Guy Laroche 2013 Spring/Summer Swiss Timepieces

Diva is in watch mode – moving house has helped me uncover some hidden gems in my stash in form of watches so with renewed interest, I am now looking at dress watches. Paris Gallery launched the Guy Laroche 2013 Spring/Summer so I decided to see what they had to offer…. I like the one in the photo below out of the four that I saw but if you like dress watches, check them out.

Guy Laroche - SL1002-01 - AED1290 copy

The fluidity of this new Swiss collection evolves from the luxurious, chic, and refined into efficient, accessible and trendy. This season’s designs are all about defining the brand especially for those who identify with the GUY LAROCHE image.

Dignite: Elegance and simplicity are definitely part of the GUY LAROCHE image. This simple case design carries a European taste with its etched monogram GL Signature logo on the surface, and for the dial, three hands with a subdial for the seconds hand. The genuine leather strap is available in Guy Laroche’s signature color — black and white – as well as in ochre.

Elegance: Carousel is the inspiration for this new series. A pleasantly amazing watch, the design innovation is a big step for Guy Laroche in its creation; a stainless steel case with cubic zirconia and SWAROVSKI crystals placed together to create charming flower and leaf patterns on the surface.

There is a matching rolling decoration piece that playfully moves around the watch 360˚ in the slightest shift of the wrist. The genuine leather straps also feature on its back, some soft colors as an added detail. Very elegantly-designed, this timepiece is sure to be the talking piece in any cocktail party.

Sacoor Brothers Womenswear

Have you have the chance to visit any of the Sacoor Brothers stores yet? If not, you better hurry and get yourself a classy and super sophisticated fashion fix. Sacoor Brothers is little diva’s fashion fix. I love the stuff but my voluptuousness somehow is not suitable for most of their cuts so i just make do with their awesome accessories. If you have a figure like Mademoiselle NJD, head out there. Whether it’s for the office or a relaxed Friday with friends and family, Sacoor Brothers offers you the right outfit for any occasion!… Wish I could fit into them as easily as NJD. See some of my favourite pieces below.

Bag AED 1225 (4)Moccasins AED 795Pencil Skirt AED 625 (2)Shirt AED 395

New exciting workshops at the Bahrain Science Centre

Two exciting two-hour workshops, on ‘Robotics’ and ‘Stop-Go Animation’, will take place at the Bahrain Science Centre, part of the Ministry of Social Development on 19th and 20th August, and the first students to enroll will be included in the workshops.

The workshops will be run by the Program Management Division of the US Embassy in Bahrain and will be run by two experienced science educators, Christopher Coleman and Laleh Mehran, both Associate Professors at the University of Denver in the USA.

The ‘Robotics’ workshops will take place in the Auditorium from 4 to 6 pm and are targeted at students aged 11 to 14 years. Only 12 people can be accepted for this workshop. This workshop will examine the basic ideas of robots and how they think. Participants will experiment with different small robots and watch them in action. They will also solder parts together to make their own robots, which they can take home.

The ‘Stop-Go Animation’ workshops will be held in the Classroom from 4 to 6 pm on Monday, 19th August and Tuesday, 20th August and are targeted at students aged 8 years and older. Only 12 people can be accepted for this workshop. This workshop is for kids who want to learn how to make ‘stop-go’ animations that are inspired by their surroundings and their own imaginations. Participants will learn how to manipulate objects and to create their own stories.

Organised activity schedules can be downloaded from the Bahrain Science Centre website and Facebook pages. The Bahrain Science Centre is located in Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain and can be contacted on 17686466.

About Bahrain Science Centre (BSC):

The Bahrain Science Centre (BSC) is an interactive educational facility that targets children, youth and families of Bahrain. It is located in building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain. The science centre has six interactive exhibition galleries, an auditorium, four laboratories and a café/shop.

The role of the BSC is to promote awareness of the importance of science and technology, complement the school curriculum, stimulate curiosity and innovation, and create a forum for public debate on science and technology issues. The topics covered by current exhibitions include junior engineering, human health, the five senses, earth sciences and biodiversity.

Focusing on hands-on learning using interactive displays and people-centred programmes, such as science shows, Bahrain Science Centre also strongly promotes creativity and innovation as well as cross-generational learning. The science centre will also endeavour to promote an awareness of Bahrain’s contributions to science and technology and a strong Bahraini identity. It is an ideal family edutainment destination