HID Global Completes Acquisition of De La Rue’s Citizen Identity Business

HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the international identity solutions business of De La Rue (LSE:DLAR), the world’s largest commercial issuer of banknotes and passports. The De La Rue business will be merged with HID’s citizen identity solutions portfolio, broadening HID Global’s leadership position, extending its capabilities to scale and assemble government-issued citizen IDs, and expanding the value delivered to customers. 

“HID Global and the De La Rue international identity solutions business share the common goal of helping governments fulfill their e-government initiatives today and in the future by converging physical and digital identities to increase efficiency, security and flexibility,” said Stefan Widing, President and CEO, HID Global. “The acquisition sets the stage for HID to leverage the decades-long relationships De La Rue has had as a prime citizen ID supplier providing HID’s innovative solutions to governments seeking to modernize. From making it possible for citizens to use mobile IDs with their smartphones in everyday life to providing travelers with a more secure and convenient passport for border crossing, HID is transforming the citizen experience.” 

Today, HID Global’s citizen identification solutions can be found in sixty percent of all government-issued electronic identity projects around the world.  HID delivers complete, end-to-end system solutions that meet governmental requirements for national IDs, passports, foreign resident IDs, driver licenses, vehicle registration and other programs.

De La Rue’s direct relationships with ministries of the interior, immigration departments, police departments, and numerous other government entities/agencies will enhance HID’s ability to provide customers with a broader suite of offerings that include mobile IDs, automated verification capabilities, and e-passports with advanced physical and electronic security features.

The addition of the De La Rue citizen ID business also extends HID’s capabilities to assemble secure ID documents from end to end in world-class facilities.  It will create new opportunities to apply its design excellence, data analysis services/consultancy, and proven software and systems–including civil registry and vital statistics (CRVS)–to HID’s citizen ID portfolio. 

Kodak Alaris’ IN2 Ecosystem Wins KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award

Readers of KMWorld, a popular business and technology publication focused on document, content and knowledge management, have recognized the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem as the “Best Content Management/Services Solution” in the publication’s inaugural Readers’ Choice Awards. Developed in response to the growing scale and complexity of data, the IN2 Ecosystem provides organizations with an integrated approach to help capture, process, and share information.

“We’re excited to announce the winners of the inaugural KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards,” said Thomas Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. “With a diverse array of knowledge management products, services, and technologies to consider and the stakes getting higher for information-driven success, it can be challenging to make the right choices. The KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards list provides a new resource to help make the job of identifying solutions to investigate easier.”

The company recently launched a new wave of network-connected scanning solutions aimed at tackling the most difficult pain points organizations face when onboarding content into line-of-business applications. The Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution integrates directly with enterprise applications and enables customers to carry out tasks in hours which, in the past, may have taken days to complete. INfuse also offers an unprecedented opportunity for channel partners to engage with customers to streamline expensive business processes and quickly grow new revenue streams. The Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner is an integrated network scanner that securely automates document capture and allows for fully finished files to be scanned directly into business processes. Like INfuse, the Scan Station is a network-connected solution that sits at the edge of workflows and operates in a wide range of customer environments. It offers embedded Windows 10 IOT Enterprise Operating System and network domain authentication for secure log-in.

Alaris has built on its heritage and expertise in enabling customers to transform data into a powerful competitive advantage, by enhancing its Managed Capture Services proposition. Partners looking to deliver added customer value, deepen customer relationships and expand their business opportunities can now leverage the value of the Alaris’ repair and maintenance and professional service offerings. With the new Alaris Scanner Management Platform, Alaris and its partners can directly monitor scanner operational data, deliver usage reports and manage multi-variate alerts for its customers’ scanners.

“We continue to invest in intelligent solutions that drive business efficiency, growth and profitability for end users,” said Don Lofstrom, President & General Manager, Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business. “Being recognized with a KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award confirms we understand how to deliver value to our customers and partners.”

The complete list of Readers’ Choice Award winners is published in the November edition of KMWorld where it will reach more than 50,000 IT and business professionals. This is the fourth time KMWorld has recognized Kodak Alaris for its innovative solutions and services. The Alaris IN2 Ecosystem was named to KMWorld’s list of Trend-Setting products in 2017 and 2019. Alaris Capture Pro Software received the award in 2018.

Manual Contract Processing Costs Businesses Nearly $13mn Annually, Finds 4C Research

Although organisations are successfully undertaking digital transformation initiatives to streamline businesses processes, contract management – a vital function within companies of all sectors and sizes – remains largely manual resulting in a significant impact on revenues and operations. New research by 4C estimates the average resulting loss of business at over $12.9 million per year, with over a third of respondents facing annual loses of $1 million or more.

The EMEA-wide survey also found that the lack of contract process automation is resulting in wasted resources, with companies spending an average of 69 hours per month processing agreements and one in ten (10%) spending over 200 hours per month – equivalent to one working month.

“While Middle East businesses have made exemplary strides in digital innovation, these have often been in the front-end systems that customers directly engage with. However, it is just as important to effectively digitize back-office processes which have just as much impact on customer experience. This is why a centralized system that unifies front and back end functions to deliver visibility through the entire process lifecycle can prove incredibly valuable to any organization,” said Jake Callaway, Managing Director, MENA at 4C.

“When we undertook this research, we were surprised to find that just eight percent of respondents have a fully automated process for managing agreements. Considering that business relationships ultimately hinge on underlying contracts, by failing to optimize their preparation, signing, activation and management, organizations are exposing themselves to risks that could easily be mitigated,” he added.

4C’s research supports Callaway’s advice as it found that the vast majority of companies have experienced issues as a result of non-automation. These include:

  • Unintentionally allowing agreements or contracts to expire (42%)
  • Human error, such as incorrect document disposal (58%) and time delays to projects (59%)
  • Agreement crossover, with for example people signing different versions of the same document (43%)

Shedding light on the challenges that companies face in the automation of contract management, the survey found that 36% cite concerns around data security. Internal issues are also a key barrier, with competing business priorities (37%), company culture (34%), a company preference for hard copy agreements (33%) and a lack of stakeholder buy-in (30%) emerging as the main internal challenges.

Despite these hurdles, an encouraging majority (59%) of organizations see full digitisation and moving towards automation of their manual agreement processes as very important to their business. These organizations outlined their key perceived benefits to be regulatory compliance (41%) and data safety (36%). A further third stated cost reduction (33%), while just under a third expect higher employee productivity (32%) and an improved customer experience (31%) to be outcomes of their investment.

“In the era of Industry 4.0, the very pace of business has transformed. Where once, it was accepted that finalising a contract could take days or weeks, today, speedy, convenient and accurate completion is expected in hours or even minutes. With automated systems, companies can build a culture of accuracy and efficiency, where innovative technology lightens the load of contract management. It is imperative that organizations embrace sophisticated digital tools that enable a more sustainable future,” said Callaway.

Cyber Adversaries Reincorporate Old-School Tactics to Catch Organizations Off-Guard Ahead of Busy Holiday Season

Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Highlights Cybercriminals Bypassing Popular Phishing Tactics to Inject or Execute Code Onto a Range of Publicly Facing Services

“Cybercriminals continue to attempt to be a step ahead of cybersecurity professionals. While they develop new malware and zero-day attacks, they also redeploy previously successful tactics to maximize opportunity across the entire attack surface,”said Derek Manky, Chief, Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances, Fortinet. “In addition to essential strategies like patching, segmenting, and training, organizations also need to embrace automation and AI to enhance their ability to correlate threat intelligence and respond to threats in real time. This approach will only be successful, however, when organizations integrate all of their security resources into a security fabric that can see across, and adapt to their rapidly expanding network.”

Highlights of the report follow.

Shifting Tactics to Catch Organizations By Surprise: The majority of malware is delivered via email, therefore many organizations have been aggressively addressing phishing attacks with end user training and advanced email security tools. As a result, cybercriminals are expanding their ability to deliver malicious malware through other means. These include targeting publicly facing edge services such as web infrastructure, network communications protocols, as well as bypassing ad blocker tools to open attack vectors that don’t rely on traditional phishing tactics. For example, this quarter FortiGuard Labs saw attacks against vulnerabilities that would allow the execution of code remotely targeting edge services, at the top in terms of prevalence amongst all regions. Although this tactic is not new, changing tactics where defenders may not be as closely watching can be a successful way to catch organizations off guard and increase chances for success. This can be especially problematic ahead of a busy online shopping season when online services will experience increased activity.

Maximizing Earning Potential: Following in the footsteps of the lucrative GandCrab ransomware, which was made available on the dark web as a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, cybercriminal organizations are launching new services to expand their earning potential. By establishing a network of affiliate partners, criminals are able to spread their ransomware widely and scale earnings dramatically in the process. FortiGuard Labs observed at least two significant ransomware families—Sodinokibi and Nemty—being deployed as RaaS solutions. These are potentially just the beginning of what could be a flood of similar services in the future.

Refining Malware for Success: Expanding on these approaches, cybercriminals are also refining malware to evade detection and deliver increasingly sophisticated and malicious attacks, such as the evolution of the Emotet malware. This is a troubling development for organizations as cybercriminals increasingly use malware to drop other payloads on infected systems to maximize their opportunities for financial gain. Recently, attackers have begun using Emotet as a payload delivery mechanism for ransomware, information stealers, and banking trojans including TrickBot, IcedID, and Zeus Panda. In addition, by hijacking email threads from trusted sources and inserting malicious malware into those email threads, attackers are significantly increasing the likelihood that those malicious attachments will be opened.

Maximizing Opportunity with Older Vulnerabilities and Botnets: Targeting older, vulnerable systems that have not been properly secured is still an effective attack strategy. FortiGuard Labs discovered that cybercriminals target vulnerabilities twelve or more years old more often than they target new attacks. And in fact, they target vulnerabilities from every subsequent year since then at the same rate as they do current vulnerabilities.

Similarly, this trend of maximizing existing opportunity also extends to botnets. More so than any other type of threat, the top botnets also tend to carry over from quarter to quarter and region to region globally with little change. This suggests the control infrastructure is more permanent than particular tools or capabilities, and that cybercriminals not only follow new opportunities, but like legitimate businesses, also leverage existing infrastructure whenever possible to increase efficiency and reduce overhead.

Protecting for the Unexpected: Broad, Integrated, and Automated Security

The expanding attack surface and shifting attack strategies of cybercriminals means organizations cannot afford to over-focus on a narrow set of threat trends. It is essential that organizations adopt a holistic approach to securing their distributed and networked environments. This requires the deployment of a security fabric that is broad, integrated, and automated. This approach will enable organizations to reduce and manage the expanding attack surface through broad visibility across integrated devices, stop advanced threats through AI-driven breach prevention, and reduce complexity through automated operations and orchestration. In addition, threat intelligence that is dynamic, proactive, and available in real-time plays a crucial role in identifying trends by following the evolution of attack methods targeting the digital attack surface and then pinpointing cyber hygiene priorities.

Report and Index Overview
The latest Fortinet Threat Landscape Report is a quarterly view that represents the collective intelligence of FortiGuard Labs, drawn from Fortinet’s vast array of global sensors during Q3 of 2019. Research covers global and regional perspectives. Also included in the report is the Fortinet Threat Landscape Index (TLI), comprised of individual indices for three central and complementary aspects of that landscape, which are exploits, malware, and botnets, broken down by prevalence and volume in a given quarter.

Al Ain shoppers to enjoy festive offers at Barari Outlet Mall

Barari Outlet Mall winter festive offers attracts shoppers in Al Ain with mall wide offers on premium brands. The mall is best known for value shopping everyday of the week, throughout the year offering branded clothes, personal care items and household products at consistently low prices.


Riyas Cherichi, Mall Manager at Barari Outlet Mall said, Winter is a time when families shop for loved ones and want to give the best presents during the festivities. We have world class brands offering branded items at a fraction of the price so our shoppers can buy more items for relatives, friends and colleagues.


Barari Outlet Mall has regular attractive offers from Rivoli, Aeropostale, V Perfumes, Lifestyle, SacoorBrothers, Sketchers, Sun & Sports and many more.


With over 70 shops spread over 400 thousand square feet, Barari Outlet Mall also has a family entertainment center, a cinema, game arcades and a food court with outlets that include Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Hatam, Flevoland, Tim Hortons, Le Guest Café and The Food Factory Lounge.


Barari Outlet Mall also hosts regular fun filledentertainment events for all age groups. For customercomfort and convenience, services and facilitiesavailable include money exchange centers, ATMs,Etisalat and car wash services.

Nutanix to Host .NEXT on Tour – The Enterprise Cloud Conference in Saudi Arabia

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced today that it will host its annual .NEXT on Tour with the theme ‘Invisible Clouds, Visible IT’ at the Fairmont Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 18, 2019. The conference will focus on helping enterprises in the Kingdom free themselves from the complexity and cost of legacy IT and embrace the power of cloud. 


Executives from Nutanix will deliver a number of informative sessions including latest insights into data center modernization, multi-cloud and automation and application workloads. The event will feature keynotes and talks, hands-on learning with experts, and a first-hand look at the latest Nutanix products. The solutions-oriented event will educate attendees on how they can build virtual apps and desktops on Nutanix. Topics include:

 Best practices for running high performance and low latency workloads on Nutanix databases 
 The ABCs of enterprise end user computing 
 Real-life demo experience 
 Customer panel discussing their Nutanix experience 
 Importance of a high performance and scalable IT infrastructure in creating a great user experience 


The illustrious speaker lineup includes Dheeraj Pandey Co-Founder & CEO Nutanix, who has been identified as being one of the top 30 most influential IT leaders in the world and Stephen Hadley, principal of RiceHadleyGates LLC, an international strategic consulting firm founded with Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, and Anja Manuel. AvinashShetty, Sr. Director, Strategy at Nutanix will conduct technical sessions, giving deeper insights into specific product features, workloads and latest technology announcements. One of the attractions at the event will be the presence of Sophia the robot, the world’s first robot citizen who is a Saudi national.


Mohammad Abulhouf, Country Manager  Saudi & Bahrain at Nutanix says, “.NEXT on has become a premier event for the latest in cloud technologies. With our company’s well-earned reputation as a global leader in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), we aim to help regional organizations embrace the power of hybrid clouds by eliminating pain points, and enabling them to manage, govern and optimize applications across public and private cloud architectures. I’m confident that this event in Riyadh will give attendees a clear roadmap so that they can help drive digital transformation initiatives within their organizations.”

Winners of Women’s World Car of the Year announced at DIMS

The winners in all categories of Women’s World Car of the Year for 2019 has been announced at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The Supreme Award for 2019 Women’s World Car of the Year goes to:


The decision was arrived at by 41 jury members from 34 different countries across five continents.

From Japan, Mr Ayumu Doi, the General Manager Corporate Communications Division for Mazda Motor Corporation, said hewas delighted with the award. “This model is resonating with a broader range of people than ever before and Mazda aims to make a special bond with customers by offering products, technologies and services that appeal to more people.”

Accepting the award on behalf of Mazda in Dubai was Dr Axel Dreyer, CEO of Galadari Auto, Mazda Distributors for the United Arab Emirates. 

Category winners for the 2019 Women’s World Car of the Year are:

Urban Car Award:Kia XCeed

Family Car Award:Mazda 3

Green Car Award:    Kia Soul EV

Luxury Car:   BMW 8 Series

Performance Car:Porsche 911

SUV/CrossoverRange Rover Evoque

Two other awards from Women’s World Car of the Year were announced at the Dubai International Motor Show:

Holly Reich Dream Car Award.  This award is named in honour of a jury member from New York who passed away in 2016.  Judges were asked to name one car they would love to have.  The winner is:

Porsche Taycan

Accepting on behalf of Porsche for winning both the Performance Car category and the Dream Car award was Dr Manfred Braeunl, CEO, Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE.

Other automotive executives accepting Women’s World Car of the Year awards at the Dubai International Motor Show were:

Jimmy Chamata, Marketing Manager, Regional HQs of Middle East & Africa, for Kia Motors Corporation for the Kia Soul EV winning the Green Car category and the Kia XCeed winning the Urban Car category. 

Dr. Benjamin Trespe, Brand Director, Jaguar Land Rover for the Range Rover Evoque winning the SUV/Crossover category.

Ayhan Olcer, CEO for AGMC, BMW Group for the BMW 8 Series winning the Luxury Car Award.

Woman of Worth Award:  This award was introduced in 2018.  The 2019 finalists in this category are racing driver and television presenter, the late Jessi Combs; Mary Barra (CEO & Chairman of General Motors) and Linda Jackson (CEO) of Citroën.  The winner for 2019 is:

Linda Jackson, CEO, Citroën

From France, Linda Jackson said she was honoured and proud to receive the award.

“Beyond my person I believe it rewards the success of Citroën’s renewal, which I have undertaken for the past five years with my teams, passionate women and men whom I would like to thank warmly. This prize is also theirs! This award also has a very special dimension for me in this year of Citroën’s Centenary.”


Accepting the award in Dubai on behalf of Ms Jackson was Emirati businesswoman and entrepreneur, Thoraya Al Awadhi.

Representing Woman’s World Car of the Year was CEO, Sandy Myhre (New Zealand) and Shereen Shabnam of Dubai, Editor in Chief of Millennium Millionaire Group, Editor of Trending Business Insights and Founder of All About Wheels.

Sandy Myhre said the activities for women at the Dubai International Motor Show were ground-breaking. “Women’s World Car of the Year has never announced their results live from a motor show so that’s innovative and to be able to interview women driving instructors from Saudi Arabia live on the stage ispioneering. The fact all these things are happening in Dubai in the UAE is highly symbolic,” she said.

Sandy Myhre also conducted interviews with former Formula One team owner and TV personality, Eddie Jordan. 

WWCOTY is the only car awards in the world voted entirely by women motoring journalists  41 jury members from 34 different countries with a collective audience of 268 million worldwide.

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