SonicWall Returning Choice to Customers by Securing Any Mix of Cloud, Hybrid and Traditional Networks

Company’s virtual offerings, cloud services match with on-premises deployments to solve real-world security challenges for SMBs, enterprises, governments and MSSPs

SonicWall, a global leader in physical, virtual and cloud-focused cybersecurity solutions, is emphasizing the return of customer choice for securing and scaling a mix of cloud, hybrid and traditional environments.

“Too many times organizations have been forced to change the way they operate in order to secure access to their networks, data, devices and people,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “We’ve been busy innovating cloud and virtual solutions that help organizations secure complex blends of networks, including virtual, hybrid, cloud and on-premises deployments.”

SonicWall’s growing virtual, cloud and hybrid offerings leverage the best of the company’s Boundless Cybersecurity approach to return deployment choices to the customer while solving real-world use cases faced by SMBs, enterprises, governments and MSSPs. SonicWall’s core cloud solution offerings:

  • Solve security and connectivity challenges for cloud-native and hybrid environments.
  • Secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads through modern zero-trust capabilities.
  • Protect increasingly distributed and remote workforces through powerful virtualized security layers and zero-touch capabilities.

  • Simplify threat detection and response by unifying security events and analytics in a single cloud-based dashboard, allowing easy visualization and management of high-risk alerts.

“The modern IT environment is rife with complexity that drives security and connectivity challenges, which can be further complicated when organizations require hybrid environments comprised of physical, virtual and SaaS offerings, and private and public cloud solutions,” said IDC Research Director Chris Rodriguez. “Cybersecurity vendors that support these deployment options add tremendous financial and operational flexibility for their customers, and are also well suited for organizations that are in different stages of their cloud journey.”

SonicWall Solves Today’s Complex Security, Connectivity Challenges

SonicWall’s cloud innovation is driven by the need to solve complex security and connectivity challenges by delivering power, flexibility and choice to customers and partners. SonicWall has collaborated with organizations worldwide to build some of the most secure and robust hybrid networks.

“The University of Pisa connects and secures a wide and distributed network of systems, users, applications and services to ensure our institution can provide the highest levels of on-campus and remote learning,” said University of Pisa CIO Antonio Cisternino. “It’s imperative that we’re able to use the same trusted security controls, regardless of how we deploy them. Through their growing range of virtual, cloud and hybrid offerings, SonicWall gives us that choice and flexibility without sacrificing the security standards we require to protect and enable students, faculty and staff.”

SonicWall ensures organizations are able to set their own deployment paths and cloud migration timelines — not forcing them into a rigid vendor-first approach. By providing cloud-based (e.g., virtual firewall and VPN), as-a-service (e.g., ZTNA, FWaaS) and on-premises (e.g., firewalls, VPN) options, SonicWall empowers customers to deploy what works for their architecture — and adopt cloud transformation at their pace.

These real-world hybrid environments are secured using a cohesive mix of virtual, cloud and on-premises offerings, including SonicWall NSv virtual firewalls, Cloud Edge Secure Access zero-trust security, appliance-free SMA virtual private networks (VPN), and Cloud App Security to protect SaaS applications.

Organizations are able to further scale and extend distributed environments by simultaneously deploying security across multiple locations — with minimal IT support — using Zero-Touch Deployment capabilities.

Implement Zero-Trust Security in as Few ‘15 Minutes’

With the influx of work-from-home access, companies require a simple and secure way of connecting their workforce to resources they need — wherever they’re located.

SonicWall embraces zero-trust security as a tenet of cybersecurity in a perimeter-less, cloud-first reality. SonicWall helps organizations easily and quickly connect remote users to on-premises resources, cloud-hosted applications, branch offices and public clouds.

In as few as 15 minutes, SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access — the company’s zero-trust network access (ZTNA) offering — quickly scales security beyond the perimeter through modern zero-trust principles. This results in logical trust zones that authenticate every user, device and location for secure access to only the specific services and resources they require.

Simplify Threat Detection, Visibility & Response  

New in SonicWall Capture Security Center 3.0, Unified Insights brings analytics from across SonicWall products, including physical and virtual firewalls, wireless access points, switches and endpoint security products into a single, customizable dashboard. This provides a central, easy-to-use location for monitoring environments and troubleshooting incidents, eliminating the need to multi-task across different consoles.

Paired with SonicWall Analytics, Capture Security Center 3.0 can transform large volumes of data (spanning tens of thousands of firewall nodes) into actionable insights and defensive actions against hidden risks across networks, applications and users — all with the visibility, precision, speed and scale of the cloud.

Integrate Cloud-delivered Threat Protection Across Hybrid Environments

Regardless of deployment strategy, SonicWall ensures organizations can identify and block both known and unknown cyberattacks across traditional networks, public and private cloud infrastructure, and virtual environments by seamlessly integrating SonicWall physical and virtual firewalls when and where it makes sense for your business. The foundation of this ecosystem integrates with SonicWall’s cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) multi-engine sandbox service to stop advanced cyberattacks, including never-before-seen malware and ransomware.

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Aerobility’s innovative Project Able wins prestigious Laureate Award

Aerobility, the UK’s leading disabled flying charity, is delighted to receive a prestigious Laureate Award, in the business aviation category, from Aviation Week Network.  The award is for Project Able, a collaboration with Germany’s Grob Aircraft SE and the UK’s Southern Sailplanes, backed by the UK Government, which centres on a full refurbishment, new engine, propeller and avionics enhancement of former RAF Air Cadet Vigilant Grob G109 motorgliders.  A number will fly with Aerobility, adapted for disabled flyers and the remaining aircraft will be sold by the charity to support the project and also enable more disabled people to fly.

The Aviation Week Laureates celebrate the people, programmes and technologies that are changing the face of aviation. Sarah Montague, Aerobility volunteer, accepted the award from Bill Carey, Senior Editor Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network during a special ceremony and gala dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in McLean, VA, Washington DC on Monday evening.

Mike Miller Smith, CEO Aerobility said: “I am delighted that Project Able has been honoured in this esteemed category.   We support anyone with any disability, literally giving them wings. We do this because it challenges our flyers to ask themselves, if I can fly an aeroplane, what else can I do? The effects of learning to fly are felt far beyond the airfield, with greater self-confidence and an enhanced awareness of personal ability.”

That a small charity from the UK, should share a stage with such impressive winners is humbling and perhaps reflective of one of our core beliefs that experiencing the magic and wonder of flight, makes anything possible.

We would like to thank Molly McMillin, Managing Editor Business Aviation and the judging panel at Aviation Week Network for this award and for shining the light on our charity and disabled flying in particular. I would also like to thank our superb team at Aerobility including all our volunteers, whose continued support and dedication have made this possible.”

Aerobility’s Project Able, highlighted in Aviation Week’s June 2nd issue, Aerobility Launches Grob Program To Increase Disabled Flying | Aviation Week Network, is returning 60  Grob G109 motor gliders to service, each featuring new Garmin avionics, MT Propeller and Rotax Engines. 

Profits from the sale of surplus aircraft will support disabled flying at Aerobility, which takes to the skies with up to 1,000 individuals a year. This includes people with disabilities and serious illnesses, as well as wounded, injured and sick members of the UK’s Armed Forces community. The remaining aircraft will join Aerobility’s fleet, lifting capacity from 1,000 to 2,600 individuals a year.

“With availability for sale globally, our ambition is to inspire a new generation of Grob pilots and encourage pilot training schools, gliding clubs, aviation enthusiasts and others to seriously consider purchasing a Grob G109 ‘Able’ aircraft,” said Mike Miller Smith.  “This recognition is a massive boost to our endeavours.”

Project Able has been gaining momentum in recent weeks. The first completed aircraft made its first public appearance in the UK in August and is scheduled for delivery to its customer in two weeks’ time.  A second will follow shortly.

With a complete airframe overhaul, state-of-the-art Garmin avionics, new Rotax engine and MT Propeller, Grob G109 Able’s performance and handling is hugely enhanced, whilst the fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The updated and re-certified variant of the Grob G109B makes for an exciting and environmentally friendly way to take to the skies. The aircraft is certified to run on the latest biofuels.

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