Clive Christian Launches Modern ‘Twists’ on its Classic Perfumes


Clive Christian, the British luxury perfume brand, has reimagined some of its most popular fragrances in a new pair of limited edition luxury perfumes.

Each Clive Christian Limited Edition Original Collection Twist [‘Twist’] is a uniquely modern fragrance that enhances and celebrates a single ingredient in each one of the Clive Christian X Original Collection perfumes

The playful Twists retain the quality, complexity and depth of all Clive Christian perfumes while presenting a distinctively modern collection created for loyal fans of the brand and connoisseurs of luxury perfumery alike.

The Limited Edition perfumes have been launched in exclusive partnership with Paris Gallery one of the world’s most prestigious luxury shopping locations, and are limited to 1000 bottles of each of the Narcissus and Saffron X Twists.

Guy Laroche 2013 Spring/Summer Swiss Timepieces

Diva is in watch mode – moving house has helped me uncover some hidden gems in my stash in form of watches so with renewed interest, I am now looking at dress watches. Paris Gallery launched the Guy Laroche 2013 Spring/Summer so I decided to see what they had to offer…. I like the one in the photo below out of the four that I saw but if you like dress watches, check them out.

Guy Laroche - SL1002-01 - AED1290 copy

The fluidity of this new Swiss collection evolves from the luxurious, chic, and refined into efficient, accessible and trendy. This season’s designs are all about defining the brand especially for those who identify with the GUY LAROCHE image.

Dignite: Elegance and simplicity are definitely part of the GUY LAROCHE image. This simple case design carries a European taste with its etched monogram GL Signature logo on the surface, and for the dial, three hands with a subdial for the seconds hand. The genuine leather strap is available in Guy Laroche’s signature color — black and white – as well as in ochre.

Elegance: Carousel is the inspiration for this new series. A pleasantly amazing watch, the design innovation is a big step for Guy Laroche in its creation; a stainless steel case with cubic zirconia and SWAROVSKI crystals placed together to create charming flower and leaf patterns on the surface.

There is a matching rolling decoration piece that playfully moves around the watch 360˚ in the slightest shift of the wrist. The genuine leather straps also feature on its back, some soft colors as an added detail. Very elegantly-designed, this timepiece is sure to be the talking piece in any cocktail party.

RAMADAN Jewellery from Fontenay Paris

Shereen Jewellery Shabnam

For Ramadan, Paris Gallery, has launched a new Fontenay Paris jewellery collection that was designed exclusively to celebrate Ramadan.

Naturally, Paris, the city of fashion and refinement, has inspired the creation of these elegant jewels. The sparkling cubic zirconia stones enhance the draped pattern of the 18k gold-plated jewellery for a sophisticated couture design, perfectly reflecting Fontenay Paris’ know-how and unique style.

Shereen Shabnam earings

The collection, which includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring, is available exclusively at Paris Gallery stores across the UAE. A commitment to produce high-end quality products has contributed to the success of Fontenay.

The designs have an everlasting sophistication that will please lovers of exceptional items. The introduction of this special jewellery line with its dazzling stones skilfully set on every piece represents purity and elegance, and is the perfect Ramadan jewellery complement.

The gorgeous guys at Paris Gallery sent me many images but the one below is my favourite. I would have loved it in white gold even more but that’s just me.

My favourite

My favourite

It is time for Dubai Summer Surprises

NJD after a DSS face painting when she was young….she always chose a tiger design

Summer in Dubai these days are a lot different than 10 years ago thanks to the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment, an agency under the Department of Economic Development of Dubai who have planned more than a 100 exciting shows and activities over 31 days set to cement Dubai’s reputation as the finest summer destination in the region through Dubai Summer Surprises 2012 (DSS).

DSS will run from June 14th to July 14th with the slogan “Dubai. Summer Fun and More”. I remember working with the DSF/DSS team in 2000 and had lots of fun at the DSF offices then with H.E. Laila Suhail who is now the CEO of DEPE and Ibrahim Saleh, Festivals Coordinator General and Deputy CEO of DEPE. Both of them are just as dynamic as I knew them 12 years ago and its great to see that they keep each year’s events fresh with new activities….I’m particularly excited with all the spa offers I’m about to experience – my body certainly needs it.

To know what you want to indulge in this year, check out the “Dubai Calendar” which gives visitors and residents a month-by-month line-up of the unique and entertaining events taking place in the city all year round and it is a great source of reference for anyone wanting to make the most of their time in Dubai….it is an awesome tool for people who have visitors all the time in Dubai.

This year’s partners and sponsors which includes Emirates Airlines, AW Rostamani, Al Futtaim Group, Emaar Malls Group, Emaar Properties, Majid Al Futtaim Properties, Al Ghurair City, Mercato, Paris Gallery, EPPCO and ENOC, Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai Duty Free in addition to Master card and Dubai Shopping Malls Group (DSMG), all of which, over the years, have played an important role in the success and continuing growth of DSS.

Malls across the city will play host to DSS signature events, such as World of Stories, Kids Fashion Week, Min Bladi Al Emarat, and the Sheila and Abaya Fashion Show, and kids can look forward to 8 highly popular international stage cartoon shows such as The Smurfs, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, Charlie and Lola, Ice Age, and Teletubbies….man these bring memories of us going all over town with little diva. I must say I am glad she’s all grown up now and enjoys DSS the way I like – retail therapy!

My favourite bit this DSS will be naturally be the spa offers program “Dubai Spas” with cool discounts at the cream of Dubai’s luxurious spas. I’m not big into raffles partly because I never win anything but DSS usually has some mega prizes.

I’m pretty sure there is a lot more news coming up for DSS but the taster activity schedule that landed in my inbox makes me want to just here all summer.

Going to be beautiful In and Out

Love their logo…my Blackberry camera does not do justice to it

Like most women, Island girl is always in search of remedies, products that keep the exotic skin in top form….after all there is only so much magic that FIJI water can do to one’s gorgeousness and well-being + juicing every morning is nice but cumbersome and these days I struggle to find time for at least one Moroccan bath a month.

Help is at hand though in the form of In&Out  as I am told by a few friends around town who are raving how the revolutionary new treatment from this latest Swiss skin care and wellness brand is redefining how you celebrate your beauty. Regardless of age or skin type, In&Out adopts an innovative and intelligent approach that promotes the balance of beauty and wellness both inside and out….how you may ask?

Lucky for me I met the man behind the brand at the In&Out counter who graciously spent some time explaining how he and his wife decided to combine cosmetics, skin care and supplements together to ensure the skin was taken care at all levels. They combined powerful active ingredients made up of essential oil concentrates and food supplements of pure plant extracts, that work in extraordinary synergy with the science of cosmetology so that their treatments deliver triple action results that delay the skin’s aging process, keeps intact the body’s inner health, and stimulates the body’s natural defenses.

For people who have an exotic colour like me, the In & Out Brightening Treatment range helps slow down the melanin production process which can result from a host of external, internal and natural factors such as stress, sun exposure and time.  This reduces the causes and effects of pigmentation from inside and out, while gently brightening and evening the outer skin tone.  There was something for every skin type and I’m sure you can find out more….i was more interested selfishly to find out what works for me.

In & Out is manufactured out of Innovative Biotechnologies Laboratories in Switzerland with a strong collaboration with the University of Ferrara in Italy, renowned for its Research & Development of new skin care technologies. In & Out integrates the latest technologies and ingredients for efficient, innovative skin care and wellness treatments but I like the aromatherapy element most. Any smell that makes me feel like I am in a spa environment makes me feel calm and mellow right away – not that I’m hyper or high-strung normally (no comments to this one please)

In & Out is awesome – I found them in Paris Gallery, Festival City, Dubai….hidden away but it was a worthwhile find as I’m done with superficial skin care.