-grow program that makes it easy to create or expand any Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS offering, without needing expensive CapEx to build from.

• VCSP Pulse: EMEA and APJ partners will now be able to join the 6,000+ North America VCSP partners that are able to connect with Veeam and their Aggregator on a single, purpose-built platform, offering the simplicity and reliability needed to build Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaaS solutions at scale.

In addition to new discounts and tier changes for the VCSP program, Veeam is launching NEW Veeam Service Provider Console v4. Formerly Veeam Availability Console, the product now includes remote monitoring and management capabilities directly integrated with ConnectWise Automate. This integration consolidates client data into a single, proactive and centralized user interface, reducing resources and enabling faster response times. As a result, service providers can invest more time in growing their business and less time with administrative tasks.

Veeam Service Provider Console v4 makes offering Veeam-powered services easier than ever with new capabilities to help scale partner offerings, collaborate with channel partners, and manage Veeam consumption all in one place. New features include:

• Enhanced Usage Reporting Engine: Automatically generate the single usage report for all workloads without spending time manually aggregating points and  workload counts .

• Full Support for Veeam Backup & Replication™ v10: Leverage powerful new capabilities of NAS Backup and Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows v4.

• Enhanced API Interface : Construct advanced pathways to further automation for service providers and their customers with NEW RESTful API actions and endpoints, with API usage now extended to the users with the Reseller role.

Veeam Service Provider Console v4 is available now and free to all VCSP partners. For more information, visit