Aston Martin Zagato V12


NJD with a red Zagato V12

Since I’ve been enticed by fellow car enthusiasts to start blogging about the new cars I normally drive around the city, my debut piece will be on none other than the Aston Martin V12.

I know most of you would expect me to open this chapter of my writing life with Rolls Royce as that will always remain my favourite, not only because of the brand or my fascination with the Spirit of Ecstasy, but because the people at AGMC are super awesome – I adore the movers and shakers behind Rolls Royce, BMW and MINI. I digress….but today I write about the Zagato V12 simply because I saw one yesterday while I was driving the All New Focus on cruise control and had a good look at the car at my level…normally I’m stuck in a four-wheel drive zooming and don’t take time to actually see the finer details on a car while on SZR. The Zagato V12 was sexy…..and that’s not an understatement. There was something futuristic about its look and feel.

I first checked out the Zagato V12 at the Armani Hotel with my daughter (NJD) at a private preview and then later at the Motor Show. She is my alter ego most of the time so I feed off her and value her opinion which is not coloured by brands or preconceived ideas about a car. She was fascinated by the hood and thought the design made it look like something that would look pretty menacing on the tracks….she right when you look at the tech specs of the car.

The V12 Zagato is powered by a 6.0 litre V12 engine producing 510bph and 570Nm of Torque. The interior is stunning with the look doing justice to what we expect in terms of design that has an Italian touch.

According to Clement who had invited us to the exclusive  preview last November, the V12 Zagato was meant go into strictly limited production of up to 150 cars in summer 2012. The red V12 Zagato on display in Dubai was sexy and to diva’s liking.

And although the V12 pays homage to the previous models, there is something about it that wants you to package it and take it home….I’m personally imagining being in it on a countryside drive right now somewhere in Tuscany.

Patron of the Arts

Performers at a recent exhibition from Uzbekistan supported by Dubai Culture - I loved it

Thanks to Yasser & his team, my daughter loved the performance by a Chechen Dance troupe recently organised by Dubai Culture

The last few weeks has been awesome for Dubai Culture – I’ve always known the team there to be super dynamic (I seriously want to know where people like Yasser and Bilal get their energy) but I reckon recently they have surpassed themselves after hosting one amazing cultural performance/exhibition/celebration after another.

So when the equally amazing team of Asda who know I lap up anything that’s remotely associated with Art & Culture and would support the boys there anytime contacted me about the The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Awards,I jumped up and headed towards Jumeirah Zabeel – its not just the superb hammam there that pulls me towards this amazing hotel.

This key initiative was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President & Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and honoured 47 organisations and individuals for their contributions towards the city’s cultural scene …which I may add grows twofold every time I get my fabulous self to set some time aside after work to check my social calendar.

Organised by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate’s dedicated Authority for culture, arts, and heritage, the awards were aimed at encouraging patrons of the arts to further strengthen the evolution of the city’s cultural landscape through patronage.

Saeed Al Nabouda, Acting Director General, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority was there and he looked so different than when I first worked with him during DSF 2000 – he has managed to get increased support from Government departments and organisations, in addition to a vast pool of new patrons for culture and the arts.

It was awesome to see some of my favourite organisations and the representatives from Emirates Airlines, Jumeirah Group, Dubai Duty Free and AGMC – BMW being honoured – these guys do great stuff for art & culture and the people behind these brands are the nicest you will find in Dubai.

I’m hoping more things like Art Week, Art Dubai, Design Days, Dubai International Film Festival, Gulf Film Festival, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre add to the culture and arts scene of the city….we definitely need to give more recognition as well to the performing arts which has struggled heaps over the last 10 years. The tides are changing thanks to the amazing work of Dubai Culture and this diva is pleased to be in a city that brings so much of the worlds static and performing arts to us on a silver platter. Smiling heaps!