Fun and sensual fragrances from Mikyajy

NJD with her current favourite fragrance

With my new obsessions with fragrances, I have two new signature women’s fragrances, Dicey Royale and Flirt Dreams that has made me smile this week. Designed in trendy cube-shaped glass flacons, the two fragrances reflect the essence of every woman, combining elements ranging from girly lightheartedness to sexy mystery. Each fragrance pays homage to the different styles and approaches each woman takes with love, romance and seduction…..are you intrigued?

Little diva NJD loves the Flirt dreams and I love the Dicey Royale so we are both getting into bed for story and cuddle time the last few nights smelling each other and stressing what makes the one we selected better. As a  sensual, warm-hearted romantic, I naturally like Dicey Royale which has warm and dynamic notes for a sensual woman who prefers a subtle form of seduction. Rose and woody ambers are prominent notes – the composition opens with top notes of rose, peony blossom and essence of mandarin and orange as well as a base of woody ambers. This scent is intended for those who want an exceptional and intense fragrance.

The one that Tash loves, Flirt Dreams is a fresh, youthful fragrance with sparkling, light notes for a more delicate woman. I’m sending a bottle to one of my other babies in Cape Town to see what she thinks of it. The floral fruity fragrance is for the carefree girl with an upbeat personality.

Flirt Dreams and the original Flirt both share a fun floral character that remains linked through both fragrances thanks to a jasmine-dominated heart. It’s a floral fruity eau de toilette that opens with top notes of bergamot, pear, nectarine and pink pepper, with a heart of rose, jasmine, peach and violet, and a base of cedar and musk. Flirt Dreams is aimed at those who love a fragrance filled with light, airy nuances and a tinge of subtle fruitiness.

My next fragrance notes will be in a few weeks time when a regional perfume maker will make his way to Dubai and share with me his thoughts on the industry. Plus I am hoping to have coffee this weekend with the Fragrance Foundation as well as I learn more and more about mixing and experimenting with my favourite  scents.

NJD’s favourite – Flirt Dreams

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa….little diva may need spa allowance


Yummy Yummy, in my tummy :). Hello Kitty cupcake

I don’t mind taking little diva out for the occasional pampering session to get her hair or nails done but with the world’s first ever, Hello Kitty Beauty Spa now launched at Town Centre Jumeirah, I may have to share my spa and beauty allowance as it seems the idea of going to a Hello Kitty spa appeals to little girls like her….but I love my little diva heaps so am willing to do the mother daughter bonding thingy in a spa instead of the usual bumming with a romantic comedy on the sofa with junk food session.

I was at the dazzling launch with my favourite and the sweetest diplomatic couple ever (Mr & Mrs Daisuke) from the Japanese consulate as we enjoyed branded Hello Kitty cupcakes and drinks. The Beauty Spa is themed and designed on the famous Japanese character ‘Hello Kitty’ and specially designed for ‘Queens’ and their little ‘Princesses’.

The lead designer Miyuki Okamura from Tokyo drew the character and signed stuff for fans present at the event.  Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is an innovative extension to the brand which allows a younger audience to experience the luxury and pleasures of a day at the Beauty Spa.

I loved the interior, the different lines of products they had, from organic to normal make-up, hair products and even food in the Kitty Cafe section. The design of the spa is that of ‘vintage girly look’ and the minimalist reception displays the best of Hello Kitty goodies. The services at the spa include nails, facials, hair and make-up.

The Beauty Spa offers a separate service menu for ‘Queen’ and ‘Princesses’, offering all organic nail and beauty products for young girls. Just so you know, Hello Kitty was born in 1974 – a year after I came into the world and when good things started to happen :).

Over the years, Hello Kitty has become one of the most unique and interesting icon ever created – a worldwide social icon with relevance to women of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds as well as an inspiration to artists and designers. It is one of Japan’s unique cultural exports, and one of the ultimate symbols of Kawaii, meaning cute in Japanese.

Three decades since she made her debut on a small coin purse in Japan, her popularity has multiplied exponentially from Japan to the world. Thanks to Sharaf Retail, we can enjoy the chilled out side of Hello Kitty in Dubai and I’m glad I can now have spa sessions with little diva NJD on weekends.

Had loads of laughs dressing up for the official pic at entrance 🙂

Hello Kitty tattoo on a cheeky place