A Million Little Pieces

dima shereen shabnam

Dima Ayad’s new collection really does try to meet the needs of women from all spheres of life.

She recognises that a Woman’s life is made of ‘A Million Little Pieces’ through the roles she strives to fulfil and the people that she engages with in her life. This season’s inspiration drew from a mother, a wife, a sister, a confidante, a lover, a successful working woman, and the list goes on for the many roles a Woman endures.

The Autumn Winter collection is brought to life with subdued tones of Blue, Grey, Rose, Gold, Ivory Purple and Burgundy and a hint of Lime Green. Dima’s staple fabric use of Lace, Gros grain, Crepe, Silk and Tulle ensured the collection evolved while staying true to it signature…. check them out.

dima ayad shereen shabnam

Volkswagen Service Excellence

I am clearly in VW mode –  As part of their on-going commitment to Service Excellence, Volkswagen Middle East now offers their customers a reduced Cost of Ownership as well as guaranteeing the Recommended Retail Price.

To demonstrate their offering in a different way, they have created the below videos which i thought was cool as normally i get long pages of information from people which take ages to read!

Check them out…Enjoy!

Total Cost of Ownership: http://we.tl/LEOGNQYdku

Recommended Retail Prices: http://we.tl/R4OjN2xsWd