Sophisticated flying with Alitalia

In the Limelight this week is Alitalia. As a journalist I spend a lot of time on airlines but have still not experienced the Italian flag carrier Alitalia – I hear it has embarked on the next phase of its evolution as a rejuvenated global airline by introducing a new brand identity, including a fresh new livery, which aims to position the famous airline as a leader in innovative and sophisticated flying, and to represent the best of Italy on the world stage.

Apparently leading design consultants Landor were commissioned to create a young and seductive new look to represent the airline’s ambitions, utilising the design elements of the airline’s previous iconic livery, which was also created by Landor in 1969.

To reflect longevity and the airline’s illustrious history, the stylised tail logo which has characterised Alitalia since its first major rebrand 46 years ago has been updated and refined, retaining the same green, red and white colours of the Italian flag. The new logotype has been modernised and a more dominant ‘A’ has been introduced – a bold statement of the heights the airline is striving to reach and its enviable experience in the field of aviation.

By increasing the number of primary colour tones used on the logo’s palette, the modernised livery now portrays greater depth and richness. Inspired in part by the striking lines on Formula 1 racing cars, striations have been added to the red triangular interior of the Alitalia ‘A’, creating a pinstripe effect which reflects exclusivity, attention to detail and a strong focus on design. Aircraft fuselages will now be painted in a calm ivory, reflective of understated Italian style, and progressively banded rear-ward to create an impression of movement, speed and unhindered progress.

The new branding will be extended to the cabin décor of Alitalia’s fleet of modern Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft.

The airline is introducing new brand elements inspired and influenced by Italian craftsmanship and luxury automotive design, creating simple, clean and stylish interiors. The stylised ‘A’ appears subtly on cabin panelling, and on soft furnishings such as curtains, headrests and cushions. The vibrant and contemporary new designs will also feature on menu cards, onboard amenities and on the branding of inflight programming and reading material.

Seats in Business Class will be upholstered in fine leather by Italian furniture-maker Poltrona Frau, intricately stitched, and reminiscent of the interiors of luxury sports cars. Lighter secondary colour shades are used to enhance the feeling of superior quality and elegance.

Check it out and let us know what you think.



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