Grusella shereen

As i love my own company (currently I’m at dinner working while checking out the pre ramadan iftar menu at the Pullman), I tend to enjoy the time I spend with myself as it is so precious after spending most of the day running around and being with people.

The one place I can just be on my own is at home so I thought of decluttering my work space and spent the last few weeks trying to detox my home every hour I get that is spare. A friend of mine keeps sending images of beautiful gardens and immaculate spaces of living rooms so I decided to check out some stuff on my own.

And I came across this really simple console that constricts as a crane – totally not my flamboyant style as my house is full of antique or Marina furniture that costs a fortune and requires an army to move.

This piece called Grusella, designed by Paolo Foglini for Formabilio, is a console that becomes a shelf, small bookcase, where you place your showpieces, characterized by neat, functional and essential lines.

Grusella, that has a shelf, secured to the wall and a base which ends with the storage tray with a contrasted color inside, is an evocative furniture element. It also characterizes the entry hall as functional and stylish, fitting perfectly in any corner of the living where you decide to put it.

Formabilio has other console in its catalogue: Metafilo with contrasting color finishing, Tconsolle that renovates with style the idea of storage furniture reminding of an easel, Iggy with “sliding compartments” that can be used vertically and horizontally.

Check them out…I like the idea of it but it will take some time for me to let go of the few thousands of books before I embrace the minimalistic lifestyle.

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