Kodak Alaris Announces Global Alliance with RPA Software Leader UiPath

Vanilda Grando, Director Global Sales Development, Alaris division of Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris has announced a global alliance with UiPath, one of the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software companies. The collaboration will enable both companies’ channel partners and customers to leverage Kodak Alaris’ award-winning information capture solutions and UiPath software to accelerate digital transformation by automating and streamlining business processes. The companies also introduced their integration via the Alaris Capture Pro to UiPath Orchestrator Connector, which provides a seamless connection between fully indexed, high quality images from Kodak scanners and UiPath bots.

RPA is the key to working smarter and for many organizations – in particular, those most reliant on paper-based processes – has the potential to be truly transformative when used to modernize information and data capture. The alliance between UiPath and Kodak Alaris will generate new business opportunities for system integrators and software vendors, helping them expand RPA projects and deliver intelligent scanning and information capture solutions to customers in sectors including Government, Financial Services, Logistic and Healthcare.

RPA starts with usable data, which in turn starts with high quality images. Perfect Page Technology from Kodak Alaris optimizes the image quality of every page for more accurate information extraction and up to 20% better[1] OCR read rates, while Capture Pro Software quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images — the foundation for accurate, streamlined data and decision-making.

“We are delighted to announce this global alliance with UiPath, whose software is among the leading tools for building RPA robots,” said Vanilda Grando, Director Global Sales Development, Alaris division of Kodak Alaris. “Intelligent information capture combined with RPA is especially powerful for finance, IT and IT services, operations and information governance. The combination of Kodak Alaris scanners, software and services, with UiPath’s RPA platform will enable partners to take their customers’ information capture to the next level, making total automation and paper-free processes a business reality.”

The UiPath RPA platform automates sequences of repeatable processes, minimizes disruption, uncovers efficiencies and provides insights, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. Once information is captured via the scanner, software robots complete repetitive, rules-based tasks such as moving files and folders, extracting structured data from documents and executing processes with it.

“Our two technologies complement one another,” said George Roth, Senior Manager, Technology Alliances at UiPath. “It’s not about taking people out of the loop, it’s about being able to reallocate them and bring them back in if needed. For example, you could set a threshold for OCR read rates at 90%. If the RPA solution doesn’t meet the 90% threshold, the bot will send it to a human for review. So, there’s an opportunity to really make a good human-in-the-loop partnership.”

On July 29th, Kodak Alaris-hosted a virtual event where keynote speaker Jim Walker from UiPath and Joe Yankle from Kodak Alaris shared tips for helping organizations automate business processes, connect their digital workforces and drive better business outcomes. By using technologies like artificial intelligence to automatically recognize documents or redact sensitive data, organizations are freeing up staff for higher-value tasks. Click here to watch the webcast on demand.

For a brief video about Kodak Alaris and UiPath, please click here: Partnering for a Digitized Automated Future:  UiPath & Kodak Alaris

[1] Based on third-party testing performed by BLI and commissioned by Kodak Alaris.  Test was designed by Kodak Alaris with all devices tested in similar operational conditions and where tested with similar operational methods.

New Sennheiser MKE 200 Microphone Enables Middle East Creators to Enhance Audio Capture on Cameras and Mobile Devices

Audio specialist Sennheiser today extended its portfolio of market leading audio-for-video microphones with the launch of its new MKE 200 in the Middle East. The mini-microphone is designed for easy on-camera use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as well as mobile devices, where it ensures clean and crisp audio and gives a professional touch to video clips.

“With the MKE 200, we are offering creators the first step to upgrading their sound,” said Tobias von Allwörden, Head of Portfolio Management – Audio for Video at Sennheiser. “Improved audio significantly increases the overall quality of your content. The MKE 200 makes this possible with its unique design which minimizes handling and wind noise. Simply attach it to the shoe mount, select the appropriate cable for your device and you’re good to go!”

Directional, clean audio

The MKE 200 features a directional design which captures the sound of your subject while rejecting unwanted background noise. To minimize any handling noise, the microphone is fitted with a clever internal shock-mount which acoustically decouples the capsule from the housing. To protect from wind noise, Sennheiser engineers designed the MKE 200 with an integrated layer of protective mesh inside the housing. This protection is further enhanced by using the included furry windshield when filming outdoors.

A compact companion

The MKE 200 features a compact, sleek design with a stylish finish thanks to a fully integrated shock-mount and built-in windscreen. Battery-free operation and a lightweight design allow for optimal gimbal performance.

The MKE 200 comes complete with a furry windshield, two locking connection cables for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras (3.5 mm TRS cable) and mobile devices (3.5 mm TRRS cable) plus a draw-string pouch for storage.

The MKE 200 is available in the Middle East as of September 1 and retails at USD 100.00 List Price, excluding local taxes and duties.

Aruba ESP Unifies IoT, IT, and OT Networks to Dynamically Adapt to Changing Environments and User Requirements

First Fully Programmable Platform to Unify IT, IoT and OT Networks with Zero Trust Security and AIOps Enables Organizations to Automate and Optimize Safety, Security, Reliability and Productivity

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE: HPE), today announced significant enhancements to Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) that unifies IoT, IT, and Operational Technology (OT) networks to enable customers to quickly adapt to changing environments and user requirements. Aruba ESP is the first fully programmable platform to generate contextual information – about identity, location, security posture, and applications in use – to power efficient decision making and AIOps. Built to integrate with devices and applications from Aruba’s technology partners, customers can now become hyper-aware of their operating environment so they can quickly adapt to evolving business, visitor, and employee demands.

Today, “connected facilities” only provide device connectivity for subsets of control services, whereas hyper-aware facilities can leverage Aruba ESP-generated contextual data to dynamically adapt a facility to its occupants and operating environment. Unifying these IoT, IT, and OT networks under the Aruba ESP platform, and capturing rich context, enables hyper-aware facilities that are safer, more adaptive, and enhance productivity. That represents a quantum leap forward over what can be achieved by basic connectivity and machine learning-based monitoring.

These enhancements to the Aruba ESP cloud-native, AI-powered platform are integral to sensing, analyzing, and reacting to device data and contextual information. Aruba access points and switches now serve as multi-protocol IoT/OT platforms that interface with Aruba’s expanded technology partner ecosystem. Virtually every subsystem spanning machine inputs and outputs (I/O) on a manufacturing floor through multimedia devices in the CEO suite can be accommodated – from social distance monitors to gunshot detectors, rotating equipment monitors to guest wayfinding – with solutions tailored for education, enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and government applications.

Use cases with Aruba ESP-based hyper-awareness include smart buildings, industrial/manufacturing facilities and the broader Intelligent Edge:

Hyper-aware Smart Buildings for Enterprises, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, and Government

  • Building Control and Digital Twin enablement – Using native AI capabilities to create real-time simulation models that change and learn in lock-step with the building, Aruba and technology partners like Microsoft with its Microsoft Azure IoT platform can create digital twins or software models to identify sub-optimized processes, recommend operational enhancements, and monitor the trajectory of energy usage needed for proactive interventions.
  • Context-aware, Real-time Integrated Emergency Response and Notification – During an incident, building occupants need real-time safety information pushed to their mobile devices and first responders need to continuously communicate with those in possible danger. Aruba ESP, with integrated solutions from technology partners like Critical Arc and Patrocinium, can actively communicate with tenants, visitors, and staff, and use unique 4D graphics for first responders to quickly see where people are situated within buildings.
  • Seamless Extension of the 5G Footprint with Wi-Fi – Aruba ESP allows mobile operators to extend their 5G footprint into the building and seamlessly power Wi-Fi calling while delivering gigabit-class guaranteed performance using Aruba Air Slice technology. This provides a seamless user experience and non-stop connectivity without the need for costly and complex distributed antenna systems.

For more context on these use cases, read the Designing hyper-aware smart buildings whitepaper.

Hyper-Aware Industrial Facilities

  • Migrating from Break/Fix to Proactive Maintenance – Proactively addressing maintenance issues minimizes downtime, and maximizes the utilization and performance of assets, reducing maintenance costs by up to 40%. Through deep integration with technology partner devices like ABB’s Ability Smart Sensor, Aruba ESP enables machinery sensors to monitor equipment like motor drives, valves, and pumps for abnormal behavior, to identify points of failure before they happen, improving productivity, reliability, and efficiency.          
  • Reducing Mean Time to Repair with Location Services – Navigating large industrial sites can be challenging, resulting in inefficiencies and safety issues. Native innovations from Aruba Meridian and Aruba ESP provides site occupants with turn-by-turn navigation to their destination without human assistance.    
  • Monitoring Personnel and Asset Safety – For environments with potentially explosive conditions, location-based safety systems are often mandated to safeguard employees and visitors. Aruba ESP, together with technology partner Mobilaris, can deliver real-time 3D situational awareness by tracking the location of people and assets, and can integrate with automated ventilation, geofencing, and vehicular navigation systems.                                

For more context on these use cases, read the Designing hyper-aware industrial facilities whitepaper.

To enable the automation needed to deliver these use cases at scale, Aruba AIOps uses AI and big data to continuously optimize, detect, isolate, and remediate network issues that impact reliability. As sources of IoT, IT, and OT data expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to isolate the source of problems or optimize the infrastructure. Aruba’s Cloud AI already combines telemetry data from over 65,000 customers and one million network devices, supplemented with 18 years of domain expertise to inform supervised learning. Aruba ESP produces AI-powered insights with greater than 95% accuracy to automatically improve communications and visibility across and among IoT, IT, and OT networks. Embedded within Aruba ESP’s unified infrastructure and zero trust security framework allows Aruba AIOps to transcend basic connectivity and simplistic machine learning-based monitoring. Aruba AIOps is a game changer for improved uptime and shortened repair times.

In addition to Unified Infrastructure and AIOps, ESP generates contextual data that make networks situationally aware for enterprise security. The Zero Trust Security framework ensures no user or IoT device is granted entry or ongoing access unless trustworthy. This framework uses AI and exchanges security and policy with more than 130 security technology vendors to obtain a deep understanding of each device and its role, allowing hyper-aware facilities to fold security activities into situational awareness.

“Machines, applications, and interfaces are typically tailored to each IoT, IT and OT vertical application, driving complexity in network management,” said Will Townsend, Senior Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy. “I have analyzed Aruba ESP and believe its architectural platform based on a unified infrastructure, zero-trust security, and AIOps has the potential to reduce complexity and accelerate smart facility and hyper-awareness use cases both on-prem and in the cloud.”  

Additional information on Aruba’s technology partners can be found at https://www.arubanetworks.com/partners/programs/.

Fortinet’s Security Academy Program Increases Global Impact through Workforce Development

Security Academy Program Provides Academic Institutions and Nonprofits with Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) Training and Certification Curriculum to Bridge Gap Between Learning and Careers

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced more than 20 new academic institutions and nonprofits worldwide have recently joined Fortinet’s Security Academy Program to provide students, veterans and veteran families with advanced cybersecurity training and certifications. The expansion builds on the program’s momentum, which is available in more than 80 countries and is comprised of over 300 Authorized Security Academies.

“The cyber skills gap affects organizations worldwide and ultimately impacts the digital economy,” said Sandra Wheatley, SVP, Customer Marketing, Threat Intelligence and Influencer Communications at Fortinet.“This is why Fortinet heavily invests in training and education through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, including our NSE Training Institute programs. Through these programs we aim to create more cybersecurity career pathways and a diverse pipeline of security professionals.”

Closing the Skills Gap through Global Collaborations and NSE Training Institute

One way Fortinet is creating new opportunities in the digital economy is through global collaborations across sectors. Through its involvement as a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Centre for Cybersecurity and the Cyber Threat Alliance, Fortinet partners with global leaders, like Salesforce – the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to further innovate and develop impactful global solutions for challenges such as the talent shortage.

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Training Institute was established in 2015 to advance Fortinet’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to close the cybersecurity skills gap and make it easier for anyone to start a career in cybersecurity regardless of their previous access to education, background or life experiences. The NSE Training Institute is made up of the Security Academy Program, Certification Program and Veterans Program. Fortinet continues to grow the NSE Training Institute’s programs with recent milestones including:

  • The NSE Certification Program has issued more than 450,000 certifications worldwide, with more than 200,000 of certifications achieved in 2020.
  • In April 2020, Fortinet opened its entire catalogue of NSE self-paced security training courses, including pre-recorded labs, free of charge to the general public. The courses cover a range of topics – such as cloud security and secure SD-WAN – and total more than 350 hours of free training.
  • Fortinet was recognized by Military Times in its “Best for Vets: Employers” rankings for 2020 through the Veterans Program work. The Veterans Program connects military veterans and their spouses with potential employers.

Continued Learning Through the Security Academy Program

The Security Academy Program focuses on creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive pipeline of security professionals. The program does this by partnering with academic institutions and nonprofits worldwide. Through the Security Academy Program, institutions around the world have incorporated Fortinet’s NSE training and certification content into their students’ curriculum.

Military veteran-focused nonprofits joining the Security Academy Program provide their constituents with access to Fortinet’s NSE training and certifications, while the Veterans Program helps Veterans transfer relevant experiences to a career in cybersecurity.

Below are testimonials from academic institutions and nonprofits focused on serving veterans and their families that have recently joined the Security Academy Program.  

“The partnership with Fortinet has been remarkable and will provide a pathway for students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to compete in a rapidly growing global marketplace. Kennedy-King College has undertaken an equity and workforce-focused IT expansion initiative, with a goal to reduce the digital divide currently separating underserved and underrepresented populations from careers in the IT industry. After meeting with the Fortinet team and learning about the Security Academy Program, we knew the partnership would position us to better address this important equity imperative. We are both enthused and confident that Fortinet’s Security Academy Program will serve our students well and ultimately prepare them for high-skill, high-demand work in the IT sector.

-Eddie Phillips, Ed.D., Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at City Colleges of Chicago, Kennedy-King College

“We were looking to add to our existing robust cybersecurity training curriculum. We joined the Security Academy Program right as the world started to shift to online learning due to the pandemic, so access to the NSE training’s established online curriculum that is instructor led or self-paced was especially beneficial. The path to NSE certifications is also helpful in providing students further validation to employers of their expertise that they can immediately use in the work place.”

– Steve Morrill, Director of Technology & Cyber Science at Loyola Blakefield

“In the face of mounting cybercriminal activity and increasingly sophisticated forms of attacks, companies are looking for cybersecurity professionals to defend against threats. Through the Fortinet Security Academy Program, students can expand and up their skill levels for a career in cybersecurity. This collaboration will help Seacom Skills University to assist in the global cause of creating a more educated workforce by helping our graduates to fill the skill gap in the industry.”

Anish Chakraborty, Chairman, Seacom Skills University

“Networks are a fundamental component of any modern organization’s information systems. The advancement of technology and digital innovations also implies an increase in threats and vulnerabilities. This is why at CIISA we feel that it is crucial to prepare our students to be capable of developing an advanced security posture for their future employers. Joining Fortinet’s Security Academy Program will further allow us to provide high-level training in the ICT area in Chile.”

– Sebastián Otazo Muñoz, Director of Networks, Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Area at CIISA

“The Autonomous University of Guerrero State in Mexico is committed to developing highly qualified IT professionals. We joined the Security Academy Program because it offers a great opportunity to train students on relevant skills for a career in cybersecurity, which is one of the most in-demand areas in IT. Students will have the opportunity to develop hand-on practices through virtual labs to acquire cybersecurity skills that will make them more confident and stand out.”

-Felix Angel, Engineering Faculty at Universidad de Autonoma Guerrero 

“Companies of all sizes and from both private and public sectors need cybersecurity professionals. The need for security professionals will continue to grow and we want to make sure our students acquire the knowledge they need to be successful in their future careers. Fortinet’s Security Academy Program will further help us build our cybersecurity curriculum to set our students up for success to enter the work force.”

– Diego Bolatti, Director of Information Labs at UTN Regional Faculty Resistencia

“Cybersecurity training is more important than ever as the skill gap has become a critical issue for many organizations. Bennett University has signed up with Fortinet Security Academy program to help build and augment skill sets, as well as help develop the next generation of security professionals. By providing this industry recognized certification as part of our curriculum we will ensure that our students gain the required expertise to become part of an elite group of skilled security professionals for whom we are witnessing a great demand.”

– Dr. Deepak Garg, Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science Engineering CSE at Bennett University

“We have noted an increase in employers seeking to hire employees with relevant cybersecurity qualifications. As such, the collaboration with Fortinet will further assist us in equipping our students with in-demand cybersecurity skills employers seek. We look forward to numerous students benefiting annually from the Security Academy Program training resources, leading to them joining the workforce and filling critical cybersecurity roles in Kenya.”

-Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Director of the @iLabAfrica Research Centre at Strathmore University

“Seneca College strives to prepare our students for the workforce and the Security Academy Program was a great way to teach them key competencies associated with network security. Fortinet is at the forefront of this field and our students will benefit immensely from training in this space. We have deployed virtual firewalls and created a robust virtual lab curriculum that integrates many aspects of the Security Academy Program in tandem with other security concepts tied to the Security+ certification. It is our hope that students will continue their learning and get certified in both of these areas after they graduate. Students will gain a broad understanding of security awareness and be able to configure and maintain the Fortinet brand of firewalls, which will prepare them for work in the IT security field.”

– Peter Moscone, Program Coordinator at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology

“Through our partnership with Fortinet as part of the Security Academy Program, O2O will further be able to expand O2O’s resources for those looking to enter the cybersecurity industry. Access to Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) training courses and certifications is an exciting and important step forward in equipping our students with even more resources to succeed in growing and in-demand careers. We are proud to work with Fortinet to advance employment opportunities for veterans, service members and their families.”

– Michael Bianchi, IVMF Senior Director for Education & Career Training at Onward to Opportunity

“With a growing global demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals, our partnership with Fortinet provides innovative new pathways for veterans and their families to gain new skills. The collaboration between Soldier On and Fortinet will enable over 3,000 veterans and family members currently supported by the Soldier On Pathways Program to be connected with new digital learning opportunities in high-demand areas like cybersecurity, giving them more avenues into employment.”

Ivan Slavich, Chief Executive Officer at Soldier On

“Fortinet’s Security Academy Program grants access to the NSE training and certifications, providing military spouses with an opportunity to obtain valuable skills in a high-demand career field. Blue Star Families ensures that wherever American military families go, they can always feel connected, supported and empowered to thrive.  Within a month of launching our new partnership with Fortinet, over 60 Blue Star Families military spouses have expressed interest in pursuing the Fortinet cybersecurity training and we anticipate many more will take advantage of the program as they look for careers in the field.”

Denise Hollywood, Chief Community & Programs Officer at Blue Star Families

Pershing goes from strength to strength with the delivery of the second Pershing 140 unit

The perfect combination of innovation, unique style and forward thinking, the brand flagship continues its growing commercial success

Powerful and spectacular, the uniquely electrifying cruising experience offered by Pershing continues to captivate enthusiasts with an amazing blend of design and technology. Last July saw the delivery of the second Pershing 140 unit, the brand’s first all-aluminium flagship and a milestone that ushers in a new era for yacht construction. 

A product of collaboration between naval architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee led by Piero Ferrari and the Group’s Engineering Department, Pershing 140 is the brand’s first model built at Ferretti’s Ancona Super Yacht Yard, which specialises in the construction of steel and aluminium super and mega yachts over 40 meters in length.

The design of the exteriors, laid out over two decks and a spacious sun deck, confirms the sleek lines that are emblematic of the brand’s sporty and competitive character, combining design innovations with some of the brand’s most iconic details, such as the two lateral wings integrated into the superstructure and then connected at the start of the walkways to the gunwale. Other standout features include the raised cockpit with direct access to the sun deck, the private owner’s area on the main deck, and a beach area that can be extended by opening the three fold-out sides.

Unlike the first unit, which was fitted out at the owner’s request with an entertainment room, this unit has a full-beam private master suite with double bed, entered through the owner’s studio and small lounge. The layout is completed by a roomy walk-in wardrobe and a big bathroom.

The interior design can be fully customised with the support of the designers at Studio Fulvio De Simoni and the Project Architects on hand at the Ferretti Group Super Yacht Yard. The yacht also features the finest materials and furniture produced by top luxury designers, including longtime Pershing partner Poltrona Frau, Minotti, Artemide, Roche Bobois, Molteni and Fontana Arte. 

The second Pershing 140 unit will be on show at the Ferretti Group Private Preview, the exclusive annual event held at the Monaco Yacht Club from September 3 to 6 this year, where a group of selected guests and customers will have the chance to admire firsthand an engineering masterpiece that is arousing growing interest among owners around the world. Underscoring the model’s success, the third unit is now under construction at the Ancona Super Yacht Yard and will be launched next year.