LA BOHEME at Meydan IMAX tomorrow

la_boheme Shereen Shabnam

If you are going to LA BOHEME tomorrow, then you may want to get an insight into the plot below to appreciate the Opera better. As always, I am taking little diva for her MET Opera indulgence tomorrow night….it is an amazing experience and i enjoy bonding with her at the lovely IMAX theatre. If you have not bought tickets yet, do it now as its a show not to be missed. If you want to win tickets, send me your name and number by 5pm today and I may have 2 tickets for you. ENJOY!

Approximate running time 2 hrs. 55 min.

Act I
Paris, the 1830s. In their Latin Quarter garret, the near-destitute painter Marcello and poet Rodolfo try to keep warm on Christmas Eve by feeding the stove with pages from Rodolfo’s latest drama. They are soon joined by their roommates—Colline, a philosopher, and Schaunard, a musician, who brings food, fuel, and funds he has collected from an eccentric student. When the landlord, Benoit, comes to collect the rent, they ply the older man with wine, then throw him out. As his friends leave for the Café Momus, Rodolfo promises to join them later, remaining behind to write. There is a knock at the door; the visitor is a pretty neighbor, Mimì, whose candle has gone out on the stairway. Rodolfo relights it. Mimì realizes she has lost her key, and in the confusion, both candles are blown out. As the two search for the key in the moonlight, their hands meet. Rodolfo tells Mimì his dreams (“Che gelida manina”). She then recounts her life alone in a lofty garret, embroidering flowers and waiting for the spring (“Mi chiamano Mimì”). Rodolfo’s friends are heard outside, urging him to join them; he calls back that he is not alone and will be along shortly. Expressing their joy in finding each other (Duet: “O soave fanciulla”), Mimì and Rodolfo embrace and leave for the café.

Act II
At the Café Momus, Rodolfo introduces Mimì to his friends. Marcello’s former sweetheart, Musetta, makes a noisy entrance on the arm of the elderly but wealthy Alcindoro. The ensuing tumult reaches its peak when, trying to regain Marcello’s attention, she sings a waltz about her popularity (“Quando me’n vo’”). Sending Alcindoro off on an errand, she falls into Marcello’s arms and tells the waiter to charge everything to Alcindoro. Soldiers march by the café, and the bohemians fall in behind.

At dawn by a tavern on the snowy outskirts of Paris, a customs official admits farm women to the city. Mimì wanders in, searching for the place where Marcello and Musetta now live. When the painter emerges, she tells him of her distress over Rodolfo’s incessant jealousy (Duet: “O buon Marcello, aiuto!”). She says she believes it is best that they part. When Rodolfo appears from the tavern, Mimì hides nearby, though Marcello thinks she has gone. The poet tells Marcello that he wants to separate from his sweetheart, citing her fickleness; pressed for the real reason, he breaks down, saying that her coughing can only grow worse in the poverty they share; he’s desperately afraid she will die from her illness. Overcome with tears, Mimì stumbles forward to bid her lover farewell (“Donde lieta uscì”). While Mimì and Rodolfo recall past happiness, Musetta quarrels with Marcello, who has caught her flirting (Quartet: “Addio dolce svegliare”). The painter and his mistress part, hurling insults at each other, but Mimì and Rodolfo decide to remain together until spring.

Act IV
Now separated from their girlfriends, Rodolfo and Marcello lament their loneliness in the garret (Duet: “O Mimì, tu più non torni”). Colline and Schaunard bring a meager meal. To lighten their spirits the four stage a dance, when suddenly Musetta bursts in to tell them that Mimì is outside, too weak to come upstairs. Rodolfo carries her in, while Musetta asks Marcello to sell her earrings for medicine and Colline goes off to pawn his overcoat (“Vecchia zimarra”). Left alone, Mimì and Rodolfo recall their first meeting and their happy days, but she is seized with violent coughing (Duet: “Sono andati?”). The others return and …… need to see the end for the finale!

MET Opera time again at the Meydan IMAX

It’s that time of the month when my darling daughter pesters me about seeing MET Opera and convinces me why it being on a school night is actually a good thing and does not interfere with my weekend plans – this kid would do anything for performing arts.

So…the fabulous “Meydan IMAX Theatre presents the Met Opera’s seventh installment, Jules Massenet’ WERTHER this coming week – on April 6th.

Director Richard Eyre returns to the Met with a new staging of Massenet’s tragic romance Werther, starring Jonas Kaufmann and Sophie Koch in their first Met performances as the brooding poet Werther and his unattainable love, Charlotte.

Lisette Oropesa sings the role of Sophie, Charlotte’s sister; David Bižićmakes his Met debut as Charlotte’s fiancé, Albert; and Jonathan Summers is Charlotte’s father, Le Bailli.
Alain Altinoglu conducts the first new Met production of the opera in more than forty years

Show Begins: 6.04.14 at 19.30
Show Ends: 6.04.14 at 23.00

STUDENT: AED 125 – One ticket (complimentary drinks)
REGULAR: AED 150 – One ticket (complimentary drinks)

Hope to see you there!

MET Opera_Massenet's Werther Shereen Shabnam

Alexander Borodin’s epic Prince Igor comes to Meydan

My heart is torn between being in two cities on the 16th of March evening – I am meant to be in Abu Dhabi for one of my biggest assignments and the same night I have an art opening at the Artissima Art Gallery (another awesome client I work with) plus my regular opera date night with my daughter at the Meydan IMAX.
Tash is one of the biggest opera fans I know and she will, with or without me be at the Meydan Theatre as it presents the Met Opera’s sixth installment, Alexander Borodin’s epic Prince Igor which has its first Met performances since 1917 in a new production staged by noted Russian opera director Dmitri Tcherniakovin his Met debut.
Gianandrea Noseda conducts the lush score, famous for its celebrated “Polovtsian Dances,” and Ildar Abdrazakovsings the title role of a 12th-century Russian hero. The cast also includes Oksana Dykain her MET debut as Yaroslavna, Igor’s emotionally fragile second wife; Anita Rachvelishvilias the fiery Polovtsian princess Konchakovna; Sergey Semishkurin his MET debut as Vladimir Igorevich, Igor’s son and Konchakovna’s lover; Mikhail Petrenko as Prince Galitsky; and ŠtefanKocán as the warlord Khan Konchak.
For the lucky people who will be in Dubai that night, do go and see it and have an amazing experience – one that I now treasure each month at the Meydan IMAX with my little diva. As it’s a school night, she will once again be the only young cool chick you will see on opera nights at Meydan IMAX.
Falstaff Synopsis

Dvorak’s Rusalka coming to Meydan IMAX

So… Little diva is super excited again for her next Opera showing. The fabulous Meydan Theatre presents the Met Opera’s fifth installment, Dvořák’s sumptuously melodic opera, will be held tomorrow February 23rd. 

It is now a mother daughter ritual to venture to the Meydan IMAX on a week day, have sinful food and indulge in the world’s best Opera in screen.

Renée Fleming sings her first Live in HD performance of one of her signature roles, the lovelorn mermaid Rusalka, in Dvořák’s sumptuously melodic opera. Yannick Nézet-Séguin conducts a cast that also includes Piotr Beczala as the handsome Prince Rusalka yearns to love; Dolora Zajick as the cackling swamp witch Ježibaba; Emily Magee as the Foreign Princess, Rusalka’s rival; and John Relyea as Rusalka’s father, the Water Sprite. “

We certainly can’t wait. The show begins at 7.30pm. We normally get there 30 minutes earlier to have snacks and drinks, get to the seats. Show ends at 11.30 and its the best few hours you will spend for entertainment. See you there!
STUDENTS: AED 125.00 – One ticket (complimentary drinks)
REGULAR: AED 150.00 – One ticket (complimentary drinks)
MET Opera Dvorak Rusalka


Just received some awesome news from Afsana, my fellow member of the business women’s group and an amazing individual who is supporting the Expo 2020 in her own way through her organisation, Meydan IMAX.

Meydan IMAX is a proud supporter of the UAE’s bid to host the World Expo 2020 and they want to set a Guinness World Record with the support of everyone.

Below is a message from Meydan IMAX:

The Expo’s theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and we want your students, tomorrow’s leaders, to drive our campaign to get 10,000 signatures from 150+ nationalities.

We’re opening our doors for four days from Nov 6th to Nov 9th with 10 daily shows and have a total capacity of 5600 seats to make this happen! Upon making a school booking before December 15th, get FREE entrance to ULTIMATE CROSSROADS which includes: National Geographic’s newest film about Dubai’s Terminal 3 and the multicultural team that made it happen, participation in our various activities and signing our campaign through electronic tablets which will be sent to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and the Expo Committee in Europe.

Book now by phone (800 IMAX – 800 4629) or … Be part of it!

I am certainly making little diva put the Fijian vote into the campaign.

Shereen Shabnam

Zandonai’s Francesca Da Rimini @MeydanIMAX

Its been weeks since Tasha and I went to see the a MET Opera production….it was Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda so news that another MET production is coming to IMAX was music to our ears. This time it’s Zandonai’s ‘Francesca Da Rimini’. The good thing is that both Tash and I don’t know the storyline or have read any reviews so this will be a total surprise and what’s great is that we will once see it on the biggest screen in Dubai at Meydan Imax. I reckon the best thing I’ve done since I met Afsana is get registered for updates via email on what’s happening at IMAX….I keep getting their latest schedules and my viewing pleasure has improved ten-fold.

The next MET Opera is at 7pm on the 25th of March. It’s perfect timing as I usually leave the office at Media City at 6pm and arrive  at Meydan IMAX just in time to meet Tash, buy popcorn and see the show…plus indulge in their amazing oreo cake that is sinfully delicious and takes you to heaven for the evening.

As I keep talking endlessly about how much I enjoy the MET shows, ticket costs for everyone who makes a booking and say’s ‘Fijianchick’ get AED 50/- off their tickets. So…if you like opera and like to see the show, mention my blog and get the tickets for AED100/- instead of AED150/-. Enjoy!

MET Opera Shereen Shabnam

Swan Lake returns to Meydan IMAX

Last week, Little diva, NJD and I decided to be naughty stop-outs and went to see Swan Lake on a school night – I am a sucker for nice films in general while she absolutely lives for ballet so it made sense to both of us that the opportunity to see it on a super big screen was not to be missed…the show was amazing. We were enthralled and the great news is that it’s back to the IMAX screen again tomorrow.

Since then we have seen other ballet performances from Bolshoi and they were enchanting to say the least.

If you are into the performing arts culture, the show is highly recommended…happy viewing! It’s on tomorrow, Saturday 16th March, 12 noon at Meydan IMAX.


Verdi’s Rigoletto comes to Meydan IMAX

Little diva, NJD and I are thriving on the screen culture scene thanks to all the awesome stuff coming to the Meydan IMAX Theatre – tomorrow night they will the exclusive Metropolitan Opera program from New York, which is gaining momentum in the Dubai art and culture scene.

Verdi’s Rigoletto, will take place on March 4th at 7pm (the show will begin at 7:30pm). We saw the last MET Opera and it was delightful on the big screen.
Verdi's Rigoletto Shereen Shabnam