OmniClouds Signs Strategic Partnership with Infonas Telecom Bahrain

Enterprises to benefit from SD-WAN security and speed to drive business-first model

OmniClouds, a native cloud service provider and cloud migration enabler in the EMEA region has signed a strategic partnership with Infonas Telecom, the Bahrain-based global telecom carrier and ICT provider. Through this partnership, Infonas willprovide SD-WAN services to enterprises in Bahrain using virtualizedservice platform provided by OmniClouds.

“As more and more enterprises adopt a cloud or multi-cloud approach, SD-WAN becomes the natural choice for providers to leverage cloud and IOT driven applications securely and fast ,” said Amr A Eid, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, OmniClouds, “We are the trusted platform for enterprise customers in the Middle East and Africa region to enable their cloud migration and adoption journey. The OmniClouds hybrid platform with our native partners and the MSP model plays a critical role in seamlessly enterprises with their move to the cloud by simplifying the operations and providing security and assurance they need for such a critical part of their business. We firmly believe expansion through partners as a key success to cloud adoption in this shared economy era, creating value for all the ecosystem. Our partnership with Infonas will empower enterprises to reap the benefits of their cloud investments and drive a business-first model.”

The improved connectivity will allow enterprises to seamlessly transform their global network into an automated, programmable SD-WAN using the Nuage technology. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology is the next-generation network technology that offers carriers flexibility, end-to-end control and uninterrupted connectivity to services. It is emerging as a networking approach that delivers multiple performance and cost benefits, including end-to-end network visibility and feedback to improve transmission efficiencies on the fly.

“Infonas and OmniCouds together are committed to helping enterprises in their digital transformation journey,” said Hamad Al- Amer, Board Member and Managing Director at Infonas WLL. “Our partnership with OmniClouds will enable enterprises in Bahrain to connect efficiently to multiple cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM Softlayer, Google Cloud Platform, as well as benefit from Zero-touch Provisioning, Managed Security, and guaranteed SLA. This is the right time for end users to think beyond the legacy methods of doing things.”

From Big Data Management to Cyber Hunting Security, What to Expect in 2020

Article By: Mena Migally, Senior Director, MENA at Riverbed

While 2020 marks the start of a new decade, many of the technology trends that have dominated conversations through 2019 —big data, cyber hunting, IoT, 5G, and user experience — will continue to shape IT roadmaps as companies begin to take action and look for the impact of their strategic investments. 

At Riverbed Technology, we believe the dawn of the new year presents the ideal opportunity to take stock of the advancements made in the year gone by and explore how these will continue to evolve in 2020. 

Digital Transformation Will Radically Shape Business Strategies and Outcomes

While talk of digital transformation has been ongoing for several years now, organizations’ transformation efforts have seen mixed results. Even enterprises that started down the road in 2018 and 2019 have realized that an organization and its infrastructure cannot be completely transformed overnight and that it will instead be an ongoing exercise. The reality is that many organizations were not equipped for a true digital transformation or to embrace SD-WAN. This is set to change as we head into 2020. The digital transformation march will continue to move forward, along with the adoption of SD-WAN.

There’s an inherent risk for those businesses that buck the trend. The Amazonification of consumer expectations has reshaped enterprise go-to-market strategies in a huge way by going beyond just situating a solution in the cloud. The winners here will be those who can deliver the desired experiences and outcomes at the speed customers demand. Today, enterprise customers expect the incredible speed and convenience that’s traditionally been demanded by consumers. They have been shaped, as we all have, by getting what we’ve asked for at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it level of service. Not everyone will be able to keep up so expect to see some players merge with others – or simply fall by the wayside.

IoT and 5G Will Push Applications to the Edge

There no doubt that 2019 was the year of cloud in the Middle East. The market’s momentum is only set to increase and we can expect distributed cloud to become the new data center that truly empowers the edge. As more organizations start incorporating IoT technologies, their applications will need to run at the edge to ensure high performance and faster response. With IoT heading to the forefront – and soon to be enabled by the proliferation of 5G networks – organizations in 2020 are starting to think about how to address the new visibility challenges that will stem from the need of edge applications to communicate back to a centralized point. 

Also, the security of that network traffic is going to be paramount. There is no getting away from security being at the top of the agenda for organizations’ investments in 2020. It’s going to be imperative for organizations to be able to track which devices are communicating with other devices and determine whether they’re part of a distributed cloud or still being sent back to a consolidated location. 

Threat Hunting Will Become a Mandatory Security Exercise

Sticking with the theme of cybersecurity, we will see an increase in the number of “advanced persistent threats,” sophisticated, systematic cyber-attack programs that continue for an extended period of time, often orchestrated by a group of skilled hackers. These are the hacks that do the most damage to organizations and if a company doesn’t have proactive threat detection measures in place, it could be unaware of the attack until after the damage is done.  

As networks for organizations have grown, they have become like the Roman empire – big, sprawling and hard to defend. Throwing up a “wall,” or firewall, to defend against attacks is less likely to be effective when the advanced persistent threats have multiple ways to attack the cracks in those walls. 

The best way to combat advanced persistent threats is to engage in “cyber hunting,” the process of proactively and iteratively searching networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that evade existing security solutions. As hackers become smarter and find new evasive ways to infiltrate a network, organizations in 2020 will begin adopting the proactive cyber hunting approach to complement traditional reactive threat management approaches of installing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and SIEM systems. 

The Days of Data Hoarding are Over 

The proliferation of the cloud and its immense data storage capabilities are double-edged swords for organizations that have been “data hoarding.” As we move into 2020, many organizations will realize that while big data has tremendous value, some of that data may be a liability.  The potential risk of a breach involving sensitive client data is too substantial to a company’s bottom line, especially with the emergence of more consumer data protection laws, such as CCPA, coming down the line in 2020. To combat this, organizations will start reviewing collected data to determine what clearly enhances the business’s performance and delete the rest, as the risk is too high to continue to store customer data without a foreseeable purpose. 

Why These Matter2020 will see many game changing technologies reach maturity and no doubt, emerging technologies such as AI will take root as they begin to deliver tangible value for businesses. As the technologies we know and love continue to evolve, they will open up the possibility of new 


The Group opens 2020 in grand style with a product world preview and the announcement of the new and eagerly awaited “TØ project” range, both for the Pershing brand

Ferretti Group continues to triumphantly ride the wave of cutting-edge nautical innovation, lining up a fleet of 6 fabulous yachts in Düsseldorf. There will be two premières: Riva Dolceriva, making its debut on the German market, and a world première, a Pershing Generation X model in the 50-to-70 feet segment. 

BOOT, to be held from 18th to 26th January, is the ideal stage for presenting a preview of the latest news and flagship products of the new nautical season, thanks to the significant numbers: over 1,800 exhibitors, 900 of which from more than 60 countries. 

The crowds flocked to the magnificent stand (Halle 6, stand D28) thanks to the innovative concept featuring original and welcoming lounges, each dedicated to one of the Group’s brands, and a very spacious VIP area complete with cocktail bar. 

The two premières will be accompanied by a number of the Group’s hugely successful models: 

  • • Ferretti Yachts 670 and Ferretti Yachts 780 
  • • Riva 90’ Argo 
  • • 48’ Wallytender 

As always, the new projects will be presented during the inaugural press conference, featuring those from Riva, Pershing, and Ferretti Yachts, in addition to the ones already announced in the last few months, like the long-awaited TØ project. Pershing’s new range redefines the boundaries of the 25-to-40-metres market segment, revolutionising the concept of sports yachting and setting game-changing standards of yachting pleasure, with strong points like high technology, unrivalled performance, and the unique style created by Fulvio De Simoni. The appointment will also be an opportunity to look back at the past year and forward to 2020. 

At BOOT 2020, Ferretti Group’s partnerships with prestigious Italian and international brands will continue: 

Jaguar Land Rover, official automotive partner; La Scolca winery of Gavi will enchant visitors with its selection of fine wines; Seabob will display its limited edition models created ad hoc for the Group’s brands; Mogi Caffè will delight guests with the best Italian coffee blends; Flos and 8-Light will furnish exclusive LED lamps; and Slam will supply the uniforms of the Ferretti Group crew. 



Born of the collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the firm headed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta that has designed the entire Riva fleet for over 25 years, and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department and Product Strategy Committee, Dolceriva is 14.92 metres (48 ft) long with a full beam of 4.26 metres (14 ft). 

The latest spellbinding creation by Riva is a 48’ open yacht designed to offer unrivalled on-board comfort. The objective is to challenge the market segment with a series of unprecedented features: a brand new exterior design developed by Officina Italiana Design, which ushers in a new style philosophy for all Riva models; a perfectly optimised use of all the on-board spaces; and an exciting array of details that pays homage to the brand’s incomparable heritage. 


Resulting from the collaboration between the Fulvio De Simoni’s design studio, the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee, led by engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department, the new star of Generation X expands the Brand’s current range, entering the over 20 metres market segment with a competitive product that embodies a genuine evolution from the point of view of style and functionality as well as performance. 

Carbon fibre, the primary construction material, was the inspiration for the concept of a design focused on greater weight reduction, also by means of various construction solutions. The design of the sleek, sporty exterior adds considerable aesthetic innovation to the quintessential Pershing style. In addition, the first unit introduces a new colour for the hull and superstructure. The storage areas and space have been increased, without any compromises in terms of performance or the inclusion of high-tech features. This Pershing will easily attain a top speed of 50 knots (preliminary data), in absolute comfort and complete safety, a testament to the sporting vocation of Generation X.