I’m in love again -With Phantom Venus

How beautiful is this :):):)

Its awesome to always fall in love…that exhilarating feeling one gets and the best things one can fall in love with are of the non-breathing ilk ….no clutter, no heartbreak, no expectations…man, I could go on.

So when I called Alaa to tell him I am in love again, he naturally sighed with an OMG until I told him it was related to his latest note to us about the Rolls-Royce team’s new surprise, Phantom Venus – a one-of-a-kind motor car inspired by the legend of the Queen of Sheba.

Revered without parallel in Middle Eastern cultures, the story of Balqis, Queen of Sheba has been celebrated in a car that embodies the beauty and grace, intrinsic to the Queen’s legacy. Conceived, designed and crafted by the Bespoke team at the Home of Rolls-Royce in England, Phantom Series II Venus is adorned in ethereal White Pearl exterior, completed by Oak Burr veneer and Forest Fall leather – creating a luxurious interior ambiance without peer.

Hand-painted twin-coachline, finished with gold crown emblem, exclusive to Phantom Venus, elegantly illustrates a story that has been weaved through dynasties and mythology alike.

Geoff from Rolls Royce is naturally delighted tobe able to present a car here that so elegantly celebrates an incredible part of Middle Eastern folklore.

Perfectly complimenting the theme of the motor car, luxury goods house Asprey has created an exquisitely crafted handbag stitched in Seashell, finished in Forest Fall and White Pearl and embellished with the crown emblem. This exclusive piece perfectly encapsulates the story of a woman who ruled as both king and queen with authority and poise.

I’m actually not sure if I love the car more or the bag…. Not too bothered as they both give equal amounts of visual and mental pleasure to this diva!