Breitling’s latest seasonal creation for women is a fresh reincarnation of a classic. What started as a 1950s divers’ watch has evolved into a fashionable timepiece for women ready to jump into summer! 

The Superocean Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise Capsule Collection is all about color, proportion, and of course substance. Its 38-mm stainless-steel case features a rotating bezel and bold indices. It’s the very essence of summer style. 

“This modern-retro tribute to the original SuperOcean is an exciting addition to the Breitling family of ladies’ watches. Of course it’ll look great at work, but its fun-in-the-sun vibe might make you want to spend a weekend at the beach,” says Breitling CEO Georges Kern, noting how the highly-coveted original was a nod to the rising popularity of seaside leisure in the 1950s and 1960s. That laid-back vibe is reflected in the sunny dials of today’s Pastel Paradise – enjoying the moment with your hair blowing in the breeze.  

The palette for this seasonal women’s Capsule Collection is summer white, aquamarine, mint green, and iced latte – all with tone-on-tone dials, bezels, and straps. But the real show-stopper is the rainbow tangerine version. With hour markers and hands coated in Super-LumiNova®, it sings in hues of yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, red, and orange. If you want a custom color combination, you’ll love the quick-exchange system for swapping out the luxe Saffiano calfskin leather straps, which also come in lemon and raspberry sorbet. 

At the heart of each watch beats the COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 10 with a power reserve of about 42 hours. And even if these timepieces seem too elegant for exploring a coral reef, it’s good to know that they’re water resistant up to 100 meters. 

One look at this collection and you might be thinking: “It’s always summer somewhere.” But even the best summers have to end sometime. The Superocean Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise Capsule Collection will be produced for a limited time during this summer season only. Just something to keep in mind whether you prefer sunrise yoga on the beach or socializing over sundowners.


The colorful Superocean Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise Capsule Collection is also a perfect fit for a mood board challenge with Breitling’s partner DREST, the world’s first interactive luxury fashion mobile game. This highly immersive game puts players in the role of fashion stylists choosing clothing and accessories from over 200 leading global fashion brands. 

The third Breitling–DREST mood board challenge goes live on Monday, June 28, 2021, 
at 1:00 p.m. GMT, and will run for three days (72 hours). Join the challenge here.  

As with all the other fashion items featured in DREST, there is the option for users to seamlessly shop the Breitling pieces they have played and competed with in the game – creating a fun and interactive modern-day shopping experience.

SonicWall Triples Threat Performance, Dramatically Improves TCO with Trio of New Enterprise Firewalls

SonicWall today announced three new high-performance firewall models for enterprises and large organizations — NSa 4700, NSa 6700 and NSsp 13700 — designed to accelerate network throughput, stop advanced cyberattacks like ransomware, and securely connect millions of users. Featuring some of the highest port densities in their class, the new appliances help enterprises keep pace with the speeds of their growing networks — all while drastically reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

“The growing volume of ransomware attacks has enterprises and government agencies moving quickly to evaluate their mitigation capabilities and strengthen their security postures,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “The recent string of highly publicized cyberattacks has catapulted security to the top of the priority list. We’re there to help by delivering multiple options to cost-effectively protect even the largest environments. With higher port densities and more capacity, the new offerings dramatically disrupt the traditional cost structure as organizations need fewer appliances to secure the same environment.”

New NSa Firewalls Disrupt Cost Expectations by Tripling Throughput, Expanding Port Densities

The new SonicWall NSa 4700 and NSa 6700 next-generation firewalls deliver 18 and 36 Gbps of firewall throughput — three times the previous comparable SonicWall appliances. Both also support critical TLS 1.3 encryption standards.

The NSa models boast some of the highest port densities in their class; the NSa 6700 even offers both 40G and 25G connectivity, delivering multi-gigabit threat protection for large environments. These higher port densities, coupled with hardware redundancy and high availability, allow distributed enterprises to purchase fewer appliances while supporting more secure connections as their networks grow.

The NSa 4700 and NSa 6700 provide up to 115,000 and 153,000 connections, respectively, per second. They also support up to 2 million or 6 million concurrent DPI connections, and up to 4,000 or 6,000 site-to-site VPN tunnels.

High-Performance NSsp 13700 Firewalls Designed To Protect The Fastest, Most Complex Environments
The new SonicWall NSsp 13700 is an advanced next-generation firewall for high-speed threat protection designed for enterprise-class networks and MSSPs that supports millions of encrypted connections.

The NSsp 13700 next-generation firewall delivers elite speeds for threat prevention throughput (45.5 Gbps), IPS (48 Gbps) and IPsec (29 Gbps), and include scalable hardware architecture with high port density. Like SonicWall’s other new offerings, the NSsp 13700 supports the latest TLS 1.3 encryption standard.

New Capture Labs Portal Delivers Research Tools, Centralized Repository
Information-sharing and collaboration is a critical component of an organization’s defensive posture. SonicWall is consolidating access to threat research and security news through the Capture Labs Portal, a free and centralized repository of research tools available to the public where visitors can track malicious actors and remain up to date with latest zero-day vulnerabilities.

To help expedite remediation, the Capture Labs Portal offers a single repository to look up threat signature, CVE details, IP reputation, and URL reputation, making it effortless to do your threat research from a single interface. SonicWall PSIRT advisories and Capture Labs threat researcher blogs with news regarding the latest vulnerabilities can be easily and quickly found      out to take actions in response to emerging threats, attack vectors or vulnerabilities.

Simplify Secure SD-WAN Deployment, Management with New Orchestration and Monitoring Capabilities
Enterprises, service providers, government agencies and MSSPs can efficiently manage large-scale deployments with SonicWall’s cloud-native Network Security Manager (NSM), which delivers a single, easy-to-use cloud interface for streamlined management, analytics and reporting.

With NSM 2.3, network infrastructure teams can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as they monitor secure SD-WAN landscapes in real time. Administrators can monitor the health and performance of complete SD-WAN environments to ensure consistent configurations and drive optimal application performance.

SD-WAN environments are now easily organized using SonicWall’s new and intuitive self-guided workflow as well as the use of Templates that allow the provisioning of thousands of remote firewalls efficiently.

Enterprises also can leverage the NSM wizard-based setup process to ensure proper configuration for site-to-site VPN connectivity, and use the monitoring tools to track the connections and ensure optimum performance.

Optimize Productivity with Enhanced Network Visibility, Monitoring and Reporting
Managing employees’ internet utilization and behavior can be a substantial challenge for organizations. SonicWall has enhanced network visibility and reporting capabilities across security devices, users, VPN connections and more.

SonicWall Analytics 3.1 delivers Productivity Reports to provide insights into employees’ internet utilization and behavior. Generated snapshots and drill-down reports can classify users’ web activities into productivity groups such as productive, unproductive, acceptable, unacceptable or custom-defined groups.

Drill-down capabilities enable analysts to easily and quickly pivot and investigate data points of interest at the user level, and establish evidence-backed, policy-controlled measures for risky users and applications as they unfold in the discovery process.

New VPN Reports allow organizations to summarize what company resources are being accessed inside VPN tunnels, how much bandwidth they are consuming and by whom. Network admins can leverage this information for monitoring business-critical applications, controlling or shaping traffic, and planning for capacity growth.

Zero-Trust Security Offering Expanded to Include More Granular Control

SonicWall also introduced Device Posture Check with SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access 1.1, and the addition of new Network Traffic Control that enforces access control to the resources based on user groups, IP addresses, ports and network protocols.

Louis Moinet makes unique timepiece dedicated to UAE space mission

Hope Probe Tourbillon is a new one-of-a-kind creation dedicated to the extraordinary UAE space mission. Based on a technology exclusive to Louis Moinet, this satellite tourbillon timepiece contains an authentic meteorite fragment from the Moon and genuine Martian meteorite dust.

“The UAE mission, dubbed the Hope probe, entered Mars’ orbit following a journey of more than 300 million miles offering an unprecedented  and unique instrumental synergy, by exploring Mars’ different atmospheric layers, revealing new and global perspective of its atmospheric behavior and connections,” said Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO and Creative Director of Les Ateliers Louis Moinet. “The UAE and the world rejoiced with pride and this unique timepiece is our way to honor the Mars mission – a remarkable feat of human ingenuity utilizing science and technology,” he added

The satellite tourbillon beautifully depicts on a blue dial, the map of the Northern hemisphere constellations and is crafted using a special miniature painting with mother-of-pearl technique. The green tourbillon carriage, measuring an exceptional 13.59 mm in diameter, is balanced by means of a Mars planet rotating around it and encrusted with genuine Mars meteorite dust.  A hand-painted depiction of the Hope Probe appears on the black aventurine front plate, inlaid with a genuine lunar meteorite fragment – as too is the black rear plate featuring a hand-painted UAE astronaut. 

The UAE’s Hope Probe is the first Arab space mission. Known as Al-Amal in Arabic, it will orbit the red planet for at least one Martian year (687 days). It is the first probe to provide a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere while evaluating its seasonal and daily changes. The Hope Probe is an important gift dedicated to the people of the UAE on the 50th anniversary of the nation and a source of inspiration for Arab youth. 

Jean-Marie Schaller created Les Ateliers Louis Moinet in St-Blaise (NE) in 2004. The fully independent firm was established to honor the memory of Louis Moinet (1768-1853): master watchmaker, inventor of the chronograph in 1816 (certified by Guinness World Records), and pioneer in the use of very high frequencies (216,000 vibrations per hour). Louis Moinet was a watchmaker, scholar, painter, sculptor, and teacher at the School of Fine Arts – as well as the author of the Traite d’Horlogerie, a watchmaking treatise published in 1848 that remained a definitive work of reference for a century.

Today, Ateliers Louis Moinet is perpetuating this legacy. The firm’s mechanical timepieces are produced as one-of-a-kind models or limited editions only and comprise two categories: “Cosmic Art” and “Mechanical Wonders”. Louis Moinet creations often make use of unusual and rare components, such as extraterrestrial meteorites or prehistorical materials. 

Summer Travel Beauty Must Haves from Himalaya

 It’s finally time for a much deserved vacation! 

Yes, nothing gets better than knowing that we can finally step out and explore new places. But in all the excitement, don’t forget certain essentials that will need your attention on travel. Your regular skin care routine may take a back seat but there are surely basic steps that are easy to follow and will help your skin look fresh and glowing throughout your trip. So don’t forget to pack the below travel beauty must haves from Himalaya to flaunt that instagram worthy complexion. 

Himalaya Neem Face Wash –  The Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash cleanses your skin by removing excess oil and impurities without over drying it. Cleanse your face at least twice a day to ensure your skin is free from all dust and grime.

Himalaya Aloe Vera Face and Body Gel –  Travel, especially by air, can drain the skin of its glow making it dull and dehydrated. Himalaya Aloe Face and Body Gel will ensure your skin is adequately moisturised throughout your journey.

Himalaya Sheet Mask – Your skin will require some extra pepping to keep it rejuvenated, after all the sudden change in lifestyle and routine does take a toll on the skin. The Himalaya Facial Sheet Masks, available in 4 variants, will instantly revive your skin giving it a natural glow. 

Himalaya Strawberry Shine Lip Balm – Dry and chapped lips are probably the biggest deal breaker and that is what travelling leaves you with. So, ensure you carry Himalaya’s Strawberry Shine Lip Balm that will keep your lips soft and moisturized giving it a glossy shine at all times. 

Himalaya Facial Wipes – While on the move, it may not always be possible to wash your face therefore  Himalaya Facial wipes handy. It will keep your skin clean, refreshed and relaxed at all times. 

Shop Himalaya’s travel beauty must haves from your nearest supermarket or online on

Security Is Key for the Success of 5G

By-Ronen Shpire, Director CSP Solutions Marketing at Fortinet

5G has been a particularly hot topic lately, sparking significant debates and being considered as polarizing to some extent. However, countries all over the world are rolling out their 5G networks, considering this evolution in mobile connectivity as a strong game-changer for end users, the mobility ecosystem, and many industries.  

Two Takeaways that Make 5G Unique 

5G differs from 4G and previous mobile generations in two significant and interdependent aspects. 

First, 5G breaks away from the gradual evolution from one mobile generation to the other by redefining its technology foundations, to support and drive the ongoing digital transformation businesses, consumers, and even whole societies are undertaking. It means that most of the legacy nature of the mobile network, such as the use of specific protocols and interfaces, is replaced by common IT protocols, APIs, and cloud technologies. 

Second, 5G brings customized mobile connectivity and added value services both for industrial organizations and mobile network operators (MNOs). Thanks to 5G capabilities, such as increased bandwidth and low latency, organizations can develop new products, services, and most importantly, best practices, such as significant safety and efficiency in production floors, greater automation in industry 4.0, better proactive maintenance and so much more. This wasn’t possible in the days of wired networks or Wi-Fi networks.

When it comes to MNOs, 5G represents a significant growth opportunity. Traditionally, their revenues were heavily dependent on SIM/package sales, as a basic service for a mobile provider. With the 5G capabilities and ecosystem, MNOs can now better address the business segment and deliver added-value services beyond cellular connectivity to their customers, creating new revenue streams and improving margins.   

5G Impacts on Cybersecurity 

5G “uniqueness” in the mobile generation evolution has had major impacts on many areas, including cybersecurity. With the use of common IT protocols and interfaces in the infrastructure, such as HTTP and API calls, combined with its open and distributed nature, as well as the expanded attack surface, 5G is an attractive target for hackers.

The 5G technology impact on security is multi-faceted. While the use of cloud technologies and architectures throughout the 5G infrastructure (RAN, core, and edge) enables enhanced agility, scalability, efficiency, and customization, securing that environment is also a key element to consider. Security must be integrated into the virtual infrastructure as well as the orchestration layer and embedded into the end-to-end network to ensure both security and business continuity.

Hyperscalability, ultra-low latency, support for machine communications, predictability, agility, and high precision are some of the capabilities that will drive 5G adoption and use cases in vertical industries and for consumers. It is mandatory that the cybersecurity approach and solutions will support, and not hinder, these capabilities. 

Security visibility, automation, threat intelligence, and control are critical to protect the 5G infrastructure and the 5G-enabled use case ecosystem (OT/IIoT/IoT devices, 5G public and private networks, MEC and public cloud environments, applications and APIs).

Cybersecurity: A 5G Enabler for Widespread Adoption 

5G is the most natively secured mobile generation. But the security foundations laid out in the 5G standards can only be a starting point for a security blueprint that secures end-to-end 5G-enabled innovation and use cases. 

In 2020, Fortinet conducted a survey around security in enabling 5G adoption in business verticals, and the results are very clear:

Almost 90% of respondents stated that the MNO’s security capabilities are either critical or very important for success in vertical industry use cases. More than 80% consider native 5G security features as important, but only a baseline for the security needed to serve the 5G market. 

Another interesting data point arising from the survey is that 54% of respondents believe operators should offer a shared responsibility model. However, nearly all those who support this approach believe that a shared responsibility model should be offered as an option alongside the alternative of comprehensive, full-stack, end-to-end security. True to the traditional telco business model, fully 86% of respondents believe operators should offer full-stack security.

In previous mobile generations, security was all about protecting the network itself, creating a walled-garden environment for the core of the network by securing all external exposure points, such as the internet/PDN, roaming, RAN to core access, external partners, etc. This is also valid to 5G, with the appropriate integration and compatibility to 5G technologies and architectures. But the unique nature of 5G and its role and criticality in the business segment means that security’s role is changing and expanding, and should encompass the following main roles: 

  • Protect the 5G mobile infrastructure from attacks to ensure service continuity and availability. This is similar to the traditional security role in previous mobile generations.
  • Protect the larger 5G ecosystem required to deliver 5G-enabled use cases for enterprise verticals to meet security and regulatory requirements. 
  • Enable monetization via a wide range of 5G security services to organizations through managed security services as part of service/use case offerings. 

The Success of 5G

The benefits of 5G far outweigh its potential risks—but only when security is an integrated part of the process and solution. Although 5G has some built-in security, organizations will still need to integrate a larger cybersecurity strategy to confidently move to 5G applications. They need a solution that will provide comprehensive protection at 5G speeds without compromising end-to-end visibility, automation, and enforcement throughout the ecosystem’s attack surface. And to do that most efficiently and securely, the solution must also be part of a coherent, integrated, and self-healing security platform. This will enable organizations all over the world to confidently distribute 5G services from the core of their network out to its furthest reaches, while allowing them to continue developing and deploying critical digital innovation. 

Picturesque Prague

By Shereen Shabnam

Every time I go back to Prague, there are a host of new surprises the city that keep us busy an entire week and my favourite place to stay each time is the Buddha bar Hotel in Prague which is a place that is hard to leave and my favourite past time is exploring the city in vintage cars.

Prague is a truly unique city, unlike any other with some of the world’s most exquisite architectural styles and a city where we love walking. Apart from tours in classic cars, my family has walked together on cobbled lanes, iconic bridges, and hidden alleys and courtyards and its never enough.

Every day there are new areas to wander around especially near the Old Town Square you can stumble across ancient chapels, exotic gardens, cafes with amazing views plus the vibe of art, music and live performances at every corner keeps the people entertained all day.

We lovePrague’s art galleries that offer contemporary art, sculptures, Bohemian art, Gothic altarpieces, luscious art nouveau of Alfons Mucha plus a magnificent collection of the 20th-century surrealists, cubists and constructivists.

We walked most of the time and came across Prague Castle which has several buildings and palaces with a cathedral (St Vitus) that attracts visitors with its magnificent gothic architecture. We walked along the ‘Golden Lane’ and found the small colourful houses, viewing areas, and local goldsmiths, which gave the lane its current name. 

The iconic Charles Bridge offers a stroll through ancient history and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed watching artists doing caricatures of us while we enjoyed live music by some very talented youth and posed near the many baroque statues along the way. Not to be missed is Prague’s Astronomical clock built in medieval times and is the world’s oldest functioning clock.

Staying at the Buddah Bar Hotel meant we were spoilt for choice at our doorstep but it is worth trying some classic Czech dishes outside such meat with bread dumplings topped with a creamy sauce, local cheeses, goulash and schnitzel. 

Out hotel recommended we go to a riverbank area called Naplavka which was picturesque and lined with boats offering various refreshments perfect for a picnic while watching swans and ducks on the water. The gardens in Prague are also lovely for afternoon visits.

Retail therapy on Prague is a delight. One of the cutest images I have of my daughter is when she is holding a host of shopping bags when we discovered we could get more choice in premium brands in Prague at much better prices.

When it comes to family holidays, Prague is always a good idea – for food, long strolls, street art and music, clothes and jewellery shopping, vintage car tours, sunset boat rides and of course evenings at the Buddah Bar Restaurant.

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New Cybereason Ransomware Study Reveals True Cost to UAE Businesses

Cybereason, the leader in future-ready attack protection, today released research findings from a global ransomware study of nearly 1,300 security professionals.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 37 percent of surveyed companies reported that they had bit hit by a ransomware attack in the last 24 months. A staggering 84 percent of these companies (24 percent higher than the global average) chose to pay the ransom but what is interesting is that of those, 90 percent suffered a second ransomware attack, often at the hands of the same threat actor group. The research also divulged that of the organizations who opted to pay a ransom demand to regain access to their encrypted systems, 59 percent reported that some or all of the data was corrupted during the recovery process.

“Our survey findings underscore why, with the exception of cases where there is a threat to life, it does not pay to pay ransomware attackers. Paying a ransom demand does not guarantee a successful recovery, does not prevent the attackers from hitting the victim organization again, and in the end only exacerbates the problem by encouraging more attacks,” commented Lior Div, CEO and co-founder at Cybereason. “Getting in front of the threat by adopting a prevention-first strategy for early detection will allow organizations to stop disruptive ransomware before they can hurt the business.”

Key UAE findings include:

  • Ransom Demands Increasing: 63 percentof businesses (28 percent higher than the global average) that paid a ransom demand shelled out between US$350,000 – US$1.4 million, while 10 percent paid ransoms exceeding $1.4 million.
  • Loss of Business Revenue: 63 percentof organizations reported lost business (19 percent higher than global average) as a result of the ransomware attack and 42 percent reported significant loss of revenue.
  • Brand and Reputation Damage: 54 percent of organizations indicated that their brand and reputation were damaged as a result of a successful attack.
  • C-Level Talent Loss: 50 percent of organizations (19 percent higher than global average) reported losing C-Level talent as a direct result of ransomware attacks.
  • Employee Layoffs: In line with the global average, 29 percentreported being forced to layoff employees due to financial pressures following a ransomware attack.
  • Business Closures: A startling 42percent of organizations (16 percent higher than global average) reported that a ransomware attack forced the business to close down operations entirely.

“Ransomware attacks are a major concern for organizations in the UAE and across the globe, often causing massive business disruptions including the loss of income and valuable human resources as a direct result. If we look at the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack as an example, disruptions were felt up and down the East Coast of the United States and negatively impacted other businesses who are dependent on Colonial’s operations,” added Lior.

Other key findings included in the full report reveal the extent to which losses to UAE businesses may be covered by cyber insurance, how prepared regional organizations are to address ransomware threats to the business with regard to adequate security policies and staffing. In addition, the report provides actionable data on the types of security solutions organizations had in place prior to an attack, as well as which solutions were most often implemented by organizations after they experienced a ransomware attack.

The full report can be found here: Ransomware: The True Cost to Business.

In 2050, Michelin tires will be 100% sustainable

Inspired by the VISION concept tire introduced in 2017, an airless, connected, rechargeable and entirely sustainable solution, the Michelin Group is committed to making its tires 100% sustainable by 2050.

Today, nearly 30%* of the components used in the manufacture of tires produced by the Michelin Group are already made from natural, recycled or otherwise sustainable raw materials.

A Michelin tire is a high-tech product comprising more than 200 ingredients. The main one is natural rubber, but the many ingredients also include synthetic rubber, metal, fibers and components that strengthen a tire’s structure, like carbon black, silica and plasticizers (resins, etc.). Incorporated in perfect proportions, these materials interact to deliver an optimal balance of performance, driveability and safety, while steadily reducing the tire’s environmental impact.

Michelin reveals how to make a tire 100% sustainable

Check out the video showing you the recipe

An objective being met with powerful R&D capabilities….

Michelin’s maturity in materials technology stems from the strength of its R&D capabilities, which are supported by 6,000 people working in seven research and development centers around the world and mastering 350 areas of expertise. The commitment of these engineers, researchers, chemists and developers has led to the filing of 10,000 patents covering tire design and manufacturing. They work hard every day to find the recipes that will improve tire safety, durability, ride and other performance features, while helping to make them 100% sustainable by 2050.

….and bold partnerships with innovative companies

Michelin is also aware that the speed and nature of innovation requires new forms of cooperation, which is why it has forged partnerships with innovative companies and start-ups whose advances offer unlimited prospects. The developed technologies go well beyond the world of tires and could be used in other industries, enabling them to benefit as well from recovered raw materials that are infinitely reusable. These technologies will also make it possible to recycle polystyrene and recover carbon black or pyrolysis oil from used tires.

Axens and IFP Energies Nouvelles, the two companies that are spearheading the BioButterfly project, have been working with Michelin since 2019 on producing bio-sourced butadiene** to replace petroleum-based butadiene. Using the biomass from wood, rice husks, leaves, corn stalks and other plant waste, 4.2 million tonnes of wood chips could be incorporated into Michelin tires every year.

Signed in November 2020, the partnership between Michelin and Canada-based Pyrowave can produce recycled styrene from plastics found in packaging, like yogurt pots and food trays, or in insulating panels. Styrene is an important monomer used to manufacture not only polystyrene but also synthetic rubber for tires and a wide variety of consumer goods. Eventually, several tens of thousands of tonnes of polystyrene waste could be recycled back into its original products as well as into Michelin tires every year.

The revolutionary process developed by French startup Carbios uses enzymes to deconstruct PET*** plastic waste into its original pure monomers, which can be infinitely recovered and reused to make new PET plastics. One of these recovered plastics just happens to be the polyester yarn used in tire manufacturing. Some four billion plastic bottles could potentially be recycled into Michelin tires every year.

Lastly, Michelin announced in February 2021 that it will launch the construction of its first tire recycling plant in the world with Enviro.  This Swedish company has developed a patented technology to recover carbon black, pyrolysis oil, steel, gas and other new, high-quality reusable materials from end-of-life tires. It will enable everything in these tires to be recovered and reused in several types of rubber-based production processes.

Michelin also supports the circular economy, as attested by its participation in the European BlackCycle consortium. This project, which is coordinated by the Group and financed by the European Union, brings together 13 public and private-sector partners to design processes to produce new tires from end-of-life tires.

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Azimut 78 Fly: Futuristic design and ultra-modern technology

“The 78 Fly is a cutting-edge yacht that is strategically positioned in the segment, midway between Azimut 72 and Azimut Grande 25METRI, and meets our customers’ growing expectations.” This is how Azimut Yachts CEO Marco Valle defined the latest model in the Flybridge Collection. A new entry in the CarbonTech generation, the yacht’s flybridge superstructure, roll-bar and hard top are all made from carbon fiber, as well as a section of the deck and the stern storage door.

Exterior lines

A quest for dynamism that takes its cue from car design and Umberto Boccioni

Futurism, the early nineteenth century movement that celebrated speed and dynamism, introducing concepts like simultaneity and surface interpenetration into contemporary architecture, was an important source of inspiration for the exterior design of the yacht. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the styling of the 78 Fly is the work of renowned designer Alberto Mancini, an eclectic talent trained in the cradle of car design (Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin) who has made “contamination” between the worlds of yacht and automotive design a signature feature of his work. 

The Trieste-born designer, who has been proposing new ideas to the world of yachting for almost twenty years now, says that his special source of inspiration was Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916), whose Unique Forms of Continuity in Space made a big impression on him during a visit to MoMA in New York. Boccioni’s revolutionary sculpture, which rejected the tenets of classical art, is an alternation of cavities, raised sections, planes and voids, conveying a clear sense of movement. In the same way, Mancini is infusing the form of the 78 Fly with verve, creating the sensation of movement even in an object at rest. Sculptural tension permeates this boat, suffusing the design from bow to stern, from sea to sky. The striking use of split moulds spurs a quest for new forms – starting with the hull. The interplays of light and dark, of ribbing and surface markings lend the hull sides real character and spirit, in an endlessly fascinating play of lines. They taper at the bow to a cutting edge thrusting forward to the tip, searching for the horizon; at the stern, they rise in seamless union with the outline of the deck. Fibreglass takes the strain, replacing the traditional steel in creating a quite new kind of handrail, more flowing and sinuous than ever. The windscreen pillars ramp up from the bow, developing into a unique ring that encloses and embraces the entire flydeck as far as the stern, before continuing upward in a continual tension of curves in and out, of solids and voids, right to the top. The windows spring forward from the dark-coloured side buttresses’ lateral structure at the stern, forming the alphabet of a whole new language of style, surging irresistibly ahead to shape a support for the flydeck yet without ever touching it. Once again, they draw a horizontal line underscoring the yacht’s deceptively ample volumes and elegant, sporty soul. All told, the mission of Mancini’s meticulous and invaluable work, like a sculptor crafting exciting new shapes out of a block of uncut marble, was to give a yacht with such generous volumes as streamlined an appearance as possible.


The settings, privacy and comfort of a megayacht in 78 feet

One of the project’s main goals was to create spaces worthy of a larger yacht on one that is under 24 meters in length (23.6 meters to be precise, with a beam of 5.75 meters. The challenge thrown down by the Avigliana-based Shipyard has been taken up and won in no uncertain terms, so much so that its level of comfort and privacy is now one of the 78 Fly’s points of strength. This is the result not only of much more welcoming and spacious settings than on other yachts of the same size (not least because the superstructure’s sidewalls are almost vertical), but also of its silence and stability at sea, and finally of the clear separation of the owner and guest spaces from those used by the crew. As we will see, the crew quarters positioned in the bow, with access from the wheelhouse and galley, can be separated from the day area and the stairs down to the night space. 

A fundamental contribution to achieving this level of comfort and convenience is made by the use of carbon fiber (which allows the creation of more generously spaced settings without increasing the overall weight of the yacht) and three IPS propulsion units, a solution which translates into a smaller engine room and reduced vibrations, delivering clear benefits in terms of space and comfort.

Analysing the layout in more detail, the galley is forward, next to the helmstation, with direct access to the crew area in the bow section of the lower deck. The galley, which also contains the crew mess, has a direct exit onto the side walkway too, while an interior door separates it from the lounge and the stairway leading down to the owner and guest cabins. The day area does away with the traditional separation of dining and living areas, resulting in great freedom of use. This is in part thanks to the dining table, which can be transformed if needed into a low coffee table, freeing up much more space and allowing easy movement between the two different sections of the living area. The big outdoor area in the stern is furnished with everything needed to spend long, lazy days in the open air, while the huge storage locker has a useful volume of 3.3 cubic meters. At the tip of the bow is a pleasing outdoor lounge with facing sofas and a sunpad.

The guest accommodation on the Lower Deck consists of two VIP cabins with double beds and big wardrobes, plus a twin-bed cabin, all with en-suite bathrooms. The owner’s full-beam suite amidships has a separate dressing room.

The crew area in the bow can be split into two spaces for more privacy.

The stern platform can accommodate a tender up to 3.90 meters long.

The Flybridge, finally, is a big space that can be furnished according to the owner’s preferences: the Shipyard proposes four options, with the stern section fitted alternatively with a big sunpad, a generous spa tub, a space with sofas or, finally, a sunbathing area with mobile BBQ.

Interior decor: sophisticated and welcoming settings, defined by bewitching curved lines

The interiors designed by Achille Salvagni will be available in two different versions.

The Lounge version presented at Cannes is the most innovative, featuring original blue lacquer elements paired with light colourways. The appeal of these settings derives from their original and refined atmosphere, obtained using the smooth, curved lines that are a hallmark of the Rome-based architect, who always strives to achieve a flowing, contemporary dynamic for which sharp straight edges are an anathema. 

The living area, which does away with the traditional separation of dining and living spaces, is furnished as one extremely elegant setting, offering seamless movement between two comfortable and welcoming lounge zones, while the table in front of the sofa can be raised if needed.

For owners with more traditional tastes, there is also a version with a large table seating eight and an L-shaped sofa. 

The full-height windows, taken together with furniture that seems suspended in midair, give these sophisticated, unusual spaces a strong personality, as is often the case in settings created by Salvagni, who has a passion for art and history and also extensive experience working on residential projects. The carpet is an innovative and original feature, with specially created geometrical designs forming novel decorative solutions.

The highest construction standards and leading edge technology

The yacht, which is also suitable for CE A and NMMA certification for boats under 24 meters, is designed and built to the highest standards in the sector and covered by the HTS High

Technical Standard declaration issued by the shipyard.

The yacht also features many solutions adopted in the framework of the ECS (Enhanced

Cruising Solutions) programme, ranging from the Garmin integrated control and monitoring system, customised to interface with multiple onboard utilities, and temperature synchronisation in the various onboard areas, to the joystick piloting and active trim control systems that automatically adjust the boat’s trim and ensure the best possible consumption efficiency at any speed.

Also worthy of note is the offering of innovative optionals, including the possibility of upgrading from traditional air conditioning to the air make-up systems, for maximum air freshness even in closed and air-conditioned spaces.

Propulsion and performance: unique in its category

The 78 is the first yacht in the Flybridge Collection to be equipped with the triple Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system. Azimut Yachts’ Innovation Lab recognised the potential of this system right from the outset and worked with a team of engineers from Volvo Penta to optimise the hull lines so that it could be fitted to various models. 

In light of the success of this solution, Azimut Yachts has decided to equip the 78 with it too. The result is a significant reduction in both vibration and noise levels and in overall weight. The wider spacing between the outer units translates into superior handling and better acceleration

The compact dimensions also mean that the engine room can be placed further aft, providing more space for accommodation and a layout that offers unexpected volumes for a yacht this size.

Two engine solutions will be available (three 1,200 or 1,350 hp engines), while the top speed is 33 knots.

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On Board The Sunreef 80 Grayone

Sunreef Yachts reveals the pictures of the luxury Sunreef 80 Grayone. This striking bespoke multihull craft boasts an imposing presence and refined style with her anthracite-grey hull and superstructure. Her custom-tailored interiors and outstanding alfresco lounging areas provide supreme comfort for both private getaways and high-end charters.

Grayone’s main deck houses a light-filled saloon with a dining area to portside and a comfortable lounging space to starboard with a large L-shaped sofa. Towards the bow portion of the saloon, there is a bar area with easy access to the yacht’s large foredeck lounge.

Sheltered from sun and wind, the aft cockpit boasts impressive proportions thanks to the Sunreef 80’s 11.5m beam. The area includes a raised dining table along with a movable sofa and chairs as well as a double daybed and wet bar.

The catamaran’s custom-designed hydraulic platform offers a fantastic spot for relaxation and watersports.

The flybridge is a vast and soothing retreat with numerous lounging, dining and sunning options along with a drinks bar with panoramic views. Grayone features a carbon mast and a boom with a jet-ski launching system.

The beautifully appointed interiors provide luxurious accommodation for up to 8 guests across 4 en-suite cabins with an elegant décor blending grey, black and cognac tones. The opulent master suite was fitted with a sofa, a double bed and a walk-in dressing as well as bathroom with a steam bath.

Two double cabins positioned forward in the port and starboard hull, provide a great level of comfort and ample storage. There is also a spacious twin cabin fitted with single beds. The catamaran’s galley is fully-equipped for top level service and features a refrigerated pantry with spacious shelving and freezers below decks.

Entertainment and sports gear on board include a Jet Ski, water skis, a floating swimming pool, an extra floating deck, pedal boards and fitness gear.

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