Just received some awesome news from Afsana, my fellow member of the business women’s group and an amazing individual who is supporting the Expo 2020 in her own way through her organisation, Meydan IMAX.

Meydan IMAX is a proud supporter of the UAE’s bid to host the World Expo 2020 and they want to set a Guinness World Record with the support of everyone.

Below is a message from Meydan IMAX:

The Expo’s theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and we want your students, tomorrow’s leaders, to drive our campaign to get 10,000 signatures from 150+ nationalities.

We’re opening our doors for four days from Nov 6th to Nov 9th with 10 daily shows and have a total capacity of 5600 seats to make this happen! Upon making a school booking before December 15th, get FREE entrance to ULTIMATE CROSSROADS which includes: National Geographic’s newest film about Dubai’s Terminal 3 and the multicultural team that made it happen, participation in our various activities and signing our campaign through electronic tablets which will be sent to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and the Expo Committee in Europe.

Book now by phone (800 IMAX – 800 4629) or schools@primesco.com … Be part of it!

I am certainly making little diva put the Fijian vote into the campaign.

Shereen Shabnam

Finance made easy

It is a well known fact amongst people who know me that I am horrible with anything to do with money – things like sending money electronically, online banking, paying for my house in Spain are just not my forte but I finally found an easy to use online platform that makes things easy even for people as challenged as me.

I was recommended to visit http://www.travelexae.com as I needed to send money for my home in Fiji and Spain and found it super easy to navigate and without the hassle of going through numerous unnecessary procedure that normally throw me off-balance.

Being an expat in Dubai, we kind of rely heavily on money exchange houses to send money home, pay the mortgage abroad, send gifts to family members as its easier to send them money to buy gifts then try and send things by post. Getting in a car, facing parking costs and trying to negotiate traffic in the heat is now a thing of the past with more services offered online – I for one am glad and wish I had changed my mindset sooner about doing things online.

Also with the amount of travelling I do, sometimes its easier to carry prepaid cards that Travelex offers as being a woman, I can be easily distracted by shops and often come back to the UAE with a heavier bag or a few extra bags. I love the safety factor of the Travelex cards as they are not linked to your bank account, you only spend what you want in the currency of the country you visit and it allows you to withdraw money as well as buy things in shops.

It is also good to get travel insurance from Travelex – their various service offerings related to travel certainly makes the journey easy and being able to send money online just makes things less stressful – I am obviously a new convert and am hoping to try out their travel insurance when mine expires.

Check them out – Travelex trades in over 80 currencies, do business in over 50 countries and is found in all the major airports… very convenient!



Shereen M&S

I love brands that put their time and energy into promoting women of substance – brands that celebrate real women with realistic bodies and women who really are smart sensual women, which is pretty much what our group lives for. Hence, the new Marks & Spencers campaign caught my eye and after looking at their new strategy and ethos, it feels great to know that there is a brand out there that lives in the moment and is realistic with their clothes and brand ambassadors.

An Oscar-winning actress, a life changing charity CEO, an Olympic gold medallist, a ground breaking artist and an inspiring nurse of the year – are just a few of the women to showcase the new Autumn collections in a campaign by iconic British retailer, Marks & Spencer.  Very refreshing I must say after sitting in numerous fashion shows this week in Dubai with sick looking, skinny models with no butts or boobs to speak of strutting in clothes half the female population can’t fit into or look good in.

The M&S campaign is shot by acclaimed fashion photographer, Annie Leibovitz and collection will launch exclusively at M&S’s Dubai Mall store. Billed under the strapline ‘Meet Britain’s Leading Ladies’ the campaign celebrates 12 women from very diverse backgrounds and professions. Despite being very different people, their strong sense of personal style and inspirational achievements, which have propelled them to success, are the common threads which bind them together.

The enlisted cast includes women below and you can see their diversity from the talent biographies that M&S put forward. All I can say is well done to M&S who happen to be one of the very few brands in this fashion week who most women can relate to.

Talent biographies


One of the world’s biggest screen and stage stars, Dame Helen Mirren has four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes and an Oscar to her name. Her elegance and fabulous figure have also ensured her reputation as a style icon.


Darcey Bussell CBE is among the most accomplished English ballerinas of all time. She retired in 2007 to an eight-minute standing ovation at London’s Royal Opera House, and has gone on to write children’s fiction and become a popular television personality.


With an impressive vocal range and a piercing vibrato, not to mention multi-instrumental and songwriting skills, Ellie Goulding is the ultimate modern music role model.


Multi-talented supermodel and music artist Karen Elson is recognised the world over for her distinctive red hair, translucent skin and piercing blue eyes. Her international success has been driven by her determination and independent spirit.


In just 12 months, Laura Mvula has transformed from a stage-shy receptionist

into a Brit Award-nominated, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. And now

she can add model to her list of talents.


Within a year of obtaining her degree, award-winning nurse Helen Allen founded PEP AIDS – a charity working to alleviate poverty and HIV /AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, which is now in its 12th year.


In 2008, model Katie Piper was the victim of an acid attack. She has gone on to rebuild her life, becoming a successful TV presenter and setting up the Katie Piper Foundation, which supports people with burns and other disfigurements.


During London 2012, Nicola Adams became the first-ever female boxer

to win an Olympic gold medal. Her life will never be the same again.


A self-taught writer with a passion for books, Monica Ali’s debut novel Brick Lane was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and adapted into a film. Three novels on, she remains one of the UK ’s most acerbic and supremely elegant writers.


After working her way up to a top director’s role at a leading international business, Jasmine Whitbread decided to use her expertise to help charities – first at Oxfam and now as international CE O of Save the Children


Tracey Emin CBE was a leading figure in the Young British Artists (YBA) movement of the nineties, and is now one of the UK ’s most renowned contemporary creatives. She’s known for her sometimes controversial, but always groundbreaking art.


Creative Director of US Vogue




 Bridal Shereen Shabnam                                          

Although all things bridal are far from my mind, I am enticed by the many bridal fairs held in Dubai for the offerings such as jewellery, hair updo’s, make-up demos etc. The fourth season of The Bridal Affair is to be held on Saturday, October 19th, 2013 at the Samaya Ballroom, The Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai, from 10am to 9pm….I am hoping little diva will be keen to give up on her TV time to spend quality time with mama browsing through girly stuff at the show.

This mega fête of style and sophistication will feature more than 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest in bridal wear, marriage wear, cocktail wear, jewellery, accessories and everything else that makes a soon-to-be-married couple’s and their families dreams come true.

Apart from the various exquisite and exclusive items on display, adding a new dimension to The Bridal Affair is the maiden edition of THE YOUNG DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARD. This segment is being introduced to scout and promote new talent in Dubai’s local fashion Industry.

Top 40 entries shortlisted by a judging panel and their designs will then go on the ramp where the three best designers will be chosen.

This is just one new facet of The Bridal Affair. Another interesting feature of this edition will be a range of fashion shows that will take place at the venue throughout the day.

These include:

12:30 – Young Designer of the Year Award

14:30 – Royal Rickshaw

15:30 – Viral Jewellers/Amit GT

17:30 – Kashif

18:30 – Emerald House of Fashion

19:30 – Anjali K Couture

Spa Zone will deliver express teaser massages to all women who will be attending the event.

Make Over zone by Pro-Makeup boutique will transform women and give them a before and after treat.


Lolita Lempicka launches Elle L’aime: the essence of true love


Lolita’s Lempicka’s Elle L’aime Eau de Parfum,  the essence of true love is now available in the Middle East. This new fragrance from Lolita Lempicka, embodies the divine state of love, a whirlwind that transports you to a dreamlike world. It is the perfect fragrance for a woman in love, reminding her of the thrill of this powerful and dazzling emotions. An incandescent white floral Parfum with citrus notes combined with rare, natural extracts including Coconut flower, lime, jasmine, and myrrh.

The fragrance is an incandescent harmony, ignited by rare and natural ingredients which cast an irresistible fragrance trail. Elle L’aime’s top notes create a vibrant and luxurious combination with coconut flower and lime, while sensuous jasmine and bewitching myrrh merge in the heart of the fragrance….how ideal is this for the smart sensual woman 🙂

The totem shaped gold bottle radiantly captures light, symbolizing eternal love to anyone who possesses it. The gold letters inscribed on the bottle resonate the fiery words of love. Elle L’aime stirs the heart, kindling it into a flaming red, the same color that can be found inside the fragrance’s white box.

Every aspect of this fragrance simply radiates with the glow of a woman in love…look for this at Paris Gallery.