Venetian Passion

The art of perfume as seen by Valmont Group

By Shereen Shabnam

Storie Veneziane’s olfactory fairy tales enshrine the respective talents of Sophie Vann Guillon and Didier Guillon, proudly embodying Sophie’s creative exuberance and Didier’s unshakable passion for art.

Illustrating Valmont Group’s embrace of perfumes, Storie Veneziane comes to life in Venice as the apotheosis of two life journeys, where Sophie and Didier Guillon each find the roots of their inspiration. Sophie relishes playing with the materials and contrasts that have delighted her throughout her career, while Didier indulges in unconstrained self-expression through unique artistic creations.

Collezione Privata, three eaux de parfum portraying
            Sophie’s vision of harmony.

Palazzo Nobile, five rare eaux de toilette featuring
creative input from Didier.

These two collections may share certain codes, but each conveys the artistic choices, the creative perspective and the intrinsic talents of its creator.

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