Expanding UAE’s Retail Landscape

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Shopping mall development and management specialists, Line Investments & Property L.L.C, announce their participation at the upcoming annual RECon ME & North Africa convention, a regional body representing shopping mall owners, developers and suppliers in the Middle East and India.

The convention, which runs from November 1st to 3rd this year, offers a platform for networking between industry leaders in shopping centres and related service providers. Line Investments & Property will have a senior management delegation on site at the convention to showcase the new shopping malls.

The new flagship projects to be showcased at the convention are Avenues Mall Sharjah and Avenues Mall Silicon Oasis. The 43,000sqm Avenues Mall Sharjah, designed at par with contemporary shopping malls, will provide unique mid-range retail to suit the relevant catchment area profile with a premium F&B, leisure and entertainment experience.

The community mall will have a 16,000sqm Hypermarket, 4,000sqm Department store, a 4,000sqm cinema, a 3,600sqm Family Entertainment Centre and 2,100 parking spaces but one of the most unique feature will be the food street experience the mall will boast.

The 72,000sqm Avenues Mall Silicon Oasis is designed as a premium retail and leisure destination offering easy accessibility to the neighboring communities. With a user-friendly layout, 3,600 parking spaces and a comprehensive retail mix, Avenues Mall Silicon Oasis offers a one-stop solution to the needs of the neighborhood patrons.

Marcello Larizza, General Manager at Line Investments & Property LLC said, Promoting Avenues Mall Sharjah, Avenues Mall Silicon Oasis and Mall of Umm Al Quwain, at the convention offer us the right platform to showcase the new exceptional projects in our mall portfolio.”

The team’s accumulated experience in development, leasing and management, under the leadership of the Division Director Mr. Salim M.A., ensures that the organization presents contemporary projects with modern designs, cohesive retail mix, excellent accessibility and ample parking space.

“We look forward to attending this key event in the Middle East’s retail calendar. With a continued surge in the new suburban community developments and the unique opportunities at hand, we have a promising future for our retail developments,” said Joe Abi Khalil, Senior Development Manager-Shopping Malls at Line Investments and Property LLC.

With the new offerings, Line Investments team will have a strong presence at the RECon ME & North Africa Convention promoting the new projects, which will be designed by Design International from London who have been appointed for the architecture of the new flagship malls.

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