Dabur Amla Hair Oil – Superfood for Strong and Healthy Hair

Amla, the superfood in Ayurveda, earned its popularity for a reason. With eight times more Vitamin C than an orange, twice the antioxidant power of acai berry, and about 17 times, that of the pomegranate; it is the ‘nectar of life’ to tackle the underlying cause of numerous ailments but most obviously, it is that haircare and skincare essential you can’t afford to miss.

A Vitamin C powerhouse, Amla is for everyone looking to improve hair growth and scalp health. Its treasure of fatty acids strengthens the hair follicles to nourish and add lustre. It is no wonder that in modern times the Indian Gooseberry has found favor in hair care products and has become the hero ingredient in a range of hair care products like hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, elixirs, and even hair masks.

Passed on and trusted from generations Dabur Amla has a dedicated range for hair oils as Amla champions the formulations to provide solutions for hair concerns like frizz, hair fall, and dandruff.
Amla, the superfood your hair will always thank you for…

1. Combats hair fall: With amino acids in abundance, a regular massage with amla hair oil provides enough oxygen and nourishment to the hair follicles to reduce hair fall.  

2.  Boosts hair growth: Vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients present in amla aid in stimulating blood circulation thus, stimulating hair growth.

3. Protects from external damage: Amla being calcium-rich saves the hair from external damages caused by blow-drying, ironing, and heat treatments. Hair that’s often exposed to such hair treatments can be rejuvenated by using amla-infused hair masks and stay-on oils.

4. Dodge dandruff: Vitamin C cures dryness and prevents the accumulation of flakes that eventually become dandruff. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are also effective in combating dreaded dandruff. Hair masks with Amla powder as the main ingredient are a serious buy for those looking to bid adieu to this pesky hair woe.

5. Premature greying no more: Stressful lifestyles and lack of nutrition can lead to premature greying of hair. Regularly treating your hair with amla-enriched hair care products can save the day. Apart from hair massages with amla hair oil, a cleansing routine with amla-enriched shampoos and post-wash nourishment with amla-enriched conditioners ensures cleansing with care.

Poor lifestyle, pollution, lack of sleep, and continuous usage of harmful chemicals on hair make them mighty weak and prone to recurring hair issues. Amla, the Ayurveda superfood restores hair health along with length and lustre.