AstroLab Activities at Bahrain Science Centre

Astronomy Shereen Shabnam

Visitors to Bahrain Science Centre can enjoy weekly AstroLab workshops at the centre at no cost.The Centre has developed a strong astronomy programme in collaboration with the University of Bahrain and created an AstroLab that has telescopes, computers and an online weather station.

There is also an Astronomy Club for aspiring young star gazers who are keen to learn more about the universal laboratory in the sky….enjoy stargazing!

Al-Jazari ‘s Elephant Water Clock exhibit comes to Bahrain

Elephent_Clock Shereen Shabnam

Bahrain Science Centre, a part of Ministry of Social Development is currently showcasing a scale model replica of one of the most famous inventions from the Golden Age of Islamic Science, the Al-Jazari’s ‘Elephant Water Clock’, manufactured by MTE Studios in the foyer area of the centre. The exhibit has proven to be of great interest to the general public who gather around it, read the labels while students learn more about it using educational activity sheets.

Al-Jazari invented the ‘Elephant Water Clock’ for several reasons. It was mainly to tell the time and to showcase the advanced state of Islamic engineering but also to celebrate the universality of Islam in the 12th century.  The Clock includes an elephant from India, an Egyptian phoenix, Persian carpets, Indian water technology, Arabian architecture and Chinese serpents.

Visitors will learn how the clock was used to tell the time to the half hour using an elaborate ball run system that is powered by a perforated bowl technique first devised by the Greeks and then perfected later in India.

Al-Jazari’s clock is one of the most amazing automated machines invented during the middle Ages. Don’t miss this opportunity to see it as the exhibit will only remain there until the last week of January.

Film Screening: 5 Broken Cameras

 5 Broken Cameras

Check out a new screening from Sharjah Art Foundation. 5 Broken Cameras by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi looks at Palestinian farmer Emad, who since 2005 has been documenting his village’s resistance to advancing Israeli settlements, using the five cameras of the title.

Each camera tells part of the story, beginning with Emad recording Israeli bulldozers ripping olive trees from the ground and building up towards fiercer conflicts. The film features some hard-hitting footage, as Emad remains determined to continue documenting, despite pleas from his wife and an ever-increasing risk of violence.

Showing is at Mirage City Cinema, SAF Art Spaces, Behind Al Zahra Mosque, Sharjah on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Colour, 94 mins, 2011 arabic with english subtitles