Al Raha Mall’s Brand4U outlet offers affordable branded lifestyle products

Shoppers attracted by leading international brands at affordable prices

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Al Raha Mall Abu Dhabi introduces Brands4U factory outlet, subsidiary of Concept Brands Group, a global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate known for international branded luxury goods.

Mr. SadiqAfridi, Mall Manager at Al Raha Mall said, “Al Raha Mall shoppers will find Brands4U a one-stop destination for multiple fashion brands at affordable prices all year. The store offers luxurious products for customers at competitive prices.”

Vijay Samyani, Founder and Managing Director of Concept Brands Group adds, “Our vision is to cater to the average luxury consumer at Al Raha Mall with affordable prices and quality lifestyle products. We are delighted to be part of the retail portfolio at Al Raha Mall.”

The 892sqm Brands4u at Al Raha Mallmeets the requirements of luxury connoisseurs and brand conscious customers looking to buy perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, watches, jewellery, writing instruments, designer footwear and clothes.

Shoppers at Al Raha Mall can win AED 50,000 weekly and grand prize of AED 1 million as part of Line Investments & Property LLC’s ‘Mall Millionaire’ campaign. To become a ‘Mall Millionaire’, shoppers spending AED200/- can present their receipts to customer service and their entries will reach them digitally via email and SMS.

Al Raha Mall outlets include, Lulu Express Supermarket, Al Raha Cinema, Party Center, Zaks, Dubai Library, Tas-heel, Tasleem, Low cost Travel, Tadbeer, Brands4U, Sparky’s, Etisalat, Al Ansari Exchange, Asfar Laundry, Thrifty Rent A car, Salons, Photo studio, ATM’s and Green Land Flowers.Food lovers can enjoy Subway, Papa Murphy’s, Charley’s, Burger Hut, Soulful Restaurant, Samurai Japanese Restaurant, Sapori Veri Restaurant, Fresh Bakes Café, Bonjour Bonsoir Café, Caesar’s Restaurant & Confectionery and Tche Tche Boulevard Restaurant.

A10 Networks Brings Advanced Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) to DDoS Defense

Machine Learning (ML) Powered DDoS Protection Quickly Identifies and Mitigates Threats Without Manual Intervention

A10 Networks(NYSE: ATEN) adds Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) capabilities to its leading Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) family of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defense solutions. The ZAP capabilities automatically recognize the characteristics of DDoS attacks and apply mitigation filters without advanced configuration or manual intervention. This speeds the response to the increasingly sophisticated multi-vector attacks to minimize downtime and errors and lower operating costs.

Today’s DDoS attacks are more prevalent, multi-vector in nature and morph over time. With millions of IoT devices predicted to be in use over the coming years, driven by the transition to 5G networks, traditional DDoS solutions will quickly become inadequate. Current solutions are static, reactive and require significant operator intervention, resulting in a slow response time to the rapidly evolving attack landscape. It is clear that DDoS detection and mitigation is a growing concern for enterprises, cloud providers and service providers, alike. In fact, in a recent A10 Networks surveyof mobile operators, 63 percent saw advanced DDoS protection as the most important security capability needed for 5G networks. And, in an IDG research report, respondents confirmed that the number-one most important capability in a DDoS solution was automated detection and mitigation.

“The economics of DDoS mitigation and attacks are very much slanted towards the attackers now, so we will need more efficient tools and advanced technologies to balance the equation to make DDoS defense more effective and economical,” said Chris Rodriguez, research manager, cybersecurity products. “A10 Networks is advancing the economics of DDoS security by leveraging machine learning and advanced heuristics to create that balance.”

DDoS Protection Powered by Machine Learning

A10 Networks’ ZAP is comprised of two components: dynamic attack pattern recognition by a machine learning algorithm and heuristic behavior analysis recognition to dynamically identify anomalous behavior and block attacking agents. ZAP works in conjunction with A10 Networks’ adaptive DDoS security model and its five-level adaptive policy mitigation engines to provide a complete in-depth defense system. This comprehensive approach blocks DDoS attacks while protecting legitimate users from indiscriminate collateral damage typically associated with traditional DDoS protection methods.

The ZAP policies can be enforced by a combination of hardware and software. Thunder SPE (Security and Policy Engine) appliances can serve up to 100,000 ZAP policies at line rate and the remaining ZAP policies can be served by software. This provides superior mitigation performance over the traditional software only solution, enabling superior response time and scalability.

“In today’s climate with the dramatic increase in polymorphic multi-vector attacks and the chronic shortage of qualified security professionals, enterprises and service providers need intelligently automated defenses that can accomplish tasks autonomously,” said Lee Chen, CEO of A10 Networks. “Manual interventions are not only resource-intensive but too slow and ineffective, resulting in a greater potential of network downtime and high cost to the organization.”

A10 Networks provides the highest performance with 500 Gbps of protection in a single one-rack unit (RU) appliance, leading automation capabilities with ZAP and five-level adaptive policy, and actionable DDoS weapons threat intelligence for a complete multi-modal defense in depth solution.

A10 Networks Thunder TPS with ZAP is available now.

Alaris E1000 Series Scanners Win Prestigious BLI Pick Award

Following rigorous testing, including an extensive durability assessment and evaluation of key attributes such as usability, image quality and value, Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI)has selected the Alaris E1000 Series Scanner as winner of the Summer 2019 Pick award for Outstanding Scanner for SMBs.

According to Lee Davis, Editor of Scanner/Software Evaluation at Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the Alaris E1025 and E1035 Scanners are loaded with features and functionalities that complement today’s document management and business process optimization solutions, enabling SMBs to maximize their ROI.


Easy to set-up and integrate with existing business processes and applications – from network to Cloud – the Alaris E1000 Series from Kodak Alaris enables users to scan right out of the box. Productivity-boosting features include the ability to power up and start scanning in less than ten seconds and fast throughput. The devices can scan at speeds up to 25 pages per minute (ppm)/50 images per minute (ipm) and up to 35ppm/70ipm, respectively. The bundled Smart Touch scan utility lets users create scanning shortcuts – complete with image enhancement and document processing settings, plus routing instructions – to streamline and standardize frequently recurring scanning chores.

“The Alaris E1000 Series was very impressive during testing, with exceptional results in OCR accuracy and file size testing,” said Joe Ellerman, Manager of U.S. Lab Operations at Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. Ellerman also commented on the E1000 series’ media-handling capabilitiesdescribing them as “second to none in this class”.

“The device offers an 80-sheet capacity ADF – the largest in its class – so workers cancapture more documents at a time. Other nifty features, like Intelligent Document Protection and multifeed detection prevent jams and misfeeds to keep information flowing seamlessly,” Ellerman noted.

“Our award-winning scanners deliver best-in-class image quality, paper handling, and a user experience that is unmatched in the industry,” said Sue Rodeman, Worldwide Marketing Director, Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business. “We will continue to develop smart, connected solutions that set the stage for automation, drive productivity, and give our customers insight to make more intelligent business decisions.”

Alaris has won more BLI Awards than any other scanner manufacturer including four Scanner Line of the Year awards. The Alaris S2040 Scanner received the Winter 2019 Pick award for Outstanding Departmental Scanner and the Alaris Passport Flatbed Accessory was recognized with an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award last year.


Top Business Tips for Organizations in the Middle East to Stay Productive Throughout the Holiday Period

Veeam® Software, the leader in Backup solutions that enable Cloud Data Management™,today announces its top tips to help businesses remain productive during the summer break. Over the holiday season, the workforce will be reduced, with IT departments at larger enterprises and IT managers at SMBs taking annual leave. But, there is certainly no holiday for data.

Cloud Data Management is enabling businesses to do more than simply ‘keep the lights on’ even when they are not operating at full capacity. Given the importance of data-driven decision making for business across banking, retail and healthcare, it’s critical that its digital infrastructure is fully available, operational and protected at all times.

Below, Claude Schuck, regional manager, Middle East at Veeam offers some advice to help businesses maintain their availability during the summer.

  • Backup your data continuously

Backup is an essential process of powering an intelligent business. The Veeam 2019 Cloud Data Management report, which surveyed 1,575 global business leaders, found that less than one third of businesses continuously backup and replicate high priority applications. Through integrating backup solutions into a broader Cloud Data Management strategy, businesses can ensure that backing up is a highly automated and continuous procedure, allowing IT personnel to focus on enabling digital transformation. This gives the business peace of mind and ensures that data is always available even at times when IT departments are depleted.

  • Adopt a data-driven approach to resource planning

While the holiday period can be testing, it should not take businesses by surprise. Veeam’s research has found that 9 out of 10 businesses are looking to embrace Intelligent Data Management, often by exploiting Cloud Data Management capabilities, to drive more value from their data. Using data analytics, businesses can manage resources more effectively and plan for multiple absences accordingly – whether it’s exploring alternative staffing or handing over responsibilities to other team members in good time. With 91% of business leaders viewing employees’ improving their digital skills as vital to their success, organizations should consider extending IT capabilities to other departments beyond IT. This more data-driven approach can help businesses maintain seasonal productivity.

  • Maximising the value of augmented intelligence

Taking advantage of Cloud Data Management technologies that enable greater automation means that IT personnel can focus time and resources on delivering strategic value to the business than time-consuming and repetitive processes. According to Veeam’s 2019 Cloud Data Management report, nearly three quarters of businesses have already deployed or plan to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the next 12 months. As well as augmenting the intelligence and capacity of IT managers and teams generally, AI and machine learning technologies can be trained to fill the void left by holidays during the summer period. When deployed across other areas of business, automation can lessen the load for individuals and teams with larger workloads due to the absence of their colleagues.

  • Proactive data protection and preventative cybersecurity

Employees take holidays, but cybercriminals and software bugs don’t. In fact, malicious attacks and unplanned outages can happen at any time. According to the Veeam 2019 Cloud Data Management report, application downtime costs organizations a total of $20.1 million globally in lost revenue and productivity each year. Businesses can ill-afford to suffer the consequences of downtime, with over half of business leaders agreeing that outages have an impact on customer confidence. Cloud Data Management helps organizations stay on the front foot, proactively protecting and managing their digital estates even when IT teams are shorthanded. Furthermore, investing in robust backup and disaster recovery solutions can help businesses ensure that their data is protected in the event of unplanned downtime.

The CIO Inflection Point: New Global Research Reveals the Three Key Capabilities of High Performing CIOs

ServiceNow study shows building C-suite influence, focusing on customers and digital workflow maturity will unlock success

 Top-performing CIOs are focusing more on business leadership and the goals of the customers, employees, and other business functions, rather than technology operations, according to new research from ServiceNow.

The global survey of 516 CIOs, conducted by Oxford Economics, examined the most important capabilities for the modern CIO. For many years, CIOs were focused primarily on IT. The survey shows that nearly two-thirds (63%) of CIOs believe business and leadership skills are more important than technology acumen — and, critically, the most successful CIOs are those who have positioned themselves firmly as business visionaries.

The three things that separate around one-fifth of CIOs that consider themselves effective, across the most important CIO capabilities, from the rest are:

  • They are further along at digitising workflows
  • They build C-suite influence
  • They focus externally on customers

The highest-performing CIOs focus on strategy versus operations and aligning the goals of IT with the goals of the business. These CIOs also report higher levels of productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction in their organisation and have the strongest relationships with other business leaders, in particular the CEO and chief human resources officer (CHRO).

There is a consensus among most CIOs that establishing partnerships and cross-team projects at C-level is a critical part of their role:

  • 64% of CIOs agree that their role is to educate other members of the C-suite on digital technologies
  • 69% say collaborating with the CEO on setting organisational roadmaps is key to their role
  • 77% of CIOs say their core responsibilities include collaborating with the CHRO on talent strategies

From a technology perspective, the most successful CIOs are those who are building consensus and action around automating and integrating work processes and introducing digital workflows to drive outcomes. They recognise the importance of digital workflows in increasing efficiency (80%), financial performance (78%), productivity (78%), employee performance (76%), and innovation (75%).

“As technology becomes critical to business success, expectations of the CIO have grown exponentially,” says Chris Bedi, CIO, ServiceNow. “In the past the CIO was an organisation’s top technologist, but today the most successful CIOs are those who are thought leaders, innovators and business visionaries.”

“CIOs have the opportunity to take centre stage in leading a transformational change for their organisations. Building C-suite influence, focusing externally on employee and customer experiences, and changing the operating model through workflow digitisation are key to unlocking high performance.”