Exotic Hairstyles for the perfect summer wedding

I love getting hair styling tips from Hairstylist to the stars, Asgar Saboo. Summer is a lovely time to have the perfect wedding – it’s sunny, the flowers are blooming and everyone is in an uplifted mood. But summer does tend to make the hair dry and limp, especially if you tend to have thick or curly hair, plus the high humidity levels can add stress leading up to the preparations for your special day.

Asgar shares some perfect hairstyles you can sport during your big day which won’t transform into frizzy, limp locks when you step outside. He also explains how you can use exotic influences to modernise and add a twist to your beautiful wedding look.

Shereen Shabnam 1
1. Side parted braid bun

This is a very popular hairdo which shows off great facial features and is especially perfect for those with straight hair. It is a very easy style and barely takes five minutes – all you have to do is part your hair on the side and braid it tightly. If you want to make the braid look more intricate and elaborate, try the fishtail braid or the mermaid braid, which brings a great modern twist. Then wrap the braid around and pin it neatly into a bun with several bobby pins. If you want to add an additional oomph factor, use bedazzled bobby pins or fresh flowers which match your bouquet. This hairdo works best for those that don’t have bangs, so that the side partition will be more evident. If however you do have bangs, then pin them neatly to the side and make sure you use lots of hair spray to keep in place. In order to look extra polished, make sure that you comb your hair and keep it tangle free. A hair accessory like a hair comb can also be pinned on the top of the bun for a nice sophisticated effect.

Shereen Shabnam 2
2. Half up –do

This is a lovely romantic hairdo that’s elegant but actually very low maintenance, hardly taking two minutes to create. Loosely gather the top half of your hair and pin it in place. Make sure there is a little volume at the top, otherwise it will end up looking flat and limp, so do some gentle backcombing if necessary. For this style, I recommend using bobby pins that are similar to your hair colour, so that the effect is more subtle and don’t forget to use hairspray to keep the hair in place and avoid humidity. Add a flower chain or a string of pearls to add to that romantic bohemian vibe, which is something we are seeing more on celebrities who want to bring a fresh take to their wedding look.

3. The Head wrap chain

If you want to add an exotic vibe to your look, wear a head wrap chain. The style options are endless, ranging from the styles with big stones and crystal to the delicate ones with small chains and bells. If you have smaller facial features, then I recommend opting for the more delicate and subtle head chain, whilst those with bigger features can get away with a more extravagant look. You can choose to wear the chain with your hair tied up in a bun, but this accessory looks best when the hair is left down and flowing. Also make sure that the hair is parted in the middle, since symmetry is important for this accessory to look glamorous and exotic.

4. Messy twisted braid

This hairstyle is perfect for women with thick hair, which is very common with my clients from the Middle East and India. While it can look great, humidity and sweat means that it can be troublesome during the summer. To get this look, gather all your hair and braid it loosely. Don’t be worried if you have a lot of flyways, it adds to the charm of the hair style, but make sure that you add bobby pins so the braid stays in place. If you really want to take the hair style a step further, go into the garden and pluck some flowers. You can find brightly coloured flowers all over the world that look gorgeous when you braid them into your hair. Make sure that when you pick the flowers that they have a small stem at the bottom for you to use. This is a very bold hair style, so pair it with some subtle earrings and let the hair make a gorgeous statement by itself.

Shereen Shabnam 3
5. French Twist

This is a hairstyle that suits all hair textures and brings glamour to any bride’s look. Grab all your hair into a low pony and twist it all around, twice. Tuck the ends inside the twist and secure it firmly with bobby pins – that’s how simple this style is to do. You can customise this hairstyle according to how much volume you want around your face, and you can accessorize by wearing a headband or a hair comb at the back. If you want, you can even tuck some flowers beneath the twist, which gives the style a little edge and modernity. However, it’s really important to ensure that you use enough bobby pins to place your locks firmly in place, otherwise you will be fiddling with your hair throughout your big day. Adding some hairspray is all you need to fix the hair once this is done, leaving you to relax and enjoy your wedding day in style.

Bridal hair to have you aisle worthy

shereen shabnam hair

Absolutely love getting hair tips from celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo. And as it’s the season of wedding bells and if you dream of walking down the aisle with gorgeous hair,  Asgar shares his tips on how to achieve glamorous, aisle-worthy hair.

1) Invest in haircare

It’s important you start taking care of your hair at least six months prior to the wedding day. Invest in products that suit your hair type as opposed to buying expensive shampoos and conditioners which might not work for you.

2) Deep Condition

Do a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Layer products to cater to your hair’s needs. If you have extremely dry hair, mix a blend of oils with your conditioner and leave it on overnight. For greasy hair, skip the oils and opt for a conditioner that softens the hair but doesn’t leave the hair feeling too oily. It’s all about customising products to suit your specific hair type.

3) Protect your hair

Use a heat protection spray before using any heat-styling tools on your hair. To protect your hair further, apply a serum to towel-dabbed hair and follow it up with a heat protection spray. Also, let your hair air dry as often as possible.

4) Trim it right

Be sure to trim the ends of your hair every six weeks to avoid split ends and breakage.

5) Pamper, pamper, pamper!

A week before the wedding, pamper your hair by sleeping with a leave-in conditioner; this is sure to boost your hair health.