NetApp powers speed matters at Ducati

Marco Pozzoni, Country Manager, NetApp Italia


By Shereen Shabnam


When it comes to races, every second counts and gaining full control and having a winning edge using technology is becoming more common than ever.

Recently we ventured into Italy to look at NetApp’s new solutions and services that allows racers to adopt and consume cloud on their terms. Automotive and racing professionals are currently embracing and adopting the seamless hybrid multicloud experience in particular. During our visit, we meet with Marco Pozzoni, Country Manager of NetApp in Bologna to find out more.

The NetApp® Cloud Data Services on NetApp HCI, has the ability to expand storage across the biggest public clouds and customers to manage, use, and pay for cloud services the way they want to. How does this work?

The first step is to move from a pure storage company to a hybrid cloud provider. The storage side on the flash market and it is the cloud data services side that is more popular. The trend today is to do more on cloud so that everything goes under an umbrella of data fabric and multi cloud.

What are the advantages of the multicloud experience for industries?

If you think of an enterprise with different suppliers, most of them have embraced cloud as they realise they cant put alltheir information in one place as there are risks involved. From an economical perspective, multicloud is becoming a trend.

We are giving the customer the ability to be able to consume Nettapp technology themselves if they want. A subscription model allows them to commit to a year for technology they choose, select the type of services and decide who manages it. 

How can NetApp help organisations in general?

To be successful, organizations should fuel data-driven innovation by leveraging the cloud and modernizing their ITin all parts of their business through a seamless hybrid multicloud experience. 

Using NetApp and its data fabric strategy, customers need to build a unique data fabric designed for their business to enable them to seamlessly manage data across a multitude of IT infrastructures.

Which industries have used NetApp services the most?

Any industry or organization that sees data as a strategic asset. NetApp’s new multi-platform offering can empower them with flexibility and maximize the value potential of their data. 

How does the speed and flexibility between on-premises and cloud environments help Ducati?

Ducati link app allows motorbikes to be connected and gives them an edge. The core is the data centre of Ducati and then to the cloud which is an ecosystem that collects data. Ducati’s data informs everything from strategy on the racetrack to how to design products and engage with customers. NetApp helpsDucati transform on and off the racetrack.