Salute to beautiful relationships

Image of Amira's cheeky kittens

One of my most favourite people in the world is my daughter’s godmother Amira (it means Princess) who is a Lebanese Australian currently based in Seattle.

We have this unspoken bond that has lasted more than 17 years and I can never erase the fond memories I shared with Amira and her family in Adelaide Australia on my home to Fiji. I had met them on many occasions before but going to the family home in Adelaide was like going to my very own home.

Needless to say I miss Amira heaps but I thought of her today as she sent us (especially her gorgeous Tash) pictures of some kittens she is fostering until they get a new home.

The kittens are gorgeous but apparently cheeky. I’m not a great fan of animals but my Tash could not stop jumping up and down for joy when she saw the photos and thought the letter addressed to her was awesome from Amira.

It brought home to me how the bonds you have with your University mates never really breaks… the moment I have 2 University friends here (Shadi and Edina) and I know I can pick up my phone anytime and they will totally make my day with stories, jokes, coffee dates etc. I reckon that is extremely special and something to be treasured.

Thanks Amira for the images and your beautiful message to me and Tash today…looks like I need to book that seat to Seattle soon and thanks for making me realise, appreciate and treasure the friends and family I have made made along the way. Salute to beautiful relationships 🙂

Novaro -The King of Modern Glass and The Royal Treasures Gallery

Novaro pieces

Art Dubai is next week – I just received the most beautiful access card I’ve seen for any event so I was hoping to make this week more about PR World Congress, fanciful yachts belonging to members of our Millionaire Group plus about script writing and film making.

But Joelle had other ideas…..she wanted me to get in gear a week ahead and get a sneak peak into what Royal Treasures Gallery was up to. And boy I got some awesome insights – The Royal Treasures Gallery, host to the world’s finest crystal antiques and rare artifacts is announcing their partnership with Jean Claude Novaro, a French glass blower whose works have been snapped up by art connoisseurs….Joelle, loads of people heard of this here first!

Royal Treasures Gallery will launch this partnership through a 5 day exhibition at their Gallery, starting April 3rd – April 7th 2012 so do watch out for this perfect collaboration.

To give you a low down, Novaro, born in 1943, has worked with glass for more than 50 years. The artist  works on shapes but also on transformations due to the reaction of materials, adding enamels, metal oxides, inclusion of gold and silver sheet, coloring the surface or between two layers of clear glass.

As a result of the overwhelming response by the UAE’s antique and glass aficionados as well as artifact enthusiasts and following the success of the Royal Treasures Gallery inauguration before, Dinsha and Munchi Shroff, along with Manav Suri, their local partner, are thrilled with this new-fangled partnership with Jean Claude Novaro.

Novaro is widely acclaimed as the ‘King of Glass’ – his customer portfolio includes the likes of Mike Tyson and Sheikh Tariq Al Qassimi and he has also earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest hand blown coupe ever made.

Jean Claude Novaro’s unique and distinctive art-glass creations are highly valued and sought after by art connoisseurs all over the world. Several of the Frenchman’s creations are being displayed in museums, galleries and private collections around the world… Diva reckons that’s something to wait for patiently for the next couple of weeks…can you?

With Novaro