The A 250 Sport: The hottest hatch in town

Mercedes-Benz A 250 SPORT, (W 176), Fahrveranstaltung Slowenien

Mercedes is back in the good books of diva…after their big foray into 6×6 (I really think they should stay out of this segment and stick to their awesome luxury cars), I got news via Bassam that with the new A 250 Sport, Mercedes-Benz has entered an entirely new segment in the Middle East in the luxury compact segment.

I was cynical at first (especially after getting over the 6×6 news)…. it’s just not very ‘Mercedes’ but then I was converted when I saw the images – it certainly looks like a powerful, sporty and luxuriously designed hot hatch that will excite and enthrall the region’s aspirational go-getters of the next-cool-things.

I can only comment on the tech specs and the looks for now because I have not driven the car so my opinion on this is purely from a perspective of someone who loves cars and can comment on the looks and power based on previous experience. It is apparently a powerful four-cylinder, two-litre turbocharged engine that produces a roaring 211 hp and 350 Nm of torque, thundering a market that demands success to 100km/h in just 6.6 seconds….cool aye!

Like most Mercs, it comes with GCC standard specifications and is fully loaded compared to the international market, including a very sporty interior design with red stitching, designo red seat belts, red framed SLS AMG style air vents, comfortable sport seats, aggressive exterior look with diamond grille, red brake callipers, 18” five spoke AMG light-alloy wheels in high sheen black finish and headlamps with red marker rings.

For safety, the standard specification includes, amongst other things, the radar-based COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system. Smiles will broaden when learning that ownership of a car sporting the unmistakable status of the sparkling three-pointed star starts at just USD$37,000 GCC wide. GCC options in addition to the standard specification include Xenon Lights, Active Parking Assist, and a Light Sight Package (Interior Ambient Lighting).

Launched with the tagline ‘Drive yourself’, the arrival of the A 250 Sport to the region aims to turn the luxury small car segment on its head and marks a new direction for Mercedes-Benz in the region.

In summary…the car has good looks, performance, prestige and attitude, at a price point that makes attainability of the brand a reality for those that may consider owning a Mercedes-Benz as ‘something they want but sometime in the future’.

Not enough shoes!

Shereen Shabnam The Rockport Company®

Having over 250 pairs of shoes is driving the man in the house nuts but little diva and I never seem to have just the right shoes every time we step out the door….couple of weeks ago we actually were scuffling over one pair we both wanted and when Eric pointed out that with over 250 pairs around the house, surely we should not be fighting over just one.

See…man don’t get it. We may have loads of shoes but we have phases where we just like that one pair for each purpose and we wear it to the bone…but we also like the comfort of having heaps of choice. Currently Tash and I are into comfy chic so this is a problem that gets out of hand when we both have PMS….dealing with one woman on PMS at a time is bad enough for any man but with two at a go can test the patience of anyone.

So this show diva is currently eyeing The Rockport Company® which is introducing a group of 2013 Spring/Summer footwear collections that is avant-garde inspired, featuring a luminous color palette, silent technologies, and functional materials.

These styles are ideal for your weekend brunch to afternoon cocktails during spring and summer’s first warm weekends….with feminine styles, unique screen prints and the functional and practical elements are perfect to pair with free-flowing dresses or slim or snug fit trousers (I need to lose a few kilos before I do the snug trousers bit)

Meanwhile, the shoe fight continues in my household with males around us seeing no rhyme or reason why women can be so obsessed with shoes…as we let the men mull, we head to see what The Rockport Company® has in store for us.